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Published May 10, 2016

Dear reader, let me first to be grateful, so thank you very much to have given a click on my blog and get in, where you are right now, guess that feeling some area of your mind really interested about that could learn today in relation with it and the sport. That you spend a little bit of your time on me is a honour likewise it is a great responsability which honestly I accept it with a great courage full of happiness, motivation, enthusiasm, illusion, respect and a lot of love to show out a great job.


Why the blog?

Becasue, when I was working at the Queen's Club during two years, exactly between November 2014 to January 2017, in that first year, I realised that I could help to the tennis world more than I had thought. Never Queen's was my first option just was looking for a tennis club to prove myself which level of human life I was, get out of shell's egg and then force my person to get new tools useful for the rest of my life, there is where I felt that there is something on me with a great value to share since a real and humble way through of a enormus sacriffice and effort that means the real life step by step.



For first time on my life, I was able to show outside of my inner my great love for the tennis, Yeah, dear reader, that wonderfully sport called tennis, which "saved my life", it is like my other religion, something to be grateful to God through of the wisdom of the life whom was to place on my life that sport when I was such 4 years old, years later between 8 to 13 years old was in groups' lessons, to finally between 14 to 18 years old to be on individual's lessons, obviusly all of them was taking in different stages till now knot with a thick rope to the strength union with my mental diary convivence, my phobia plus my knowledges about photography like told before, also push me to make this blog.


" Tennis, Photography and My Phobia (Mind + Brain) a dariy convivence have much more on common than it looks like since a first view, together everything creating a weapon as super powerful as so difficult destruction, is like a rock where its force isn't on the external layer if not in the internal pieces which made up all the group. "


Dear reader, also for the hidden capacities which has a sport as individual as the tennis is, although we can find different categories, like doubles, doubles mix and wheelchair tennis, however stop a second, then think a little bit WOW! one can support in their teammate, but don't hidden, like other sports-athletics can do, very careful with that!, so have to manage and face on with a lot of emotions and situations in practically many times out of your control, is true that on individual you have more level of demand, about all emotionally, but with a range of values for the life diary, like strength emotional, capacity of reaction, the ability to withstand the blow, self-improvement, positivity, not stop dreaming, hope, conviction, security, love in the small moments (those that change a life...),.........etc, to give a few example but the list goes on and on, full of qualities that the tennis could offer to a person who practice this sport with connection and spirit.

To be honest that there are as some athletes who say tennis is just a sport as all those people within of the tennis world, who really are no able to see all the values described and many more without be mentioned is because, dear reader, in theirs mind only exist two words “Money and Ego”, wanting to jump over the tennis, because they feel to be over of everything ¿do you know to the best?, that our nature is more powerful than us, and I am one of those people that think that the life return back the way in how you treat the life, always happen, even idols and legends create for the medias. Doesn’t matter if their team have the blame, theirs advisers, or even themselves, in a case they are accomplice and in others are directly blames, in definitive pure misery.


What do I want from my blog?

Dear reader, in this point, I go to be very unequivocal, direct and totally clear, because I don't want to anyone close the blog everytime with some kind of doubts about that point. Listen well, I don’t care about money, fame, recognition, nothing relation with absurd and plastics things that won't do of my person more realised, more human and much better that a stage before. ¿why would I go to through a level of life if it is no going to do about my person more innerly powerful?.

" Never will broke with my principles and my dignity, sometimes is much better is alone, in lonely that belong to a group where the personalities are already contaminated for Ego and Servilities and all movements are pure hypocrisy. "

Ah!, talking about the Ego, also there is not any neecesity to satisfy any hidden Ego, basically because is no longer exists in my person, you know why, dear reader, because first one I have worked a lot about myself, and second one the Ego is devastating, leaving your life for the floor, doing of you a fake life, very so far away of your intention of life ( “propósito de vida“ in Spanish), your feeling of personal fulfillment, your dreaming and about all and most important to be a real human, what we are, your essence, my essence as well.

Through of this blog dear reader, I just want to bring new air fresh, thoughts, ideas more clear, emotional calm, ways of development, strength, grow, ...etc and also why don't say it?, to move to the people from the street and also from the tennis world (players, ex-players, coaches, chairmans, umpires,...etc) closer to my thoughts (wisdom), my music, who I am, specially to all concepts, details, emotionals analysis and the rest characteristics that I am going to talk about them, here on my blog, with a language simple, easy and quotidian to everybody can understand in a clean and transparent way, because is not something magic, is emotional intelligence, everyone can develop that but before there is a pyramid with a lot previous steps to make out with the goal to get there.

Dear reader, listen one thing more, that no one coming on my blog, absolutely I don't care about that, the most important for me is that my wisdom is here on my blog shared, no inside of me, hidden and in the same way, no one don't want to use or maybe learn of it, don't mind because I know that have put it public for everybody, it makes me happy, very happy, more still if it is in relation with the sport so I love a lot, the tennis with all its area, as sport that it is, its movement of crowd, as all that can teach to the people for theirs owns lives, to gain on happiness so far away from the courts and of ours owns thoughts.

Once time more, dear reader, thank your very much to show interest on my blog, so I understand that if your are reading this now is because was egged on by curiosity to learn something new and really appreciate that please no place me any label like "Journalist", or "Blogger", or "Tennis Fanatic" or anything like that, I am much more that all of that labels, a simple human being, with a special love of something (TENNIS) that have given and offer me life. Hopefully you like it and enjoy on, but principally all of us are able to learn each other.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.


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