Today, August 12, Granny would have turned 95 years old, for a week, you did not get there, she assured that wherever you are, reunited with the strength of the other beings who have already left, I at least do not forget about the pieces that they contributed to what that I am today, infinite thanks.



I love you without limits, I will be a good boy, I will behave well, as you always repeated to me, that I have done and I will always do until the end, because we cannot handle the heads of others, each human being, in his head is a world, as you also always told me; as well as the fear that others would hurt me, because you see others too savvy and I too good. In the end we suffered together, with my phobia always bothering you, you were never so happy as the first day I visited you, after being away for a while, and seeing that I did not stop to move to other places, here I am still on my lonely journey with me loneliness and my phobia, my faithful traveling companions, who always have me so in a position of alert, they had to have something good. 

You know that your heart, your teachings will always be with me in every tear drop, because crying makes us strong, not losing back the goal of constant self-criticism and the path of objectivity to never stop being that good boy you wanted me to It was, it is the only thing that mattered to you, that we were good people, noble and disinterested in generosity, I consider that I have fulfilled it and I continue to fulfill it even if other human beings do not respect that or do not know how to see it blinded by their fears and complexes, their armor, They must pay with someone, right? Walking with the noblest heart that you have been able to teach me. Thank you Granny Congratulations! Thanks to the other human beings, those who are here and those who left, for giving me what I am, and what remains to improve forever. Grandpa will be fine, he’s strong, he’s an Azuara, quiet, but robust, you know that your daughters and sons are taking good care of it, they have an art in facing things and not denying them, saying and doing just what is needed at that moment. Many kisses to that star in the sky that we watched from the purity of the roads to Valvieja, it will never stop shining !!!!.

(If you saw the previous video forged of character, here you can expand your knowledge about me)

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .