I have always said that competition at any level is always healthy, it is what is done with it BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER, there are many points and factors / resources around, what awareness do you have towards them, in turn what uses you give them, is the immediate key of the moment.

Yesterday with Llorís Y Mbappé (France), Eric Garcia (Spain), the other day Hazard (Belgium), Carolina Marín (Badminton), in Tennis we are seeing it in many cases too, … in the video I mark a series points, first part in Spanish, second in English, and at the end reflection in Spanish and English.

I am not going to make a bear face (it is not my genetics), nor to be sad, nor to dye me blonde or be bald (I am sorry I am not), so that the first impact is different, neither my voice will be nor can it be like the one that you want to hear, so human and deontological consideration should always be present as self-responsibility not to applaud serious situations through ignorance.


I’m never happy with my videos, but being a nomad, going from house to house, and thinking more about others, bothering as little as possible, the continuous interruptions, noises and human vibrations, believe what they believe, I feel that they could be of a lot higher quality, making me understand clearly.

“It gives a lot of anger to be in an intermediate point so close to Qualification and Wimbledon, all surrounded by vegetation and natural landscapes, not being able to enter to enjoy and live what I love, while you see the stadiums full of football (eurocup) as of the tennis centers, surrealism and hypocrisy in its maximum extension .. “

We continue ……