Continuing with those five videos prior to the work phase, we go with the second, the content, knowing and wanting to create it is the absolute basis of our existence in unknown CONSCIOUSNESS. It has several points to name:

1. Without the capacity for self-criticism, forget about creating content.

2. Break essential habits to create content.

3. Experience and training, it has nothing to do with the creation of content, the content is linked to the expression, reading the entire context for its final objective, the subconscious integration in our brain.

4. It requires ostia against the sewers, the mud, increasing the tools and the deep development of all of them to integrate them within.

5. Silence, observation and reflection capacity to understand what you receive.

6. Braking to understand or understand each other between individuals.

7. With content, our brain absorbs any drastic change that we want to make, without limiting ourselves or others by external factors of any kind.

PS: Rage. In the video I go through the hills of Úbeda in many of the minutes, I say some and others go away. Without excuses. (I will come back later to make a more complete one to explain it as it deserves its importance, since almost nobody explains this by not working from the essence, obviously due to the absence of content).

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .