The extra to add to that trilogy of videos published on FEAR AND THE FIVE SENSES, with the latest resources and really weighty brushstrokes, of great need to be clear about them.

The structure:

  1. The fear and the pain.
  2. Fear and the capacity for Suffering (Difference mental strength)
  3. Fear and control.
  4. Fear and what is right or kind, what path do you think should be chosen?
  5. Fear and collapse … apathy … mechanization …
  6. THE fear and freedom.
  7. ….. in principle those …..

An appendix that will surely be of use to you. Allow me to say, that not only these three videos about fear and the five senses, including this one, an extra of those three videos, but other varied ones that I have on the channel, which I know are great content, of high quality, more Beyond a philosophy, to value them at least a part of the immense value that I value them, although I recognize the difficulty of accessing them, not only because of the duration of many of them, but because of the complexity of understanding and intensity human, psychological and emotional of them.

I wish that your curiosity continues to kill you and in turn I can continue to learn from your own curiosity,

“There is no better teacher than the one who increases his interest in his subject day by day and shares it with others to the same degree of interest with other human beings, never ceasing to raise it through permanent good humor, joy and illusion indelible “

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .