In nowadays as in tennis as the rest of the professional areas, more specific in some ones more than in others, make me feel a little bit concern because that pandemic or that politician pandemic have absolutely naked all our inner, all the masks have gone, show sharply out a tremendous chain of wounds of the past that have never been facing up to heal the silence bleeding that is still in, so that actual situation do the perfect excuse to blame permanently others from our own inner history.

However it is a troubling indicator to see how the human beings in special all them in direct influence with the quality life of the other human beings that is related with formation areas, management of groups, psychology, medicine, sports ..etc.. are in a situation of brutal vulnerability without any power of leadership, that reflect out a feeling to be too lost, absolutely disconcerted without any idea at all about that hell they should act and to do in the light of a high level of demand that previous years already had called to the door, but right now like us or don’t like it, is being the priority number one, however the fear do that keep us a static line that will be digging our own grave.

According to the skepticism about my person ( human issues, external factors of my videos, my writing..), so I am fully aware that some of them isn’t symbolising out my whole inner, as in realtion with my authentic personality, as in my way to do things, in other words what is my walk through of the life, so approach out a close face of me along with making us to refletion on depth (gain consciousness) are the proposes of that statement, but believe me its not for attacking anybody or anything, its is something just for myself, a work of cleaning of conscience out that in the same way let my inner to feel itself a space of dignity, strictness and honesty in its own way of the life, exactly a close way when you make a letter up about the forgiveness or even about love to someone with the unique intention to explain deeply every small detail missing, that is all!.

“ Just given out without expecting anything on return, because there is something inside of me that know that I have to do that without any questions, invite me to react and act from the Botton on my heart to help in that moment between the hidden details. The common good. “

Sincerely right now, I am not going to waste any kind of energy or lost time at anything useless, my priorities are signed in a very clear way from 2013:

  1. My sense of spirituality. Feeling of absolute freedom and liberty to embrace my roots without letting anyone bring me out from them.
  2. My personal pace. A calm conscious to know that I have given all my energy there, full up of passion and love, independently if that duty was annoying or doesn’t, it was my responsability ethic and moral, like human being and living being that I am in that wonderful world full of great things.
  3. God’s will, the act of altruistic Hospitality to the rest of the world, that I am connected with the situation is already happening in front of me, so means are not going to get through over of that, ignoring it and then run away, just do the opposite, always cope that in some way to stop my person, then take a fast look around and help them right away without any kind of judgement.
  4. My Integrity, on my person that point is so important to be loyalty to my principles from the beginning to the end and like that to give out the best of the best of myself to keep me in every journey growing up without stopping, because the best gift to offer to myself is that I am being day by day a much better person than the day before.
  5. The environment that have around me, the real family is which one can choice, but if I have to keep myself on my loneliness, which is something very familiar on me, so never feel worry about it at all, because all together bring me to be in every moment and second of living in a connection with the authentic mental force and never take distance from the others points to keep my person outside of any kind of sabotages.

Beyond all of that, if there is one subject, that of course could interfere on my priorities because, won’t be letting down for whatever reason that my principles could never be objective of any kind of self-betrayal by a long shot are in relation with the Mental Health and is needless to say if it is in relation with the tennis’ world (awful populism), my strong passion so I have also put so much focus on that to know properly it, or even the inclusion of that (Mental health) in other sports or others areas for theirs quick influences into the society.

Why do I have a strong knowledge and wisdom on Psychology?

Well, it is very easy to name them but doesn’t explain them out, because we would need long journeys (days, hours) to speak about them, and also outside there are too much factors that through of the subjectivism (habits plus comfort) distort brutally the image of the reality (HIDDEN details). Simply I will name my four pillars, that best friends ever which are traveling with me from I was a baby and will keep it there, in my inner, until the day of my death:

  1. The psychology – pedagogy. Involve substantial directs and indirects factors with a infinity of episodes, being my phobia (hypersensitivity, integration sensorial of the sounds) a great engine of working in many of them, which remember one by one so well, it was very easy to let her to be my best friend because the opposite had been the attempt of suicide; then in that point developed a capacity to keep on silence, just listening, smelling and observe strongly (My studies on photography were other big allies) in the same time whatever kind of behaviour (humans, animals or both togethers) around of my position in a minimum radius of 1km (usually much more), and in nowadays I keep doing that, obviously with different intensity, power and even objective, are we really concern that it means in psychology’s whole world?. (even on the rest..).
  2. The loneliness (“LA Soledad”), is not our enemy, is our arm (ally) more powerful and confidant in regards to the personal development; adaptability is basic, love her is overriding, to get access a real and independent mental force from a natural path, we (the society) believe that really are emotionally independent, in the reality we don’t, do we see the consequences of that in nowadays right now?, clear, right?.
  3. God and the life, a “simple” phrase on my case, the process of my personal development have been respected so keeping me connected with my existence. God go ahead than me, so always there are many things that can not be explained, following on my case, every people, cities or untypical situations that I have crossed or even still crossing into there, sometimes in the childhood and after in the adult period comes back me again on both situations with a strong intensity, always talks me out anything to make me a deep reflection about it.
  4. The dogs, they introduced my person straightaway on to others animals or people although I didn’t want or even I didn’t thought about that, I couldn’t hide of that, furthermore on my case brought myself to know a great professional that from the first moment that observed my way to do the things, my listening and my interest on that with absolute passion and vocation (“bother him“ with a lot questions) he didn’t doubt any moment to take the things in other stage and then went to great lengths with the objective to teach me the maximum possible about the behaviour of the animals and the owners, in authentic real situations, a brave psychological experience, I could never forget it!.
  5. The Tennis. Resistance and peace, an calm island where I had the absolute power, although from outside came in a lot of noises so made me run away without any control on home direction (literally risk to death), I fight up to keep my person on the court the most time possible, because it was my moment of journey, although many of the times was playing with myself (serves, wall or others exercises..), hated that a simple noise (the sound is other thing) interrupted my moment without forgetting that meant on my inner systems, just the instant whereby I thought that it was the happiness (Right now I have a clear definition of that, would be rich long hours to talk out).
  6. Myself, reach the most high level where the word fear doesn’t exist anymore in my life, is the consequence to take a sword up to break in of myself sailing around of the whole areas of my body, is not justly about loving myself, if not that is about to face myself up with all my wounds that I had open and as soon as possible to close one by one properly, let myself that whatever feeling of fighting is directly passing away forever, but in the same time step by step bring a own emotional transformation out, touching the emotional intelligence and after I reach to feel the real concept of happiness (Remind that are years obviously depending on plenty of factors). The house has been started from the roots, never from middle or even from the roof, it is a big difference, right?, to be able to walk on parallel with the before pillars and the small hidden details in the same level of importance. Catch it up?

Displaying in Education, Training and Researching

To be honest we need urgently a true searching about Credibility, Identity and Personality, obviously to get the solid valour to log in a way like that, has on stuck a few consequences:

  1. Self-Criticism. Integrity.
  2. Cleanliness.
  3. A full up Restructuring.
  4. Objectivism (Stand so far away from the subjectivism).
  5. Detachment of the emotions and feelings.
  6. Clarity (Send free messaging of an oppressed inner).
  7. Fun must never go over the healthy / understanding of physical and mental impact although they didn’t talk us (Compression, extensions..).
  8. Stop to standardise or stigmatise, means don’t make neither emotional judgements nor pointing someone up with the finger through of periods of time, random classifications, just gazing in a way individualised (an unknown strong emotional demand).
  9. A strictness demand on Psychology without remorses (Priority one right now).
  10. True Vocation (Don’t Motivation when we want then sell it out in a way of hypocrisy).
  11. Learning to be Questioned all time. Open-Mind to Criticism (If we have passion will Love it).
  12. Systems oligarchies obsoletes that mustn’t be hold up anymore (Tennis included) unrealistic, a huge misinformation (impossible an accurate assessment) , structure unsustainable.
  13. The woman inside of a labour group. Understand that a healthy women can bring us in since their own physiology as women they are in both areas biologically and psychologically, so we must never make submissive the value of that women.
  14. Leadership. An authentic and healthy group of leaders. (a deep Coherence).
    …………. …..etc.

Remind us one more time, that the statement is no the place to explain subjects so complex and so intense that are not coming to oneself in a click, all of them got through of long journeys and years of life without interfering in the process.

We need don’t confuse the concept of authority with power. Through of my powerful empathy could understand that like human beings that we are every day, there are new situations coming up, so new wounds appear on the skyline with different kind of level that when they aren’t treated in the right moment, being them left for later and later on, where finally were never attacked so let to our person amass permanently an unconscious number of wounds that in some moment has to put the blooding out without any possibility of control, so we need to be really responsible with our own emotional states, that is not a game that can wait to the time run off to get a game over, of course needless it to say that if our position bring include a relentless evaluation of others living being, manage of groups, that must force ourself up to multiply the responsibility on each of one of ours duties.

The Damage to Be Institutionalised

Case 1: Public- Private

I have always said so clear that the habits are more dangerous than the Ego, because between the silence we are building a serious issue that if we are not getting a great inner job on psychology we never realise about its coming up, in other words we will never detect it.

Some institutionalised human beings remember me a lot to the reaction of the people during the last crash economic on 2008, when I listened too many people said loud their owns beliefs that they didn’t know to do other things, that have been working there their whole life, that could do if it was the just thing that knew; well I was taught that if we have a body we could do whatever thing that you want, it is justly a question about attitude and aptitude, anyway that it happens in a private way could be considerate “normal” within of a human rationality if get in real tools from the life, however if it happens in a public institution specially in positions with instantaneous influence in the life of the others is really irresponsible.

“ First day everybody full of illusion, have a huge willingness to eat the world but at the third day already all are missing in a click, human beings are wishing to reach the Friday as soon as possible, by the way many options to learn each other was thrown to the bin; motivation is self-confidence (up – down), Vocation is self-esteem (permanent) to be better than day before, keeping the same mood every day, full of real happiness to keep learning forever ”.

Two clear Examples:
1) A private company, we can delegate or even reduce our workload of job delegating it, through of rest of our colleagues that we have in our department or even using an external help, thinking first for the common good of everybody that are working in the company, for the own company and after even for the collateral benefit to ourselves, in a public institution, specially places like a federation that has small departments the unique option is we must leaving the office forever without any constrains to other, and only maybe in a temporary way with small collaborations if we have taken the decision in the right moment without affect to the common good, however if we don’t do it when it should have been done we damage our credibility and of course the little credibility that every one of our colleagues of the team could still share with, without forgetting the prejudices to the area that usually say outselves out that Love so much.

“ A damaged journey (poor or missing psychology job) bring out consequences for others, in a private company is remaking many times a job immediately to keep the contract of our client up on time, however in a sport federation dam a dream, a hard job of a human being team work (some colleagues of us), as well as the evolution of a sport and the growing between each other “.

2) In an university we have terms or annual subjects, so means that have the viability to get enough time to observe every detail of the person in different situations that we have in front of us, get a lot the long chats, even to remake whatever wrong decision, in the case of tennis, in the federation you don’t have “enough time” (except that you get a strong wisdom on psychology), and the habits behind of the routine are really an arm very dangerous without time to reaction getting destroyed to many human beings if they don’t have any psychology tools (Very often), so throw out judgements on base to the “ zone comfort ” (the own fear) or even on interns systems of lottery 1-x-2, don’t mind if it is considerate right or wrong ( “Apto o no Apto” ) the so dangerous thing is already done, many of them go out to the market psychologically out the place with tremendous collateral consequences for the them and for the society, it mustn’t be allowed anymore.

“ In a university dams a path but there is time to react to find solutions on the common benefits, however in a federation dams the human existence so its reparations demands immediate solutions where are not ready for that ”.

“ A criticism thoughts open many doors, just oneself know perfectly whom is, the advance and even as in a short time faster than people thought through of their limited mind, have changed their opinions about wishing to train with you, because when you are doing the thing right and deep, the skyline is infinity, then the ranking is a number, it could be whatever but the person is other thing, a human being full of knowledge to share on others through of the field of wisdom. “

Case 2: Fixed in a particular area.

That is an action (self-reflect defensive) very common in all kind of business however usually could be appreciate some kind of level of flexibility so is good on reaction in front of an uncertain situation, however on tennis feel that is completely the opposite, usually our fears, complex,….etc, though of our subconscious, on propose or don’t, take decisions to hold a fake life keeping us in a “ zone of comfort ” with an unstable motivation not even passion for everything that we do, so usually need to fix us in “weak groups” where we can feel so powerful to manipulate them under our control, the only place where feel ourself on peace, because our fears are so huge as to give up to our cowardice to gaze directly on the eyes of the others, so “the weak ones” are great allies to that they have to look us up, increasing like that our fake feeling of power.

“ We mustn’t use altruist generosities that never will ask us how we are going to use that, because it was a wonderful gift without return, to satisfied to own ego, it means to keep ourselves so far away of our real inner while follow manipulating to the society with the subconscious subjective that tell us exactly that we want hear or even read (to keep turning around of our fake life of the ego “. ( That is a disgusting behaviour and that kind of people never should be on formation of others!!! ).

What means to be Institutionalised?

It is a huma being that who once is finally lets loose out of his/her perimeter, placing to the own person far away from everything that knows, then the human being starts to feel a lot fear inside of him/her because is going to be in a uncertain territory without any attachment to anything or even anyone whom could holding him/her up, then the subconscious of the human being start to realise that outside of there is absolutely NOTHING!!!!, it brings to the person to distorted realities where the human being is gazing the shadow ally permanently looking for mistakes so is losing the best of the best of the life, searching to be in a nasty opportunism to justify his/her own damaged mirror.

“Like a Police officer, a suit, a job’s position or even outcome’s job don’t make you dignified of bringing that role out, that it does is the content that you have underneath of all that ”.

“ That happened in a field or on court is insignificant,what really matter are in the hidden emotions on there ”.

“ In that context when we have worked in an public place institution (hospital, federation..etc), then we go to work on a private company, the level of the rhythm, time and demand has totally changed, ordering us a self-demanding psychologically even psychically that we are not ready for that, becasue our vision is too small, with a lot noise show our head up, guiding us to an absolute emotional disorder, missing great opportunities to development in all areas to help healthily to others with an authentic potential, however the comfort that we know is too heavy, comfortable for us and so dangerous for the human being whom we are meeting during our wonderful journey “. Are we really concern that means on formation and even on investigation fields?. (in our day by day as well)

Mental Health

Although through of that statement have been discussing some points about that subject, is an exciting matter to face it up with the seriousness that it demand us, so obviously is a field so extensive, however through of previous years in union with the recently ones which have taken armour off without any permission of us, morally and civilly feel an obliged feeling of freedom to name out a few things that really are essentials, as on general as on tennis areas, the statistics talk by itself, we are obligated to take immediately a great responsibility about it (Wisely).

Even of Indeed, simply if we were able to take a step out from our house or even inside of there, justly going for a walk around of us, then make a pause for a moment, although we don’t have any conscious on psychology, at least want to think that we able to get a little bit of human maturity to realise of a criticism situation to take up an action with more influence in others than simply throw our hands up; in other words to take strictly a kind of the leadership totally different to the old generations, because for our fathers and of course for our grandparents in those times was enough with getting a hard character to be a thoroughbred human beings, however right now it has completely changed, need an access to our spiritual and emotional spaces, we need to be the cleanest as possible to bring them new tools that could need to that they are their own leader or gurus, independently of what is our step of the living’s ladder.

On tennis, we are now in a nasty vicious circle, too self-limited where are repeating permanently the same excuses once again once, without recognise a clear evidence, the mean root, that surely we are one of the areas on influence in others what have professionals with the largest personal insecurity; sincerely don’t care how much we know about tennis (or our profession), useless at all, because make analysis through of our own complex or fears are unmarked thoughts of the EGO, so it leaves too many information out of our field of vision, a big irresponsibility that has a high cost, first for us and after for the person or group of human beings whom we have in front of us, and after for our sport.

Sincerely we must be so miserable with ourselves to close to the society in an attitude so coward to throw the stone and then hide ours hands, through of two ways, first we are reporting a cruel reality but showing out a message so repressed (On person, podcast, RRSS medias…etc..), second one, abusing of an altruist generosity of others whom are never going to ask us on return as we are using it out (mentioned a little bit above), so represents a lot of opening wounds where the situation by situation are being over and over too horribly managed it in with the permanent need to receive or even most common in nowadays to hear external incentives to feel so good with ourselves (fake feelings).

Other consequences of bringing our own personal life to a super subjectivism bubble, that is other tremendous problem on tennis and of course last but least serious in other areas like medicine, psychology, nutrition,..etc. until that some day someone or any other situation is going to bang it out without any possibility ever to manage the speed and the control of the collapse; obviously is needless to say that human beings on that path with a focus on any kind self-deception to us (manipulating to others) and after as a result for the rest ones, through of a situation day by day is going up to place us in the most high level of demanding, because all the information that since our rubbish of the ego leave us out the missing without any intention to want be able to see out of our objective, will see spaces that will destroyed all a market of development. Human beings in that way, mustn’t be on any kind of formation because are authentic bombs with the vocation on the floor, consequence of an emotional state full of fears (wounds still opening from a distant past) in the face of uncertain territories that are coming us up or already are on.

So we need integrity on that, right now!.

“ Digital era on fire leave us more slowly a tremendous excess of information about our emotional state but specially log in of a game where “ the control ” that we could get on person completely disappear, the last year during the lockdown and other episodes could observe that very clearly so often, mask out!, refuse that is refusing the evidences”.

The tennis must be a huge reference for the society on many fields, so we need to stop to do things too faster just to get over of the dossier that enforces superficial divisions through of our poor psychologic baggage, something really recognised for example in the last national Spanish Symposium or even on private companies as well as verbally as obviously through of corporal expressions, some unacceptable was and still is (access to interview, RRSS, Courses…etc), to expose some human beings that live on charged with emotional situations totally questionable!, being really respectful, but it was (and is) a shame!!!! A conspiratorial aberration!!! ( “ Cómplices de una aberración ) “, all of that through of a shield called “ friends ” or maybe is better to say “ interested friends ”.

“ A real friend is not someone that come to us to give a pat on the back straightaway to bring us directly to the border of the cliff without caring the consequences, if not that is someone that is going to our face gazing us straightaway on our eyes to talk us in a frank way many things that we wouldn’t like to have to listen however we need to do it to get up in other state in a better healthy way to go step by step getting close to the heart of our inner ”.

“ The power of lie is when during a lot of years we build a fake life that constantly live from the lie, we are conscious that don’t believe about that are saying or even doing, but doesn’t matter, people believe on that, don’t make any question, put their head down to exchange to get something superficial later on, making that the lie are the biggest one that even the own lier will believe on it at the end, showing out a brutal lost of identity. “ (Typical on tennis, for fear we prefer to be on shot up).

“ Doesn’t it remind us all that kind of behaviour ( ” interested friends “) to the same patterns that we can see on a pyramid Scam?, Means that our criticism thoughts must left out, a way to persuade us to lost our identity to don’t recognise where really are, because it is the unique that exist and we must never put that on question, if we do that we are dead. Recognise that we are in of that is too humiliating when we are already too much involved on that, the just option that is enabled on our hands is run away or justly blocking all situations (by imposition) or others human beings or even also using both together in a row whom don’t follow that forced pattern. “

We need to do at least, each one of that minimum the thirteen points that I have mentioned a little bit above, right now like us or don’t it, need to take risk and go forward with a team that really is ready for the new high demand mentioned as well, so for that reason, we need to leave our coward on one side, it requires that don’t keep us hidden behind of the Ego anymore, so that works on our own tools to be able to share them to others let us really make a labour of helping to others without any option to contaminate them.

It also means, a demand ourselves about getting in a criticism thoughts, let us to be questioned, in some way to face to the reality up through of the own reality but don’t follow keeping that rusty systems anymore on the time, those that destroy the human beings and living beings too much psychologically where of course that keep us stuck on that limited routine which travels accompanied by a big name and surnames, The fear and the fear through of appearances, an empty inner, cover for the Ego through of similar energies, but it is still FEAR, FEAR AND FEAR!!!!.

*** All that must be also taken in whatever field of our society!!!.

Two reflexions through of personal examples:

“ When we are working in a fabric or warehouse..etc.. through of a supply chain, which has different stations around of that or even a routinely placing of the items, if frequently we are being moved to other stations or simply changes some items their position or something is not working like normal, and we are stuck on the same routine, focus, vision without any other perspective to keep us on an active position to react and act with calm in the right moment and in the right place to create a wonderful knowledge to us first and to the others after, and straightaway to convert it on wisdom, a natural integration on us, then we will be able to help effectively other getting a position in really connected with the reality, right now through of the new demand already naked (emotional and spiritual), so we need obligatory have at least a minimum of that! “.

“ In the beginning of the last year (2020), At London, where I had rented a room in a share house with other four girls, with two of them, every time I get through for the common areas (kitchen& corridors) they were always very rude, disagreeable, so it was tricky to get a conversation, however I never made a judgement to the person of both, just better inner questions, so let me constantly follow being friendly with them, then with the first of her, finally went out the nice human side that this person had in, creating an interesting chat, marked forever on my inner, with the second one, a situation of needs called on our door to help us, had a lot of mouses round of the house, from that moment, was created a nice and humble environment, funny moments that finished in a nice embrace each other and even in other way that she looked me ever since. It remembered me to get back in one of my last phases of my process of growth with a wisdom that approached me “if you change the way that you look the things, the things that you look change ” “.

Afraid about what?

A subject that have treated on my channel of YouTube on 4 videos, is a matter that know really so well for reasons that is not necessary to explain again. The fear is not more that a soft unreal beliefs hidden behind of the ego, an ego that is drawing of many different ways, but all of them have as goal to keep us protected in unreal thoughts with the propose of living ever permanently so far away from uncertain territory.

Live without any kind of fear bring us to pay out a huge and nice toll that we have to be willingness to adapt in that, it is the real challenge of our whole life, a nature way to bring our person through of a free mind without manipulation to another king of stage; that sometimes remind me when listen some people talk about the effects that they feel after to swallow psychedelic drugs, although some are already considered natures, so I respect that but will never see me on that way, really my mind go there in a most deep natural way with the foots on the floor through of a lot the coherence with myself and of course to everyone whom want to listen me, because about getting money should’t be everything considered a right way.

I am here with my chest out ( “ pecho orgulloso ” ) without paying on anyone any fear or whatever situation that wasn’t comfortable for me or that could pretend to create on me any kind of fear and in the same time hidden me from the excuses or even manipulation of group so through of my imagination to find by myself some kind of fake security, a way of Ego so well packaged on, suitably tend to make blame others of my emotional states (wounds, fears.…etc) accusing falsely to them. (Very common on tennis, on all kind of formations and many other areas of the life).

The Fear is an previous phase of panic and after collapse because we don’t want to go to open our inner, in nowadays have changed the prayer for meditation, the psychologies for mental coaches without any content,….etc. intruders or don’t all of them full of fears with a materialistic ambitions, they don’t care at all the human beings, they need to keep others human beings like have said above in the vulnerability, when someone is in vulnerability, means that the fear have already morphed to other more serious pathologies, so in that moment, that kind of people will built a dichotomy or with them or against them, even on the victims create a dissociation in their thoughts, a fight about their identity, a wave of chaos, through of placebo effects, unreal solution for an immediate interest.

“ To keep someone on the lie is most easy that talk someone that is being victim of a permanently manipulation, because have to recognise that intense fact would be interpreted for the victim as a gesture of personal humiliation, however if leave the fear out of our thoughts through of our feelings, would be the opposite an act that lift our person up like human beings that are on benefit of the society “.

The Vocation with the fear is impossible that could be there in or even pretend to find her if keep ourselves on the fear, because the fear is traveling together to the confidence and self-confidence an astute game of motivation, positivism without content, thoughts where they believe to be all the true, their close world, where fear though of the habit built up a system oligarchic, interests to protect their backs from a confrontation with the fear, obviously from that blind point to evaluate someone if its right or doesn’t ( “ Apto o no Apto ” ) like pretend to help someone about the mind from our own opening fears, on both cases with the objective to gain something is an absolute act of irresponsibility.

In some way to be honest, believe me however that we don’t need any paper or anyone to tell us on objective to give us an access about if we can or can’t do that our love, those feelings that are permanently traveling with us and usually are known as an authentic passion so adds some kind of wisdom to share with the world, specially because they don’t know who we are really, in fact even haven’t spend a lot of time to know us, but although they had tried to do it, nothing would be going to change because their fears keep them interfering in their process to learn something about us however if we are off of the any kind fears you will learn from them and since all furthest corners, because we will have self-esteem, it is sailing on parallel to live transmitting up a Vocation.

One thing that keeps the fear live on in its maximum extension of field is to find something where hold it up, a way to distort the reality, means we need to idolise and even idealise an Idol (human being), a group of music, or whatever other materialistic things, all of those that create on us an attachment to avoid to face up with our fears the most long time possible, so leave us so far away from simply admire about that have around of us whom it is justly a human being, a living being or something material to communicate and reasoning with those.

” Admire means is in our real power inner, the self-esteem is ever done, offering the time to do everything that let us to reflexion about it, question and even let us that other things can learn from us “.

“ Believe in the science is necessary but be conscious of its definition as well, remind us that is in’t a big pot where someone is cooking a magic potion, if not is all a long process of development for human beings so their own emotional states usually have a great influence on the outcome of every investigation, many of the times weak or unfinished, so for investigation is most necessary first invest on personal development than on the money ”.

*** All that must be also taken in whatever field of our society!!!.

At the END…

That is an statement, the first intention was do that short, however wouldn’t be myself, if we were able to reach that point, thank us very much at advance, so the conclusion is leaving for myself and all of us whom have wanted to gift ourselves a little of our time learning about our different perspectives, from others and maybe a little bit of English as well ( let me that rich joke lol ! ).

Frankly remind us, that the actual situation we are living right now around of the world, with many people emotionally so tired, show out a dramatic missing of an integral education, because right now the demands have completely changed, as have already talked through of that statement, saying us that the most the professionals (human beings) are not ready for that new demand, requiring a special attention, from human beings who work on hospitals, universities, colleagues, schools, sports federations and obviously those whom are in the world of psychology without forgetting that others have recognised for theirselves that all of these would come them right now so well.

Conclude with some reflexions

We can spend all the time of the world looking for answers, all kind of answers, practically always reacting with the same argumentation to justify ours fears, a serious warning to avoid go in to other psychologies stages, even so haven’t black down yet, although the wise is always ready to rectify. Remind that the clearness is not writing in a paper is about acting from authenticity in every second of our journey, that will bring us to take an enormous inner power from our loneliness well development, without fears nor any kind of attachments neither, crossing straightaway over an different channel of intelligence, so all together will give us an free access to a field of deep interpretations of living, so will let us to work on searching of questions, but useful questions, in a conscious way to recognise that the answers always are in front of us and that they are so simple but complicated on the richness of the process to express them out.

“ If we are not using all our capacities (the word talent is so harmful), means that it was our free choice because on difference of the older generations, the new ones have all tools on the table to use to get to be really clever, go ahead on the life to make a better life for the society “. (Like I have explained a little bit more above).

An human being never is perfect, always make a lot of mistakes, myself included, but to be the number one of ourselves there is not better way to work on the knowledge about ourselves, means to learn how is working, in other words always make any kind of space in order to throw a big count of shrapnel of questions (make us think even to others) about everything going on, because for my person there aren’t other means of success that love my loneliness, use permanently the common sense, where by the way is actually being completely forgot for the society, consequence of a tightness defence by a limited content through of oxidised paradigms, fake marketings, all of that followed by a extremely strict delivery of stigmas to bring the human being against the wall, pushing the rest of them to be in a blind state of manipulation against the untypical roots, by means of theirs own fears or meanly for the own fear of the person on charger of that group, so coming inculcated up with politician prejudices.

All of that avoid between ourselves a capacity of development our criticism thoughts to reach the street of the liberty, which consider that would be the adequate way to motivate us in the searching of reflections and share them out, without any kind of inquisition, that impose us to take a factional position in our evaluation about a fact that place us in an ideologic column dependent our choice between the reduced space between the good or the evil. In other words, in nowadays, it means that to gift us and thereby to others human beings as well, an authentic transformation through of the own option to invite us to listen or even also to say loud a different reflection is not permitted to expose it out, because would be uncomfortable and in addition create a nervousness that come out from unreal thoughts by a tremendous lack of adaptability (Rendition, Resignation and acceptation).

The travel on that way, bring us to other point what is of definition of the truth, put our fist up like a dictator, forgetting that the truth is always truth, but that is changing in relation with the truth is our perspective of view through of our actual emotional states, without getting the tools, which are frequently contaminated to bring our information out full of argumentation, enthusiasm that leave a footprint out to the rest ones without creating a social divisions between human beings, so destroys lives through of the oppression on silence that represent a serious prejudice to the actual line of living on permanent demand of growth therefore we are not ready right now, so bring ourselves to take the short way by means of degrading an extensive hidden information that are essential in the transformation as specie to get the freedom that would leave to our fear as a mere situation of faster activation.

Speak to others have stuck a great responsibility, if we don’t believe in that are talking about, (mentioned a little bit above when talked signed the power of the lie on the mental health issue) means that haven’t worked about it in a strict demand that brings us to go depth on the hidden details and integrate it on us, the consequences that has when we are speaking in from of an audience reflect sharply that don’t believe in it at all, but say that out, because our limited mind what will walk us to bring stuck on its back the same level of engineers, and because speak out that we think that should say, however right now, like have mentioned along of that statement on different subjects, is not enough, need to be on the real market, it means frankness and credibility as minimum.

In that precious boat that is the life through of an amazing ocean full up of a lot points where we should lost our attention though of the power of our five sense to recollect absolutely every detail, I was taught on my environment (Family, friends, colleagues of jobs,..) on special my own loneliness that in every moment of my journey whatever it is, even if includes human beings never look their professional identification because they firstly and ever are human beings, so keep out the same mood, character or charisma or whatever you want to call that, so means not let that my own emotions, so few seconds later exchange to feelings on conflict or free of that are not going to infect to others, getting a great capacity of manage (focus) them, that of fact immediately once change that vision, I am going to find some type of answer very related with my inner feeling of that exact moment.

“ There is not an act more beautiful for myself at least hopefully for everybody was as well, that when I run active to the situation, put my knee down on the floor, and help somebody to get up, where the reward most appreciate is when from one second to other, although it has been an instant (more or permanent depending of multiples factors), the fact of getting change the whole face expression and inner situation of that human being or human living “.

Justly it is my dream, I have always said so clear that my dream is not for myself is for everybody, others things are all the collateral consequences that it could have stack on its back on my benefit that always would be cutting off (keep a great idea without being destroy for the Ego, on my case would be a variant different of the fear), although it sounds like an egocentric attitude, really is not like that, is related with the self-confidence that makes me feel deeply on my inner that the society actually needs my person there but in the same way I need to the society there, because have never known anyone that starts a way by oneself, although I am the first ignorant on many things, however on that subject about tennis and mind have an authentic strong wisdom, really solid, to be brought to many areas, sports, business, ….,etc.. out of pattens already commented during that statement.

To myself worth pointing out with absolute sharpness that independently of my dream, my priorities are really clear out like mentioned on the beginning of that statement, remind us that they are my spirituality, my personal pace, the god’s will, my integrity and the environment that I have around of me, so in other words to live far away to any social downtown point, means to live on the nature, in a very small village where I could create content (Books, videos, prepare nice projects,..…etc.), read on absolute silence watching the stars, breathing fresh air, even to make trekking for hours,…etc. where I have on my hand the total freedom to choice by myself when I want to be on the downtown or when I don’t; remind us that the only thing that could interfere on that way would be all of these on relation with the Mental Health, look another side is not my style, when are violating rights and play dirtily a game of absolute lack of awareness, in presence of a subject that is being very serious actually with the statistics are rising up steeply without brakes.

“ A clever human being is able to work out the reasons with one about all of them “.

Game: Rock-Papers-Scissors
“ If the rock is grabbing for the paper, it is going to cover all the rock, so it blocks our external liberty without them access to our inner liberty is impossible to be able to work from its, independently of hardness of the rock, because the lack of external liberty of the paper is going to interrupt the ordinary way of our inner to shout out how it really is. “

The Psychologic Noise (Remind on my website have articles about it even some videos)
“ The body has a temperature, a breathing, the greater to be our capacity to play with both issues less we will need us to use external factors, or even to elevate them, in other words a less Noise Psychologic less air conditioner or heating or whatever other external factor we need to use and vice versa obviously, a nature work from the foots is possible, it is all in our mind.”


“ A walk on head down, where we are just able to see some loose arms but the rest of body is not there, that is not anything on interest, the human beings really are a thorn in their side, something counterproductive with transmission of vocation from ones to another, so integrate in a permanent passion from beginning to the end, a way where be respected the psychological state of every attendee of the program on benefit of take the maximum potential of them instead of dealing them a final blow that leave them disorientated as on the market as out of the market and in some way send them back at home in worst psychological state than they were there. “

“ Personal development or more beautiful sound for someone THE PERSONAL GROWTH who hold stuck to the fashion like if they were reinventing something, is not on relation at all with the labour area nor about our “super” labour dominance, in fact there are not reason to see both connected, although it would be the ideal option for ourselves and even for the society, in a way to take advantage about our personal potential really worked on conscious during long years of process to put to the service of our labours qualities later on. “

“ In a puppet theatre, there are a puppeteers who create the design of their own puppets, so after during the show they (the puppets) let to be managed for their owners (the puppeteers) who are others walk-on-actors (” figurantes “) although make a great job of creativity and humour for the children principally, however on the real life we need to be to be ourselves, nor the puppets but the puppeteers neither because the puppet or puppets will never be free on their choices due to the subconscious always will be influenced for the puppeteer on the shadow, and the puppeteers are going to lost between a multitude of own fake reactions, lost in the dark ocean of the habits, the fear of both come out to the scene every one in its own and personal direction, once we get that point, to be able to break the blind habit of the attendees to open another perspectives like when we watch a movie for second, third,..times, is then when realised about a lot of new details that always were there but before we were never to able to appreciate them or justly read all of them in that other way, so then we will need to burnt the theatre, design new strategy for that everybody of us always be ourselves without acting or even search of actors or walk-on-actors to place them to make our dirty work, that bring us out an consistent map of leadership without handicaps (Credibility, Identity and Personality). REALLY AUTHENTIC! .“

Two questions (Tennis) plus a extra (Mental Health):

1. Does want the tennis world to put on the market human beings (news ones and recycled ones) that walk with their head down, absolutely destroyed, whom come back their places or habits worst than when they were there, doing limited analysis on parallel to oxidised systems, that absolutely affect the fountain of healthy that the tennis must always represent and besides of be absolutely disoriented without knowing that hell have to do in front of the new strict emotional demand find in our environment yet? (Think us about it please….) .

2. A double typical questions on many countries, include mine, on all kind of environments but in where about my experience on the courses, the questions are being made from a dark side to make a confrontation inside of promotions of tennis coaches,…they are……, The First One, Why haven’t we taken advantage about old generations to prepare the next ones on properly integrative quality and getting to place out more range of players?, The Second One, Has Rafael Nadal’s success been really good for the tennis world (specially Spanish tennis) or by contrast is have been so prejudicial for the tennis? .

3. The Extra, with sixth questions, The First One, Do we know really that mean the new strict psychological demand that actually we have completely naked in front of us but it was already here call us to door from minimum 2007?, The Second One, Are we ready to face up with that?, The Third One, are we provided of authentic leaders in charge of groups able to understand and read properly about the kind of issue are we ” fighting ” with?, The Fourth One. Are the actual models (idols for needs, representatives…..) representing a coherent action on themselves out to invite the society to make a sincere reflection that push them up to work about it instead of sending them to a placebo effect?, The Firth One, What is our level of co-dependency to other human beings or other material things?, The Sixth One. Is that co-dependency a real handicap to help others human beings or human livings without any kind of contamination by the lack of a solid inner independence?.

*** ALL the Questions are transferable in all kind labours’ level/areas. Mental Health the statics talks by itself *** critical influence – Development*** high level from a sense of attitude vocational.

*** “ A lot technology around but very poor brain use out…. A high brain is more powerful that all a technology together that must be just exclusively supplied for us, that is all ”.

*** “ The all answers are on our face if we don’t want to see that or much better say our personal growth through of many conflicts are not letting to be able to see that, it is justly other question, because lost a lot energy to put permanently water to our Ego (fears without resolving) has that things “.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.