Don’t Touch the tennis nor even to Carlos Alcaraz. Dejemos en Paz al tenis y a Carlos Alcaraz!!!.

Honestly, between the job, the degree (Psychology), or create a space to run, swim or play a little of tennis, even hope very soon are with a rope on the neck through of the courses and other plans that have on my mind in relation with the LTA, so will have very few time at all, so means that I couldn’t follow properly the MIAMI Open 2022, however something was able to watch during the Indian Wells, but anyway if have been keeping in touch the situations that were coming up through of the social networks or just watching once behind other the different highlights by YouTube.

Remind when I wrote about Carlos Alcaraz in 2019 during his involvement in the Junior Wimbledon, so said that small gestures tecniques didn’t like at all because could go and can move in opposite way of a healthy nature of our body, so still keep that thoughts, but independently of all that, can be or maybe doesn’t be understood, will say that being aware about that small details while take care about them, even some emotional management, the injuries shouldn’t be an inconvenience that can stop him as in as out of the court…. the process of the way will be those that must be on, that is all!!!.

Right now, from that point of article, I am going to be contudent if you want to call me acid or even use whatevel label to identify my person, that is your trouble, but would recomend to keep in with the context, adapt it and integrate in the next words in a mind clean of noise and a body open to circulate in of the healhy ingredients available for its:

Sincerely is very sad as super poor read the infinity amount of shit issues that have been able to read during all that week, even of course today is not going to be less neither, please, come one, the society is as very poor ready that need to that, don’t they?, that means is that leave on peace to my namesake, that his process keep going to take the way that it is going to be, that the way of a human being must be identified about if is lifting up a trophy or other, or if is going to beat that record or other, as if shall to beat that kind of players or others, or even that number of ranking is going to keep going up or maybe doesn’t.

I can’t say that most clear but if more aloud, however first must be repectful with ourselves, after with the rest the athletics that are fighting to make their way in their disciplines, on that case the tennis, that the way of human being, because on my point of view, firstly a player is a human being, must be first his identity, his person, his process of development in the all mind and physical set, so that are creating a Rafa Nadal 2.0 or better said that pretend to convert him in 2.0, is something as awful, as unmatched at all for many tecnniques, psychologies and human reasons that are in front of us to be able to see that, so won’t get in to describe it for respect and education to both human beings, and of course other of the reasons is that mustn’t push to any human being to that the main actor can go over about the own person, where step by step is eating piece to piece all his own human essence, a clear actual example could be Stefanos Tsitsipas, Lorenzo Musetti,…..Naomi Osaka,…and a long etc…. 

A last point that I want to point out as authentic consistency is about the own identity of the tennis, a wonderful sport, that is really complete in many aspects, doesn’t deserve keep in a movement absolutelty as fanatic as confined in perception, development and own integrity, means, that is traveling in point as super subjective that push once time behind other to stay making the same mistakes the whole time, that again a human value come back to use to cover all our ineffectiveness as in development, evolution as in leadership, because if someone deserve an recognition today through of the process is Juan Carlos Ferrero, all the whole team that in their private way have gone development a solid process from their own tools, but that must do once more time as I am going to watch is to grab it as if belongs to us, because is come back to a level of self-deception that who wiill keep paying the price will be the same blind and vulnerable human beings, those players or other athletics that are fighint to the death to got in some way on that same way, and as have been able to contemplate with Rafa Nadal 1.0, the consequences for the all sides are not good enough at the end.

So Please use the coherence, the common sense, our critical thoughts but about all the value, if that famous values that too much wish to talk but that don’t know them at the end, about ability to recognise where we are everyone without pretending to grab it the success of other one (a private way) to that full up our own empty inner or even our anger for failures of our own past, dreams broken in. 

The tennis deserves much more respect, a healthy heritage and about the human beings that are getting in consideration as when they playing their musical chords so well as when they touch them just on proporse or maybe by mistake wrong, because at the end are the same person, a human being with a great music in their own inner to share with. (Never to replace the our in).




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