Dear reader,

Last Saturday October 21, I had the opportunity to attend the first national Tennis-Padel congress , friends or enemies? . My heart, my emotions, close to shedding a tear, for the final auction of the event, than for the content, and well because I am a “freak” among today’s modernities, very sentimental , it is part of my integrity, although I I may or may not make you suffer more than necessary, nor should I or do I intend to change it, I simply manage it, so I saw the need to express what I experienced during the weekend, leaving my opinion on record, no if before making a small personal reflection-clarification .

I will be direct and clear, hiding behind a computer with little words ( blog or vlog the same thing) no matter how much human-emotional wisdom one has or in some cases none, it is a real rubbish, face to face, bare-chested, the chatting with enough time, never less than an hour or hour and thirty minutes, is much more rewarding, transparent, clear, clean, without misunderstandings, with a true wealth of information both environmental and body . Surreal, knowing that this is said by someone who has hidden behind his blog too much, sometimes tired by the lack of facts, which is what moves things. Never give up.

I know that my opinion that I will leave below, are only words, hidden behind a fucking computer without facts, aware of the irrelevance for almost everyone, I have no name, no position, no place, no weight, no value, no credibility (Although my first article of this year 2017, written days before leaving the Queen’s club , having had all the players with me, except Nadal who did not attend in 2016 neither during the tournament nor during the O2, observing information in matches, training, changing room, gym, … etc … certify point to point most of the foreseeable situations for this year) , I know that when I started talking on social networks, and then I tried to make it more professional through this blog , the vast majority of people were scared, prejudiced and put the cross on me, what I said before, being behind a computer is a garbage of existential emptiness noise .

I am very aware that nobody has an obligation, nor should they give you anything, that things have to be earned every day, work, sacrifice constantly, listen and learn daily, being oneself who does not take “the chestnuts out of the fire”, without to run more than the account, it is more, I know from experience that later one will value much more what he has achieved by himself, when he looks back; Each person is a different world, nothing outside our areas is manageable by oneself, however an educational start would be to begin to listen and treat people for their knowledge, personal experiences “street university” , not so much for prejudices through  “your achievements or job labels”, where most of the racing business, I repeat the majority, can be learned in the street, if there were two values, increasingly disappearing, generosity and disinterested involvement .

He wants to remember under my work and personal experience, at least for me, there are three types of maturity, personal, emotional and work . The first two are closely related, but without the personal it would be an aberration to go to the emotional one , something like trying to start a car in sixth gear instead of first, and then go through the second, third, fourth and second gear. fifth, skipping steps, something very common today only has a final destination, destruction and personal self-deception However, if you have only work with personnel branches or simply work obsessively,  these attachments Cover-ups, it is a matter of time in the long term, they demand a change, an evolution or else you will have a fall in a difficult way to get up, if you manage to get up it will be full of malicious patches.


After the clarifying sermon, let’s get to the point of the article:

The stressful understanding of the congress was not very successful, many topics, brushstrokes, time for a couple of questions, all fast and running, that helps little to build, to generate an evolutionary click, especially I miss a lot of COMMON SENSE . I don’t know if I was the only one, but almost, with my own notebook I was writing down important points of each presentation, without forgetting two important values: respect and tolerance , each one is free to focus his assistance-learning of his day to day; now I am going to highlight my impression of each of the round tables.



TENNIS – PADDLE friends or foes?

To start with, the statement question used for the event is wrong, for me the approach of the congress would have been HIGH PERFORMANCE-SOCIAL TENNIS, friends or enemies?  From this question, there is a lot to talk about, because both tennis are very necessary, with total humility, HIGH PERFORMANCE tennis , especially the professionals with a lot of name, players and coaches, have done a lot of damage to SOCIAL TENNIS, because it would be necessary to remind those private professionals where and how they came from, that every professional athlete has gone through the social, whether in an elitist or a simpler place, until they become professional, society imitates, idolizes and copies multiplied by a thousand , what they see from professionals, both consciously and unconsciously.

Seeking to blame the Padel , not only, is something very limited mentally, but also we would not be fair with ourselves, it is the same as if you work in an office and ask, IT-Marketing, friends or enemies?  In the end the conclusion is the same, PRESIDENCY AND VICE-PRESIDENT (High Performance), EMPLOYEES (Social) , if the president and vice president, as I have been able to witness from time to time, both in sport and outside of sport, are not down, bothering because it is cooking down, needs, conditions, … etc … What power do employees have to get everyone to join 100% to change that? (no union impossible some hope of change)Simply imitate, the wheel moves, one piece by another, but the closed Ferris wheel without a door will continue without opening.

Another example, SPEAKERS-ASSISTANTS , friends or foes? To be an assistant at the end of the room , is only to see the nape of the people, staying hidden among the people. Being in front of the room is not having a vision of the rest of the room, you are turning your back on it, you lose all information. To ask the speaker or not, “irrelevant”, unless there is empathy and honesty on the part of the speaker. Being a speaker on stage , is like being a client in a bar, apparently it seems that you see everything, but if you are not inside, you spend time in the place, or you interfere in the operation and concerns of the work, or you do not see more than your simple reality, much shortened than it is in day to day.

In summary, let’s stop the numbers , let’s be practical, above all let’s not look for enemies outside, what both sports should do is support, not overlap, there must be respect for spaces between paddle tennis and tennis, an example of what happened this year in the Caja Mágica Madrid , during the MUTUA OPEN , Is it difficult to put two mini-tennis courts or one of new tennis, instead of one of paddle tennis, which completely overlapped the consciousness of thinking about tennis during the time that one spends in a tournament that is exclusively tennis, in an environment like Madrid that is excessively football-loving? Come on, I don’t see paddle tennis putting a mini-tennis court in a paddle tennis tournamentIt would not be very ethical, what has been said should be supported, not overlapping spaces.


TENNIS AND PADDLE as health vehicles

Very interesting lectures, being obvious, who knows tennis or paddle deep inside, a good technique, together with a good development of evolutionary work, knows or should know very consciously the benefits that practicing both sports have both internally and physically from a balanced and sensible state, regardless of whether you are in the realm of high performance or in the social one . That is to say, the proper use of common sense and the five senses  that life gives us, something that I spoke about in my previous article on PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE .

Obviously, tennis , by having more stretched strokes, which throws you towards the ball, making you move the muscles more cleanly, stretching it, as long as the technique is good, something very important, together with the optimal development of good mental agility (strength mental is another story), it is a much healthier and cleaner sport for our body; On the other hand, the paddle , being permanently down, to be blows that constantly shorten the movement, sudden and explosive, in addition to a longer tension in time, is much more damaging internally and physically , shortening muscles, tendons, … etc. . It is a sensation like bodily atrophy, here if mentally you are not connected with yourself, the damage may be greater.

Both sports, very similar, have benefits that are very applicable to life, the technique is fundamental together with the treatment, empathy, the predisposition of mutual understanding-listening coach / player – player, from there, technical development – mental agility – suitable and consistent physical preparation , they are an important key in the healthy practice of both sports, without forgetting to add, a brutal benefit, with the realization of personal work through  broad mentalities on the horizon,  not only for the sport , also for life and the rest of its areasWith these tools, a clearer and cleaner visualization, full of pleasure, better tactical selection, … etc …, the appearance of injuries should not be anything more than anecdotal (coming and going) in small muscle overloads.

Going back to the use of Common Sense would be ideal, leaving the most technical part to the doctors from the moment the injury already has an important body; However, if we can do, it is to anticipate, use prevention , that is not to deceive ourselves, not to use excuses about the materials, that if the surfaces, the balls, the strings, or even the over-exploitationof hours either in the form of training sessions or games, whether in age, category whatever, any decision in reference to those excuses, they are only band-aids, human beings have the ability to raise their heads, expand their depth of visual field, to get as close as possible to the root of the cracks you are seeing, with bleeding not only harmful not only to the athlete’s career, but even to the athlete’s health once retired.

If we reduce the game, we set materials, but the level of psychological-emotional intensity is the same or even higher, will we have advanced towards where we intend? No, under no circumstances, we will continue on the same wheel, the doctors going crazy to find alternatives to reduce the injuries or the supposed appearance of new or already frequent injuries, the physiotherapists, to rehabilitate and heal the athletes together with the physical trainer, For the return to the competition at the best possible level, we all believe ourselves experts, some their labels endorse it, others the years of experience, others for knowledge, in the end the most important thing will be missing THE LISTENING in all its extension .

The problem for me, from my point of view, is in the language, values, intentions, and claims that the monitor / coach / teacher,  both in this case, in the sports field (performance or base), and even teachers of the schools, they teach, they transmit to their players or students, emotionally, in the first bars of contact before the creation of the routine habit , as such a habit has been created, go against a stone, why change that habit, creator of a sea of ​​injuries, it will cost God and help .Regardless of age or level, without forgetting that the older, probably the more personality breakdown, less patience, work, listening and development will take. This is where I think we should start working, being much more demanding in access-monitoring of who we put in front of all levels, not all at the cost of taking money to the detriment of mental and physical health , at least from my point of view and analytical skills.

New training systems (TENNIS)

Simply new systems, nothing new under the sun , it is more than two days before going to the congress, I trained the same exercises with my trainer, it is true that with a little less intensity and speed, it will be that I have been lucky since I was a child, in different stages, having a very good coach, highly valued within the world of tennis , his facts define him well. It is also true that each coach says they have their own method , and the only change between methods is nothing more than the language used and small nuances depending on the level of tennis of the player in which they are moving, for a tactical orientation more productive until it rises to very high levels.

Now the presentations, I loved them, brighter on one side than on the other, for the security, clarity, times and ways of transmitting and the intensity of it reaching the receiver, especially because although in my case it is known, and one come practicing these exercises, including two days before with my coach, it is very good to be able to refresh concepts, to listen to other languages that go in the same direction, approaches and perspectives of other people, I do not care what their last names are, they are human people, at the end of the day, who are in an eye at a professional level of vision different from the rest, who are still at the bottom of the barrel within that field, sharing small brushstrokes is always worthy of being thanked with open arms. 

The final sensation of the presentation, at least for me, had three points, the   first point was a certain burden due to the compression of time, which generated small obstacles, solved correctly; the second point the feeling, I do not think it is very risky to say it, about the small percentage of attendees understood or came to have enough knowledge, to understand the advice that both gave us, and the third point , it would have been good if with more time Instead of doing the practical examples with two 16-year-old semi-professional players, it would have been done with several of the attendees, feeling the exercise in the flesh, although from the outside you can make a good overview of the development of knowledge.


New training systems (PADEL) 

Excess sport of dominance that I do have in tennis , however, I think that the adaptation is quick when proceeding from tennis , being a not very usual practitioner of this discipline, apart from that I consider it a very aggressive sport for the body, to the detriment of what It is for me the sport that I love and to which I owe a lot, which is tennis . 

The presentation was simply masterful, a woman being in charge, always softer in tone, greater capacity for empathy and focus,  compared to men, where arrogance often escapes us; making the presentation a greater training-concentration-focus effect , also helped by the dynamism of 4 people on the court, two against one and the monitor / coach, with less effort, feeling as if you were watching, a mini -party-training, probably one of the many reasons why many people have become hooked on paddle tennis and it would be one of the few parts that tennis has to study and investigate in depth, starting with paddle tennis.

Being less than in tennis , here I not only refreshed things, I also learned many little tips, very useful, necessary, I would say some transported from tennis , but for reasons that escape me, I have seen them less used in  tennis . Also different emotional details , appreciated by me, interesting for both sports. In Padel I am still certainly somewhat lost, however each of the tips and examples lived were very good to put into practice, already having, at least, some knowledge about it.

Circuits and their sponsors

Lecture, probably the one that I least enjoy, much less by the speakers, the three explained themselves clearly, they gave us their main ideas, forms of vision, data, interesting, but rather because of my very human and traditional principles with which I walk , the absolutely nothing to see, how little I like to see the dealings between customers-suppliers-sponsors, or in this case what the brand offers or may want to give or take advantage of the fans , or rather, of the fans . That vision of them as a product that you consume.

This I understand that it is already part of the business, where I believe that habits , limits of maneuverability , have completely gotten out of hand, in favor of greed and greed, at the cost of human health and all its variants, anxiety , stress, noise, anger, impatience, aggression … etc. , the values, the meaning in this case of sport and the concordances between what an athlete intends to sell on the track and what he does outside of it, on all the most representative for the fans, who disperse much of what they do inside and what they do outside, in favor only of taking advantage of the fans-Fans (all social classes), and not one of those who really, after all, can and do keep this sport called tennis alive , or in this case also paddle tennis. 

From this presentation, at an economic level, sponsors, marketing, I understand something less, I want to highlight something, which went unnoticed, but for me, it was very important, there is a scheme, which the first speaker presented, which should be distributed to all trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, … etc., because although it is a digital level scheme, where on one side we saw a kind of head, and the only four points that we had until not many years ago, Press, Clinics, Television, Radio and Stadium , on the other side of the diagram, the same but with all the number of branches that came out of each of the four points, multiplying or quadrupling our PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE before almost non-existent, now with a simply brutal sociological, psychological-emotional impact.

That scheme was so clear, that I consider that from there, we should start working, for a healthy connectivity between the already unstoppable branches, to re-generate a primarily emotional-human , stable, sensible and coherent state, with the infinity of ideas and Different perspectives of view that each of us have in developed abilities, full of respect, cohesion and firm commitment, seeing the rest of the material objects, as collateral benefits and not as sources of number one objectives in an obsessive compulsive way. Sincellamente, doctors, researchers, physiotherapists, coaches, players, have long asked themselves, why the drastic increase in injuries?. Well, that innocent scheme, presented the other day, honestly, can also give us many answers, because they have a lot of information from which they can start their studies, drawing conclusions that are very necessary for society.

I am left with two sentences that were digested and go to the line of what was explained: LISTEN and the other, with an image of a paddle tennis court and a ball together with two paddle blades ( tennis is also worth with a racket and its ball) He said to himself “If you see a meeting room here, you are one of us, sometimes much closer than we think.”  Quotes very well used to psychologically capture the impact of the attendees, however I want to stay, not with the use or not that they wanted to give it, which I do not know, although I intuit, but with the bottom of the message of both, very applicable together with the mentioned scheme.

The vision of the Psychologist and teamwork

The first detail to highlight here, from my point of view, at least, always looking for the best consistency and sponginess in receiving information, is because this section was not developed after the presentation on Tennis and Padel as health vehicles , for their great integrative relationship , for me it was a mistake that they were not followed. 

Honestly, in the first presentation , although I did not like, in my way of observing, that certain techniques were abused to keep the assistant in a certain mode of attention, for me outside the focus of the content, many very interesting topics were launched, that they would need more than one congress to break them down, apart from a minimum level of psychological-emotional development , to understand, understand, grow and execute it internally in our day to day, and in turn serve as a positive-constructive contagion for all those people who They surround us or with whom we come across during our daily days.  

The psychology would need not only a piece of article to talk about it, to break down many of the concepts, transmitting and others, but would also need hours and hours of development, an entire book, several hours aa week, with different topics , documentaries or videos, although perhaps with the latter, depending on the status of the listener, student or assistant, since Psychology is a field with so much weight or emotional charge , which requires a lot of patience, tranquility, calm and a large dose of reasoning more beyond the basic, as a rule to achieve high levels of understanding and internal development. 

On the second presentation, it was noticed and a lot, that people were dislodged from the site, with a closer language, it was easier to understand for street people , with less run-run behind, apart from the spontaneous and good approach it helped a lot. Doing the second speaker, although there are small nuances with which a server may disagree, was also very interesting, not only because of the verbal language used , but also because of the body language , for me a sum of good help on the path of constant learning . 

Allow me to highlight a note from the first presentation, I really liked the infinity of data shown through publications in different media , I would love to have them written down, many of those publications to be able to read them, because they were very interesting to me, on a topic that for one reason or other, I am quite put, knowing not to occupy place. In any case, as I should not go into further detail at this point, I invite you to take a look at my blog , from where you are currently reading said article, so that you can browse my articles, among others such as,  The ages & their mental condition, El Psychological Noise (divided into two parts) and the last written Psychology (divided into three parts).


From the base to the high competition

One of the probably most humane talks that one can find in a long time, it is not easy for situations like this to be repeated, I am not just referring to the final closing of the congress that Alex Corretja breaks down , of which I take good note, and I will tell a little more below, but also, due to the personalities of the other two speakers, Paula Eyheraguibel and Ariana Sanchez , they were so natural, human, integral, simple, without armor, being themselves, of something that should be more normal, today sadly is more It is difficult to meet people like that, because most tend to wear protective “ego” armor or backpacks full of stones on their backs.

It was really special to finish the congress in such a human way, less to be expected in anyone’s mental conception, coming from a veteran like Paula , World Champion, with success in her work area, and more to be expected by the younger part of Ariana , where she was truly privileged, for being able to count on both sides, with the personal and sports advice of two magnificent representatives of their respective sports, such as Alex Corretja , who threw her a good cape and Paula’s more related because they are united by the same harmony , the practice of the same sport, paddle tennis . Ariana to visualize herself without fear and continue to grow!


Words by Alex Corretja, noted by Jordi Arrase:

As soon as he took command, he gave a simply spectacular speech, full of much reflection, very emotional, I personally got emotional, I had to restrain myself, then more coldly, reflect much more carefully and not be naive either. I summarize his speech in points as I have it in my notebook:

  1. Coaches are not aware of what we want to convey to our kids, to their parents, …
  2. Lack of respect and learning , of a true commitment to constantly learn, work, sacrifice, effort and respect among all with or without different ideas. (Here he told us about his beginnings the hours and hours he dedicated to this tennis, the study-training combination, the center where he started.)
  3. Unified criterion by all those who work in the same club or academy. (I understood).
  4. Transmit . That lack of energy, passion, so lacking today, and if that is not there, we should not do it.
  5. Failed / Failed Concept , is part of the game, it is necessary to know how to learn to live with it.
  6. No one has ever given you anything, and no one ever gives you anything.
  7. The balance between being very demanding and ending up being very repellent.
  8. Focus , forget about the “big points” , focus on what is really important.
  9. Such disrespect, which not hear anything today, or LEAVE ACABAR ultimately learn to listen and let finish, we let teach us not answer so fast.
  10. The start of a class session , the initial clear explanation with the players, what we are going to do today and what I am going to expect from them today.
  11. His communication with his ex-coach Javier Duarte , the form of dialogue for example during the  Masters in 1998,  which was proclaimed champion. (This point came from a question from an assistant).

It is impossible not to agree with the message that Alex Corretja intended to convey , he has no discussion, not only for tennis but for life, he even named an acquaintance  Martin , in that if I can I try to help and I will continue to do so. , about their TennisAID work developed in different underprivileged areas, where we should always keep an eye on the course that takes afterwards, so as not to play contradictory tricks on us. Later,  Jordí Arrese continued, something more restrained that if, the same line of Alex Corretja’s message  indisputable message in its background, without any fissure, now has many debates, regardless of the position or labor label.

A message of this caliber is initially an impact, a shock, generating an important internal shock, not only because of the content, but also because of the ways of transmitting it, second after the end of the  message , the content invites you to make deep and emotional reflections. , through experiences, experiences experienced, and even that of the same day and moment. That’s when you let the initial emotions pass , you hold back the easy tear, you use your heart and your head, you react, you notice that this content begins to have holes consciously or unconsciously I leave it to the judgment of each one:

  1. Observation , at the end of both presentations, showing how much remains to be done at the level of psychological development and full awareness of the being, through the few questions that could be asked, all were towards the side of the sports past of the two speakers In the case of Alex Corretja , look at that face, between the topic they ask me about and disbelief, seeing that his message was relegated to a third plane by the attendees, giving the feeling that he entered by one ear and out the other, as fast as it entered . Reflection of the current situation we live in.
  2. The pyramid of Priorities.   Point that directly encompasses  Alex Corretja , both before his talk and after his presentation, being even more reflected, I do not remember seeing him until a little while before his presentation and as soon as he finished his part, he left quickly because he had a paddle game , Obviously, I want to think that unconsciously he did not realize, through his busy schedule, he did not comply with several of the points that he himself stressed. 
  3. Own experiences with two TOPS Coaches. In the first case , the direct treatment of me, a year and a month ago of this case, curious or not, that the anecdotal consequences or not, there they are a year and shortly after, in the second case  the treatment within a social mass. I am not going to break down what happened here, because it is not the place, nor the forms, and I do not want misunderstandings. I will only say that both can also be heard from time to time in speeches, giving morality lessons in the media, … etc …, however if I review each one of those marked by Alex Corretja point by point, It should not surprise much, with the great influence that they can have in this sport, at an educational level, training among other details, they do not meet most of the points mentioned either.

As you can see, dear reader, even being able to put much more rough examples, not direct towards me, but if as a simple observer,  the ease with which a drop of water is diluted, is the same, in just seconds before or after, as a whole Wonderful word content can fall down.  Nothing against Alex Correttja or Jordi Arrase , I know how hard-working and hard-working they were, simply spinning fine for what surrounds this world called tennis.

At this moment, we would return to a load bearing, key to the foundation of any construction, that  Alex Corretja mentioned,  Listen , I would also say, that  with a poor self-esteem, insecure and full of fears, regardless of your social status, listening is never going to be loved, for the simple fact of not accepting what we should have to listen to. (Very typical in some TOP COACH AND TOP PLAYER)

Listening is a basic pillar along with its components that constitute it, in our current stage, it is very weakened, a huge line of separation has been created between the office area and the employee area , transferable to any sector in the world, sports , business, … etc … also included in family, social and even political environments.


I hate mixing sport and politics, but allow me to ask the following question,

What similarities do you see between the observable attitudes between the Spanish State and the Catalan Government, with the observable attitudes between some TOP players and coaches with the territorial Federations or the National Federation?

They are not very different situations, the difference lies, in one case the affectation is global to an entire society, and at the sporting level the affectation is to a minority who make up said sport. This question would also be transferable to business, family and even social spheres, where that line of separation of which I spoke previously has become so enormous, that due to economic obviousness and state coexistence, the most serious impact is at the political level, without underestimating that same attitude, its impact on sports – educational , however with less noise, in other fields of our life, clashes without reason occurred, and continue to occur daily in our daily days. 

At a sporting level, to those top players and top coaches , where greed and ambition blind them like little sheep, I would tell them that obesity due to the material, then tends to get a lot of dust, that together with the fans they generate money, probably a lot of money , but I do not consider that they are the ones that really move or will move that sport that you say you love so much. The trip and its way of traveling , the mark you leave on the route, that is what marks and helps all the educational, psychological and social values that the practice of sports such as Padel or in my case TENNIS, It can influence the person who develops it by properly internalizing the integral concepts, leading him to discover the fundamental objectives to enjoy with the maximum the benefits and potential, transferable for life, of these wonderful sports.

Another point that I will not go into assessing now, because it would lengthen me, is the use of science and technology that we are currently giving it, I think that also, without any of the points mentioned by Alex Corretja,  the use at a sports level would not serve as nothing, more than to replace or try to hide our incompetence behind tools, which should be that, a good work support.


Visit to the CAR (High Performance Center)

Visit that I made, the next day, Sunday, curiosity or not, you can make the excuse that many people could come and know its ins and outs and others, I do not consider that most knew about the new building, which does not take more than five years and a half, more or less open, each one is free in their decisions, always relative, in the end in that visit that came with the Congress program , we were only a family with their two children, and a servant. Thank the two Alberts for their time, great ambility and dedication.

Very interesting visit, with many sudden changes in temperature, it is what has so many areas of water, which is impressive to see live the facilities of the different sports disciplines, although most of them were empty, since it is Sunday, it changes a lot on television, As I always repeat ad nauseam that life is not control , at one point during the visit, an unexpected meeting was generated with one of the physiotherapists there, very pleasant with us, and he probably told us about the hardest experience lived there. , it left me overwhelmed, at the same time that it made me reflect deeply once more, on the following questions,  What do we understand by Competing? What do we understand as competition? How and with what approach should you compete? … etc ..

Very emcional visit, which made us want to stay training daily. 

Final qualification of the congress.

I feel that the idea, the project, is very good full of constructive intentions, but as I commented and explained, a little above, in the first round table, the basis of the creation of said congress, for me the question would not be,  PADEL – TENNIS, friends or foes? If not,  HIGH PERFORMANCE – SOCIAL, friends or foes? 

Another point, the improvement in the order of the contents , follow-up of the presentations, there were several, to my liking, at least, for their integrative contents, it should have been followed, with the aim of achieving that correlation, informative connection, more awareness open, of mutual importance and influence. 

On the track , I hoped that some of the attendees would be part of the exercises instead of two 16-year-old boys, reasons, one the real ability to feel nervous , with many people watching, something that with a micorophone in hand, As in the question and answer arena, it also happens that the exercise is felt from the inside , although it is no less true than from the outside, the view of the observable is broader, that is why the visualization analyzes, as long as they are deep, are of great help in our sporting and personal growth.

The importance of taking good care of those who build, are building or can build great bases and towers of both sports, Tennis or Padel, and those are not the fans, nor the fans , but those who love this sport, praising and appreciating a or another player, without going over the sport, because otherwise, as is happening now, and since the boom that we all know, used by themselves too, there is still an even percentage of open doors, to fans who got into this sport and those who got into or are introduced out of passion, energy and a true intention to build. 

Continuing online, commented a little above, on Alex Corretja’s message and its different points,  without me being an example of anything, I still have too much to learn, grow, fall and get up, however, without wanting to generalize, the from the dispatch area , TOP COACHES, TOP PLAYERS  those that with a click you can move all the thread that you want, pressing and generating changes, because you are the voices that are going to be heard first, first give an example before speaking in the mass media, conferences, congresses, a lot of smoke comes out of those heads.

You know, TOP gentlemen if you don’t want to see it too, most of the people who move or can move the tennis or paddle towards an upward line, are fed up, even the eggs, … etc … whatever you want to call it, also if you say something that they don’t like to hear, it seems that you owe them something; different existing lines, but three baselines have been generated from those who follow in tennis :

  1. Those who are in performance (Performance, High performance and professional),  without motivation or desire (sometimes a huge lack of acceptance for “failing” as a player), low self-esteem “is the only thing to do”, others just to see If they catch some “super talent by sheer magic”, or if they are with children, they are motivated according to what they are doing.
  2. They abandon the professional, create their school, or simply their social classes, really feeling a much more human warmth, happier.
  3. Fanatics , some gifted others not, but with poor and limited knowledge, past thread, where their teachings should be reportable. 

Hopefully that spirit, sacrifice and hours of work, suffering, sweat and dedication would return en masse , which Jordi Arrese’s generation like Alex Corretja’s generation developed , I know, not only because of the fabulous and emotional message that they transmitted at the congress, also because of the games that I could follow at that time, and because they have told me some anecdote about it, about how hard they were, the implication of hours and hours that they threw at him; Hey, well, you also have a family, you know what worked in those days, I have sucked it, in the Segovian village , in the mountains of Madrid and in the city, my city Madrid. However, let’s not forget that we are in different times and now more than ever, apart from the loss of all those values , with the most complex life, it is priority number one, in any field, work, social or family, that veterans give example and know how to listen too , yes or yes. 

Another issue, to be taken into account in other congresses, would be to expose as a subject, the materials, the technology , the rationality of the use, as support and help for the coach’s work, never as a substitute for our inaccuracies to correct or improve a player , and understanding, about what technology offers us, along with science, through the use of  Common Sense.

The last point to improve, the time , the compression gave a feeling of overwhelm and stress to the assistants and even the speakers, I do not consider it to be of great help. Several congresses with different topics, or a congress of several days, with longer times among other solutions. 

Another issue, very personal of mine, is the air current in the room, you could see a certain freshness, chills between going out and entering the coffee breaks, if you are moving it is not shocking, but dry, without moving, so many hours in a row , those currents were not the most convenient.

Very good congress, good level, good speakers, a lot of information, very little time to absorb and manage it, and good personal – work bases to always keep in mind. Many thanks to each and every one of the speakers for making it possible, especially to both Alberts, for organizing the congress and for visiting the CAR.


Reflection with a certain Humor:

I travel a total of about 1200 km, you pay about 55 euros in total between congress + food, 60 euros toll to enter and leave Barcelona, ​​about 80 euros for the rest of lunches and dinners, plus hotel expenses 290 euros, just after visiting the CAR, through the whim of some Donuts (Street stall), I began to feel unwell, vomiting for a day and a half, having to return to Madrid a couple of days later, the hotel charged me everything, no discount or anything, sensitivity zero, nor inconvenience for how your client is, the humanity of today, one thing are the rules and another the incompetence (null vision) of not adapting them to human values ​​of coexistence and feeling. 

You laugh and say , all this trip at the end so as not to have seen anything new in the congress that I did not know before tennis and psychologically speaking? Was the trip worth it?  (In all the tables something is always learned, you knew the same, more or less than they were counting)

In a group of 2-3 people it does not have to be too many, with the most critical, austere thinking, in the end to know the same thing that you already knew, what you do with your coach, … etc … on top of that you end up sick .

My answer: “Every trip is always worthwhile, because each step is a learning process, it is a way of letting go of the body, of making it lose respect, forcing it to adapt to exponential situations outside of routine or of the commonly known, broadening the panorama visual, if you have learned or want to learn with awareness in every second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year, regardless of what themes are repeated, there are always nuances, details that make them somewhat different, generating a better state of attention, concentration on new or apparently new surprises or no surprises ” 

“There is no better weapon than to laugh at everything, simply giving it the importance that this situation deserves (without any value), more than the possibility of some hurt feeling”


Invitation:  I invite you to read other articles of mine, one with which the history of this blog begins, the other two, published reluctantly, but with prolonged work of many months, my connection space, can give rise to understanding many more details. The ages & their mental condition ,   The Psychological Noise (divided into two parts)  and the last writing, Psychology (divided into three parts). ..etc..


Pd: Any opinion, in any field, is a type of criticism, made from my experiences, my knowledge, my perception of the observable, without the intention of offending anyone, with a lot of desire to continue learning, moving, from a field that still has me. there is much to know, like the immensity that mother nature has for us. My full and sincere apologies if someone has been hurt or hurt by any of the words transmitted here. A greeting.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .