Dear dear, when during the easter time of 2013 gave a click on my evolution like human being after years behind of others working very hard if we talk on psychologics terms through of placing on in situations that really are necessary in whatever kind of effective progress between other many tools that you must work without any kind of fear but about all put your hands in a blind way, means to put your absolute confidence in a process that in 90% depends absolutely from yourself, but that in a 10% will be in the hands from other human being, so usually you need to take many mistakes till you get to find the person that will be ready for that, even about to get in a mutual growing up, that means that whatever knowledge around of there mustn´t be a priority to impose on but if must be a kind of support to face to anything situation where even whatever answer will never find around of there, really means to get in an amazing way of self-development absolutely with a solid base together with a science of permanent own investigation and on that case obviously also about the person whom guide in a process as natural as real with the own life. 

All of that must be done step by step without losing in anything magic or even egocentric ways, just on the wonderful world of the psychologic cognitive and other important roots of a basic psychology between the conscious, the unconscious and all a wide field of tools that is permanently traveling around of that world, that too much fear gives the people in to get involved, and about all like we can see frequently as is being used like a state of fashion through of practices as poors as on many cases impulse to the human being to move inside of sectarian behaviours or even in a own sect without absolutely conscious and get dirty a field as wield as long in the process that is the world of the psychology.  A world without limits in as could help on whatever field of the personal and professional life, reducing impacts and about stableshing recuperations and developments of all details that we can move in but never get in control, but for all of that, the respect the time between other details is an basic aspect to get present on the mind.

After of that long introduction, because wanted that you could understand much better those that I am going to say such below, well, when I was to get involved in the Queen’s Club, nor it wasn’t the first option nor my priority, sent curriculums on everywhere around of tennis, here at London, justly with a clear objective that explained many times, just want to prove myself where I was, as was tennis in that moment and about all as I could help there, in others words, would my person be enough useful out there?.  So everything that I have told about Robert in the last article as that will talk in the next one (a great surprise as well), and of course right now below about Guillermo Garcia Lopez have never imagined on my mind.


” Remind that the tennis is a sport, probably one the most full up of all sports that there are in the world, however with the difference that tennis well done is an authtentic fountain of health, so means that must never be any names over it, because others will come back of us, so leave our five senses in their maximum potential will be our best gift for them”


Well, tha first year from november 2014 to July 2015, such till the second day of the Davis Cup between Great Britain vs France, was something look like a huge wave touching the land ( “Venía grande”) on that first instant, or said it in other way, when someone is coming to your face with a torch, then for a while he left your person dizzling till that bit by bit begin to see the things again but now in a new way where will demand your person to elevate up your abilities, means that you have to develop your abilities in other kind of level or even to add in new ones that in other situations maybe your will never need to use at all, that was that happened me on that part of the year where two things played very strong there:

1. The own prospects too soon.

2. The energy of the others. Nobody understandood that kind of passion for that sport, as theirs ambitions as the way to focus the day is totally different but in some way you have to share space and magnament, specially during the Aegon tournaments, so must do a double, quadruple effort to manage it. 

And so with all of that, my reminds from the first year are really more lazies than the second one year, but even so have a lot inside of me, between all of that, the first year as in the Davis Cup as during the tournament as during the ordinary periord have a fews, but let me to go right now to talk about Guillermo Garcia Lopez, on the first year, he was the first human that when crossed in front of us (at least with my person) that brought us a feeling of humanity so means that for a while we could forget that frequently feeling that we were simply statues for everyone without feelings or emotions, a specie of stranges that must do everything that demand you without any complains or even give out any personal opinion.

Every day of that year (2015) was like that let myself get an amazing human feeling, of course that after had some human being more that coming up later on, but Guille was one of that who more stopped there on, that his gazing was empathic while was walking together with a grateful feeling, then like that the things finished that year; of course that could talk about other players would deserve to be named here (next article will talk about someone really special for me as well), situations lived during the Davis Cup, masters cups.….etc.., but here is article that is a tribute to Guille, our willy of the tennis.

As have said above, after the second day of Davis Cup, after an lack of responsability from everyone starting for the laundry man, through away from their dressing room (downstairs) all of that meant a big click on my mind, then from that point, all my experience don’t such about the rest of the week of the davis cup if not even the rest of my experience on the Queen’s Club absolutely changed at all, where started to relax my inner and enjoy everything in a way completely diferent so all of that change brought my person to collect wonderful presents that I don’t know if i deserved it but the life was placing on my live. 

Let me to stop one second here, two points that nobody know but getting influence on that:

1. 2015. Aegon Championship and Davis Cup.  I didn’t have any home, days before of that I was sleeping on the street, after slept in rooms from the hostels some located in Bayswater, other in hammersmith, usually 6 – 8 people by room, practically couldn’t take a good rest to face up a long journeys on the next day, because after of my shift, always kept my person at the Club, because that tennis was once a year, I wanted to learn for every detail that I could catch up around of.

2. 2016. Aegon Championship. In the begining was sleeping in a ugly hotel between Wimbledon and South Wimbledon, didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the first year, wanted to take adventage from whatever chance coming up and keep more on focus. After for the rest of the days got a room close to the Wimbledon Station, but the room wasn’t ready but the landlady let me to sleep in her living room, a dark room with plenty of books, his husband was an opening book, my rest was a little bit better, but the rules are the rules. really?

Well, dear reader, now we can continue talking about Guille, our willy of the tennis, then arrive at june of 2016, and practically without any reaction on the first day, guessed he remind my person very well from the before year, said me, “Carlos you are a good human being, and that kind of people always want on my notebook, please take my number..”, in the begining I was thinking that was playing with me, but was so far away from the reality, he was talking very seriously, so just can be so grateful that someone can value my inner without time to open it at all, but guess that when someone travel a lot, although I always say that is so important to live in the places that just traveling to gain deepth,  that let  him to open the mind and be placed on other point of perspective, then that let him to make accurancy readings about every details included the human beings that you are meeting around of world. After of that was like if were friends of all life, a beautfiul and humble relation between us that always will feel grateful with.

Three stories that crash on my mind about Guille and that always will remind in:

1. His movements of the legs and other issues. I won’t be able to forget when in a of his match in the center court, I couldn’t remember if it was on the first year agaisnt Dolgoporov or just in the second year against Mannarino, anyway, I was sit down on the left corner totally stuck to the grass court, so was all the match observing their legs movements while in the same time observed and listening his psychologics behaviours, a pity that were so focus on the opponent because the match was absolutely on his rythm, but focusing on the knowledge that he was brought me there, think that there wasn’t a better place to improve my inner, as that indomable Coyote couldn’t feel any fatigue or even hide his fears right well.

2. His Body and Mind. Obviously that after was working at a Gentleman Dressing Room, observing a lot of micro-information that coming in without any rest, think that on that I am no going to get any mistake in that go to say out, is that I am sure that Guille was probably one the best athletics players of that dressing room, means who had or better say have a body totall on balance in every area of that, my feeling that he had a strong balance where you were able to observer that his fatigue didn’t look like that was there around there, other thing is as he managed his mind, the overthinking about issues that through of a lot of factors, that will not get in for respect to him, because are something must be privated even studied on that individual way, so probably had played down on many moments of his career, but nobody must take away any part of his amazing process. An example for the spanish tennis.

3. That the people are talking about him. (HIS FAME).  That point is something that have had my person a little bit crazy never much better say on that case, as during my ordinary times in the Queen’s club (some members), as during my two promotions for the Spanish Federation, even like that as in some congress, when I talked about Guille, placing out on that case all the tennis players around of there through of merit that everyone deserve, always received the same criticism, that is a crazy, if this guy is crazy, how do you talk with him?…….bla bla bla….., obviously will try to defence my position, although was all a group or just two or three people against one, lolol,… but that also remind me when you go to watch tennis in the Madrid Mutua Open that if Rafa is there with the absolute collaboration of the medias, the rest of players, usually are destroyed for the spectator when you are sit down there. Anyway can or maybe don’t understand why Guille or Willy as you want to call him, got that fame or people don’t take on value a player of tennis independently of his ranking, where on my point of view is that isn’t in your control being the main focus as is your process before, during and after of every training and tournament, there is where can built whatever path of development.  Everyone deserve a litle bit more of consideration without taking care about detaills that manipulate your psychological interpretation (Your comfort zone).

Why is Willy for me a COYOTE? or better say, Why do I define to Willy as a COYOTE?

If you are a little bit clever and has been reading the article, right now should have a small idea about why i have decided it. Well, firstly we must leave out whatever kind of labels out, after with that so clear, there is something very sharp is about that Willy represents and can be taken for youngers players or even people from other areas, if you know that is to be a coyote, that is a super fast animal as in the same way is very astute, although you could have the image of the cartoons where represent something really opposite to the reality, think that really Willy represent it so well, because he is an authentic feline, super fast probably on excess, as also take a gazing that demand a high level to others, but the most important is that all that construction can be keeping up on all the maximum time possible with a brain base that focalised his prey, the insistency of them always bring stuck a great reward.

Guille or Willy for whom have confidence is it and much more that he just know in his own inner, he has been and still be other example to fit to make the tennis a good fountain of healthy, although you like or don’t like him much or less, because probably don’t know him on person neither, just through of a thought that think is absolutley free but that always on everywhere sell us that must love or just hate, a kind of imposition that don’t let us to value all of good that could have in an instanct around of us.







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