Dear reader, I leave you some brushstrokes of what I have been seeing or rather of the little that I have been seeing of the Miami Open, either directly or approximately directly, when viewing it through unauthorized pages it goes with about 3-4 minutes of delay or Apparently through some brief summaries, recognizing the exposed limitation, that the content that I saw, either because there were few matches or because of the scarcity of summaries seen or obviously because the summaries are very brief, but in my case enough to be done a very clear idea.

In this case I have made the decision not to focus on match by match, but rather on the name of the player, that is, on the individual human being, as a professional through their own powers that may or may not have any personal influence , seeing that Although the rival’s demand or the opponent’s way of playing, or even the weather conditions themselves may condition the game of the day, the player’s base remains the same, because it is something that from one day to the next is very difficult. inject some small adjustment (word change or talent I hate vocabulary), except that the coaches are willing and able to visualize details opposite to those that are already programmed, open availability to see what is not understood that it looks.

Let’s go to the analyzes, always from the construction, consideration and respect for human beings, a single intention to bring a different vision, but present on stage.

Live matches I saw:

  1. Jennifer Brady vs Sara Sorribes Tormo.
  2. Ons Jabeur vs Paula Badosa.
  3. Anna Kalinskaya vs Garbiñe Muguruza.
  4. Brianca Andreescu vs Sara Sorribes Tormo.
  5. Brianca Andreescu vs Ashleigh Barty.
  1. Roberto Bautista Agut vs Jannik Sinner.
  2. Jannik Sinner vs Hubert Hurkacz.


  1. Bianca Andreescu vs Garbiñe Muguruza.
  2. Maria Sakkari vs Naomi Osaka.
  3. Ashleigh Barty vs Elina Svitolina.
  4. Bianca Andreescu vs Maria Sakkari.
  1. Alexander Zverev vs Emil Ruusuvuori.
  2. Jannik Sinner vs Alexander Bublik.
  3. Sebastian Korda vs Andrey Rublev.
  4. Hubert Hurkacz vs Stefanos Tsitsipas.
  5. Hubert Hurkacz vs Andrey Rublev.
  6. Daniil Medvedev vs Roberto Bautista Agut.

Bianca Andreescu. In the match with Sara Sorribes , she said right after the match, that after the first set she was very tired. I asked myself, Was he with the period that every woman has, which man selfishly forgets, according to the psychology of each one he manages it in one way or another? (Like people with migraines, I have experience with an ex-girlfriend, with me it greatly alleviated this issue), or Any injury, ankle? o Is it really an emotional psychological fatigue? After consulting his injury history, and seeing his three games that I could see between summaries and direct, with detail that may seem stupid, but eloquent, with Garbiñe I use leg warmers, but in the rest of the games I no longer use them, But going to the point, it was very clear to me that he charges his body with a brutal psychological noise , putting his body in a tension of a pin, in all the games it was because of that current, and not only because he was in tow in each of They, one can limitedly call it playing with anguish, but it is such a brutal excess of emotional charge, only by chatting with her could I understand, going much deeper about it, so as not to fall into a lack of education towards her.

The truth is quite annoying, because it has an endurance capacity, immeasurable endurance, but it must be clean, not with a load that plays against its health and its game later, it also makes good intelligent use on the track (not to be confused with emotional intelligence ), and above all she has a glove in her hand, a super clean technique with each blow, she can do whatever she wants and how she wants, but without that psychological noise that blocks, I apprehend her psychomatically leading her to avoidable injuries, it would lead her not only to to be even more dangerous, but to enjoy much more, free of unnecessary and suppressible emotional weight.

“The form of withdrawal in the final, breaking into tears, is the image of all that emotional accumulation, which neither she nor anyone who carries it has had to, neither intuit it, nor read it, nor remove it cleansing, then closing that source of emotional expressions “.

Sara Sorribes. The first thing that must be pointed out very large are the matches that have been marked in recent tournaments, they have been brutal, a wall, but the one that she and Bianca marked is to show many details in teaching, and for her even the analyze certain moments of it, which usually go unnoticed, but without forgetting Brady’s, I was practically lost; Although in other notes I already pointed out some details, it was the keynote during each of the matches, a very clear reflection of it, in the third set, a fly-off to the net, which says how excessively pending the rival plays, The little concentrated on herself, the track and its possibilities, should begin to focus on all its valuable weapons, another point that I already marked, which subtracts a lot of points, loss of initiative, a lot of tow, open rights,

Asleigh Barty. In all the matches showing a firm face and without contractions, light, even the tranquility that it transmits is such and therefore it is transmitted when playing, the excess of confidence, making you try different things or repeat certain patterns, movements or intentions, that He can always have a double game, in the long run to be happy on the court, he becomes pragmatic and preferable to other poles. In technical details, I will insist on the issue of the split, almost priceless, very subtle, enough to keep the legs active, which is what the goal should be, few winning players will see an exaggerated split; Some more technical detail to add, I would say the cut back, which is too firm, tight, counterproductive for the elbow and neck, I love how the ball is thrown from the forehand and back so cleanly,

Elina Svitolina. Breathe and remove anguish, free yourself much more, the splits are super exaggerated and open above your body measurement, which makes you lose balance in reaction with danger for the hips, and of course if you face someone like Barty, so subtle, they are many seconds of loss to reach the ball with better position or racket ease, this detail was but very constantly repetitive, with almost fall, some point more to the right so above the ball, difficult to give it exit and speed, because when it is well positioned, without so much split you must realize how the blow changes, it is a different and healthier one.

Jennifer Brady. The game against Sorribes was practically done, but two details are very marked, it is the apprehensive load that put him, I do not say it because of the constant bite of the tongue, will it end up full of sores? It would happen to me, hahaha, well out of jokes, that apprehension, limits you in intelligence and molding of variable patterns according to each situation, and the other determining gesture of the injury in his leg, is the right, he leans too much on the foot suddenly, always making a very abrupt gesture , which generates pull after pull, that adding to the external and extensive emotional load, makes the body have its limit, along with better footwork it would pull, it will earn much more in everything, including health.

Ons Jabeur. Let us remember that Badosa’s game ended up vomiting him literally and with physiotherapist attention at the end, his ability to concentrate greatly altered, which causes ups and downs in the focus of attention, an extra beast of stress; Continuing with technical aspects, in the split with striking feet he makes counterproductive gestures with the knee, in health and point initiative, then the reverse in motion, regardless of the rhythm, encounters problems, by waiting too long for the ball, not taking the hips, there he loses many initiatives, with the right he makes another story, then the resources of cuts and left, well more accompanied by emotional synthesis than by utilities of the moment, that takes away “fictitious emotional” fatigue, which will have repercussions physiologically speaking, Well-used intelligence, which has it, will help on those bases.

Paula Badosa. The most prominent effect for me, is the excess of electricity between hits, it is a muscular overload as brutal as it is emotionally disconnecting from the game, exhausting emotionally and physically over and over again, a counterweight, which is noticeable in seeing much more details of rivals, not repeating patterns that favor the rival, knowing how to use intelligence, observing a visual field different from what is marked, as well as the marking of times in close proximity to the net or shorter balls, which would allow greater clarity of shooting decisions and some extra ball savings; Technically, instead of splitting it makes that little electricity, which makes the ball load and outputs thousandths late, reverse I pulled more of it, taking out the arm more, leaning on the cuts so much, it loses space on the track,

Anna Kallinskaya. The first thing to be seen, is an excess of control in every detail, and an internal aggravation, both things suppose, in concentration, attention and intelligence, the following clear, is the split an opening above the size of your hip, something not recommended , counterproductive against body physiology, starting with the ankles, obviously by losing all natural balance-balance of the body (that stretch in the third set against Muguruza is a clear example of the whole explained). Technically, I am especially struck by the reverse, the sensation of an excess of curvature, little body angle, and an excess use of the hips not so much of the core and dorsal, I think that a lot of it comes because it does not have much starting output with the stomp foot, which like the split is physiologically counterproductive.

Garbiñe Muguruza. You could see it coming sooner or later, I saw it very crouched, against the current, in the pale and submerged face, it was the reflection of all this, excess load, forcing, which leads you to an over-effort to search for a concentration camp, like this as a clear and light moment of attention, a reflection of that moment is in the match with Andreescu, third set 2-0, 15-0, how a certain ball happened to him. If we speak technically, I focus on the right, accompany more and gain much more depth, too many shorts, or scraping the net, losing certain initiatives of the point or giving options to a opponent’s racket serve, I should go more for it, without to wait so long, not letting her enter, space with her, to get the arm clean, being a hitter like Serena, is the technique, because waiting and wrapping, with the point of impact sometimes excessively open, They are balloons or they end up opening to the hall of doubles. In general, look for naturalness, with her height, physicality and what she is in essence, not the opposite in my humble perception.

Maria Sakkari. An initial detail that is as unconscious as it is informative, indications of the two games that I over-reviewed, in one already in the draw with a very intimidating pose with a lot of personality-presence, regardless of wearing a jersey or not, and in the other game, a lot warmer, lower, there are eloquent internal details, gaze, positions, … etc … but an external one that reflected it was the form of presentation of the racket, I am not saying it in the face of what is generated to the rival, in that first impact, but mainly and exclusively on oneself, in the regularity, being constant in the emotional confrontations of the day. Technically speaking, without going to compare one game and another, it would reduce the exaggerated splits, improve the placement on the track using intelligence according to the position of the rival,

Naomi Osaka. I only observed his quarterfinal game, but since the draw, he already had a listless, absent language, combined with certain doses of ego in defense, guarding feelings, that was resolved in flat movements, without agility, and being outside in concentration – attention of a reality that has no importance in itself. If we speak technically, a split a little exaggerated almost without exit, also above the size of your hip, when you go out more in the emotional situation in which I was, you do not come out clean or reach the balls, the risks of injury greater than in Other times, another technical detail is the reverse, doing much more weight transfer, accompanying the ball more naturally, with more depth of it, not being a slightly forced movement, with a more linear point of impact, less risk opening,

* Coaches celebrate things ahead of time, except for gestures, they only invite the player to a state of self-deception, valid in the short term, but the next day or in the long term it will turn against, leaving the path that could become .

Alexander Zverev. In relation to the differences between what was seen in Acapulco, what I saw in Miami against Ruusuvuori, at the beginning there is already a great difference, psychologically speaking, in the temper and mark of psychological rhythms, with attitude and body position, it is much more crestfallen, which produces lack of control even in apparently easy blows or smaller and lost visions, not leading and staying closed in a specific space, which leaves you without response, without forgetting the excess of fatigue, much more emotional than physical, regardless of external conditions, the greater the psychological noise, the lower the capacity for adaptability. Split is quite subtle, a good thing, but seized, which in reaction apart from the physical damage, will make you lose thousands of thousands in reaching the ball and greater balance in recovery so as not to run the risk of falling and starting in fast action, this can also be consequence of the day, another technical aspect in the coordination and pushing with low balls, especially with the reverse, nothing healthy, apart from staying too high.

Emil Ruusuvuori. It is the first time that I see him, psychologically I see him predictable, robotic and lack of vision, narrowing the spectral spaceoff the track, accelerated and impatient, which leads to over-thinking and emotional overload, noise-overwhelm, that leads, among other things, to playing more shots than they should, with unstable comings and goings. Technically, the forehand is good for him, a little more accompaniment, on the reverse, does not hold the body, turns early, which makes him use a little hips, not so clean, especially in movement, the ball does not go clean, losing depth and point initiative, even in the serve if he holds that left hand a little longer, maintaining balance, he would take a blow with more taste and damage, sensations that I perceive, and about the split I do not mention it is within the canons more or less natural.

* Let us remember that Andy Murray had an exaggerated split, with a lot of hip breakage, a serve with a lot of hip pull, even in the groundstrokes he also abused, the cost of success-access for me I feel very expensive, for not doing small settings.

Alexander Bublik. Analyzing it was somewhat disconcerting if you stayed in the attitude and predisposition, I saw the game with Sinner a bit, it was like leaving everything in the hands of the automatic button but without flowing, constantly interrupting it, to the point of not believing or your own repertoires, going down the intensity and patience of what could be offered. Technically, as for the split measurement of times or untimely executions, which you lose the option of leadership in the point, reverse less accompaniment and impacts, placement of inconsistent bodies, dragging all game a lot, it also goes in line with the footwork, with the right if he is capable of even being surprised.

Daniil Medvedev. He is always labeled as unorthodox, however they are one of those who best aesthetically represent the racket as an extension of the arm, I only saw him in the game against Roberto Bautista, I saw him psychologically, this is the difference with Korda that he can still avoid falling into this other phase, mentally blocked, which leaves you without movements, stagnating and without reaction, not everything is a product of the rival, it is a situation already witnessed at some time, that many being so little expressive and in addition to such a silent issue, there are To observe him much more clearly, this when it comes to exceeding his objectives, he will have to let go of it, in tennis with a marked structure, it is easy to jump him by external resources, in the end he ends up demanding his own life in post of the difference. Technically the split is much higher than your hips, Counterproductive in many apsects mentioned in other players, then in reverse, not waiting for the ball so much, lowering the impact one point to win in topspin, depth and safety, unlike with the right there you can gain much more consistency, your net game is not its strong point neither nor as a priority honestly. Objections

Sebastian Korda. It is the first time I saw him, in this case against Rublev, for me he represents what I call playing between braking and emotionally retained,with the danger of falling into emotional blockage, something like driving a car, where I can brake, hold it in neutral or block it using the handbrake, this is exactly the same, I do not know other details, but with that the blows do not Iran, some risk of injury too; although if we speak technically, it has a subtle and natural split, but with a bit of excess opening above its hip, as well as in movement in my opinion too many small and electric steps, the right as the reverse has it is also very clean , but I would accompany a little more with the weight, looking for more handling and speed, probably more on the backhand than with the right, a matter of spaces.

Andrey Rublev. Continuing with what was mentioned about his other performances, the psychological madness, psychologically blinding a lot, in the visual aspect being one of them, giving intuitive impulses, without being really intuitive, but rather inertia, that psychologically and physiologically will be counter-powerful, get rid of all that I think What is necessary, to release that emotional charge and giving a lively game that it has inside, do you know where this shows? they remained behind the shield of madness, not releasing them, generating confrontation and excess of thoughts, translucent, in shaking arm and body. Technically, especially I will point out the reverse, because it comes out very abrupt and less natural, the distance with the ball is more uneven,

Stefanos Tsitsipas. The interpretation of being emotionally stuck, absolutely impatient, lagging behind in the same place, something like if we had a truck of tons hooked to a grapple and you pulling it, externally to keep it moving until the marked line, is a lot of mental acceleration, creating unhealthy emotional fatigue. Technically, the split is either very exaggerated or it is abrupt, there is no middle ground, both hips and ankles in the first instance, it gives me a cry of care, then that as a whole that we are can have repercussions in other areas of it, in the right it does not end to find that coupling, to be one more extension, “comfort” to hit clean accompanied with the weight of the body, without turning so much, using the core and not the hips, something that the backhand will be more natural, even so in this match ( Hurkacz) covered it,

Roberto Bautista Agut. Internally I always find it difficult to talk about something about him, because of the great gratitude that I feel towards him, his coaches and his environment, obvious reasons; but allow me to mark some, I saw him with Medvedev and Sinner, the difference in psychological and dynamic rhythms was enormous, while in one I set a high rhythm, without much noise or feeling of much emotional fatigue although with a certain load, covered with moments of relief , being able to play freely in many moments, with intention, impudence without being excessively nailed in zones, with Sinner it was the opposite, he was very expectant, crouched, as if emotionally exhausted, retained, with everything in his favor, except that he give the option of getting into those points of lost to the river, all or nothing, the feeling that if he increased the rhythm and left that zone and expectant movement, with initiative, that would fall from his side, excess of rigidity, more spatial vision to the structured and emotional thinking cost him dearly. Technically, everything is already known, that more rigid and flat technique with less effect, but a lot of consistency, on the other hand if you can get more looking for it more without waiting so long or turning the body so much, that condemns the hip and abdominal by pulling, in the hand He has a glove to do more, get out of comfort a bit, dare and move space.

Hubert Hurkacz. Considering the surprise I suppose that for many, ignored by Tennis TV (I saw it on pirate channel) and more journalists I suppose that too, I advise putting them on the first 4 games of the second set, when it is released, being also unorthodox but effective, it is a player of the ostia, to the detriment of power and strength, places them on the side where he wants and how he wants, moves the ball that gives pleasure, the serve saves him from many problems, he is also able to resist his position very well, but change when it should, handicaps, the footwork is slow and lacks more agility, on the right the waiting sometimes too much eating them in excess, and especially in the psychological aspect, it enters an excess of rigidity, nerves, important internal apprehension, with spikes very high, limiting him in many phases of the game,It is a game between retention and braking at maximum intensity, but so far he has solved it well based on confidence in his abilities, but they are patches that for other heights and a different journey through tennis are counterproductive.

Jannik Sinner. The first thing is to leave him alone, starting with the people who work around him, what kind of human beings we create, in turn what kind of tennis players and tennis players we are scoring. You can still see certain imbalances, we will have to see the evolution, because it gives me that now everything is going to be much more alternative, it is not that good, nor is it so bad, when it goes down lost to the river because it is not afraid to play with impudence and daring to all or nothing, but hardly play a game or a clear pattern, I do not say it only in front of the viewer, but towards myself, I am never in favor of seeing indoctrinated people without motor or identity, conditioned, to my fault identity, cleanliness in itself.

Journalists make it very easy to direct the crowd to look at things one way or another, conditioning your focus if you are not careful, raising situations to levels that the reality is more neutral, simply by deceiving, looking for heroes at the expense of superfluous and of their own heroes and interests around them, although it constantly involves discrediting rivals.

If we speak technically, it has very serious long-term parts, already having many examples on the table, it is irresponsible, in the serve, very low body area preparation moment, blocking closing vertebrae, combined with repetitions and moments of the pull up He will end up with serious problems, in fact in others, in fact I already saw him doing in other games prior to the final, stretching upwards, it is another notice more, about his groundstrokes, mostly the points of inconsistent impacts, very high or very open, excess of unforced errors, I lack directions, I only see it harshly as dangerous in the long term, as well as the accompaniment to the ball almost does not have it, which would give just this I mention about directions and more naturalness of the body -muscular,speaking of the very open and exaggerated and abrupt split for the knees, consequent to the hips as well.

In summary, I am concerned that it can lead to an Andy Murray, Kyrgios style direction … etc … but in a shorter duration, in this way, the injuries are going to rub the hands, as well as a defender of essentially free structures, not marked, identity without conditions, be careful there are Spanish players on the rise, who can take that same path. “Before we put our hands to our heads, we already have the silent notices knocking on the door.”

This when playing shows a lot. Sharing Roberto Carretero’s reflection of his friend David busily, I am left with this reflection “Everyone at home has a mirror, which already tells us if we are fatter, skinnier, … etc … let time set to each one in his place ”

I add, “The mirror is there to show us the way to our own personal and free identity, not the one marked by the immediate and greedy interests of others at the cost of our physical and emotional health”

* If I have talked about the characteristics of the splits in each player, it is because I am sure of the influence on the injuries of the hips, ankles … etc … as a body that is a whole, and in one way or another has to compensate.

The more natural treated the body, the more accustomed to the natural, less external psychological codependency, more performance and resistance enhancement, immune development will get, for all this you do not have to be an eminence, or a figure, just use personal development and a great base COMMON SENSE, understanding of what we are under the EGO.

Contributing reflections and different consciences, just trying to help from my humble position.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .