On the begining of that day didn’t expect to watch that match, I was going to do another personal things even my match from today was canceled, so take adventage to watch that so let to show out a little bit from my own perception, but with a objection to everybody whom could read me in a total way of sceptcism, I can do depth readings but never give out a certainty without spending on spaces of time as in cohabitation or even just on communication with the main actors of that, that let us go in more far away on the subject, however with a very good ability to observe can develop soft details that they are not “hidden” at all as it could look like on the first impact.

Human Respectful + things with a sincere affection + inner qualities worked and development = Objectives Analysis so will neve cross a line that don’t respect the own individual essence.   (Here is so important to add in the formula although could be variable in according of your level of tools, get to have a well knowledge of that sport, but insist mustn’t be strictly necessary provided that we came in with a great consciousness tecnique about our body and brain-main, I am not sure if really got explain well on that point, hope get it, is more tricky than it could look like).

About the match between RAFAEL NADAL AND ANDY MURRAY, obviously the rhythm wasn’t on regularity but if could catch interesting details up that should give an instinct to the things that could go happening on the next year if the governments leave to the society on peace and the human beings are more braves with theirselves firstly. 


Rafael Nadal. My inner reading that the communication between body and brain-mind, was about getting a feeling of mental complacency, what does it mean?, firstly don’t make a mess with get a definition of complacency on its way, because I am not going on that way, it is something more complex. Well let me explain now, when you get that mental state, usually you go ahead of everything, faster, the level of noise is highest, the body doesn’t find their own space so start to feel a hot that pushing it down as if a coke can was step on from a machine while destroy all its own form, that pushing permanently to the brain-mind to act with a great level of anger, that obviously will be so negative in a short or even long way of time which will never go a good alley to keep the body-brain-mind on fit without injuries or even the less possible pain, without transfering any kind of information through of the integral fluid, the opposite would be get in of an apprehension way that will keep the individuo in a dangerous hyperactivity without direction; the positive of plalying with that kind of anger, can give us magnificent points, a soft arm for a while even some victories, but will never help to grab the end of the way, I haven’t seen anyone that on that way got greal goals on permanency, because all that game pull your consistency off, doesn’t matter that you insist time and again wil never get the regularity even the own value to practice a sport.   About tecnique today on Rafa, so some relation could have about all the comented, even he made the tecnique gesture, and of course the match fineshed on the same way, his backhand today was very over the wall which the point of impact was permanently down, so made that balls was so longs many times and lost the manage of many of points, that on that Murray has his responsability with a good rewards for him.

Andy Murray.  To be honest, the first is that is a absolute gift to watch him still playing on court, but is still more wonderful that are able to see a warrior to compete on that way however that misserable behaviour has the herd that is not taking too much value about it, maybe if he lifts a trophy maybe all of them wlll come back to go up on his back, an absolute level of hypcrisy. Once said that, well is unbelievable as an metal hip could have forced a player to change some details of his tecnique that makes him much better but about much more healthy in all the set, THE COACHES SHOULD KNOW THAT ALTHOUGH IS WORKING IF ON THE FUTURE IS GONNNA TO BE DAMAGE SHOULD BE INMEDIATELY CHANGED, OBVIOUSLY THAT MUST KNOW HOW CAN BE ABLE TO SEE THAT, is so important, why should we wait to come the damage up? Thinking and use our senses!!!.  Already place the attention on the match, have to say that was able to see him so tight up, please don’t make the easy joke about the hip, because would be so cruel and unfair, means about the comunication brain-mind-body, so take a point of activation more slow than he could do, so that lost rythm in a permanent way even can bring to get mess the development of every situation with a clear of focus always fix on the comfort areas; but if some have the positive that the movements of body are longest, softs and the ball have the depth or dynamic situational wished that offer us consistency however the risk is that we are on mercy of our opponents in many of the times, but obviously for some shots is good benefit to flight over them, but find the balance on that will do that has much more holding up on court.


Details that must criticized:

I can understand all the matter about the muzzle that are forcing to head up to the human beings, specially in according about the behaviour of the players that are on court, because is unpleasant to see all the children with the muzzle on, but of course all of them have the muzzle underneath of the chin, then wow, on that case directly that take it off, is totally absurd, but even no one of the sheriks bring on that muzzle however the rest of the crowd of course have it on, but many of them underneath of the nouse or even from down on the chin. All that game that there are not consistency on the skyline and with the players without enough brave to throw out the voice, sincerely create a feeling of disappointed although also expected on. The common sense, the criticism thoughts, the human race, where have they gone off?

Example, yesterday I made an interview on a SPA (which have given me the job although other option open in other Spa, bu want to work on TENNIS, Psychology, investigation…etc.), well no one of the customers are using the muzzle on, as it is logic obviously however the few staff have to use it on, evidently you can see that they are gonna to place it underneath many of the times… are we creating some kind of distinctions between human beings?, because is ridiculous and have been so many years working so hard about psychology, know it so well to let go back again.

Well, Hope my article can be a great helpful. it was done with a great affection and about all a great passion on tennis and for the human life.



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