Honestly, I consider again that is important to go out with a critical thought, as I am watching that the human immaturity doesn’t ´t know the limits yet, because even a group of kids wouldn’t do it neither as they are human beings full of a lot of truth, authentics gift of wisdom, but the adult that many times would like to say out between each other, oh your behaviour is like a spoilt kid, so please, we must laugh out loud (recognise on the deepest that mustn´t) from that adults or considering that they are adult.

You know, from the Old Tennis School and their bootlickers, as accomplice as executioner make the same mess’ team that in the last weeks even days basically is very tough understand that pretend to get with that unhman behviour (Save the insult because have education to development a criticism that is basic, someone have to talk out).

Gentleman and Ladies,

  1. Where are your level of Ego going on?,
  2. Which kind of struggling egocentrism is to be in that if one or other have been who have said one thing or maybe that other thing?,
  3. Where is your emotional psychologic human composition in?. 
  4. Is the society so empty as to fall down in stratospheric desesperation way to grab heroes from the nothing? or even,
  5. Are the human beings able to embrace a representation in front of a screen as unique heroic reality when behind of the scenes are representing absolutely a reality much more usual?. (From the sport or outside of the sport). 

Or said in other way, our Wim Hoff as popular in nowadays, maybe could be more close to us, in other human next to us, even inside of each one of us, so means that we don´t need to go far away if we change our view and about all our pyramid of priorities to begin on. 

But, human beings that hell of game is that I have been who…., ah not, You, ah please not, was me, ah that now the opposite You were, but please, what hell kind of game are you playing on? like that to waste time thinking on the future instead of enjoying on the present seeking create comparatives between players (Human Beings) or even to pretend to place the players in a stage that place out to everybody included the main actor / actress so far away from the powerful and basic principles of all an natural essence and the own identity as human as athletic, so please grab your pathetic Ego down.

That tough and criticism words is not coming out just in relation the all enviroment that is involving to Carlos Alcaraz, also come inspired to read on some retirements from other players even with human´s injuries, as an elevate porcentage of that old school as theirs Bootlickers, that could have had a direct or even simply indirect relation with many of the players (human beings) in some way have contaminanted the development as personal as professional of plenty of them, because for one that can get to jump on the next level, there are 200 human beings that leave in a side without any context or human resources, through of codifications absolutely subjectives and dirty from their own fears (unsecurities); so, come on, you can not be serious about that hell are you saying out.

Fortunately there are exceptions as there is some human beings that work without making noise and get to development a force as individual as on group, as can observe that week and some others before, even Carlos Alcaraz is in good hands, as get later on a detachment for himself, but must recognise that the damage development mainly in many coaches (tennis and outside of the tennis) so is later transmited or even copied to the their athletics or labour group and of course about the psychology (sports and coaching) is elevated to decibels that rubs surrealistics situations but that are really serious when the detonant is coming out at the end, because that is not a game, is the own human brain, real life. 

Basically, in psychology there is a term that is the basic bone that after is going to delivery their force to the rest, it is the CONGRUENCE, a concept that is not begging anything at all, the fact is that to grab that value, before, during and after have to come around many other concepts that built a power that is able to grab a level of suffering, resistence, cleanliness and wholeness that just push us to a unique posible destinty, the field of the own IDENTITY. 

That´s why, I am talking with toughness because mustn´t confuse consistency with stability, self-esteem with self-confidence,…etc…, in the end the congruence where we have the way, but at this point of the movie, after an politician-pandemic, confused next-gens, coaches that recognised opening out that are not ready to face up with my issues on psychologic terms, as are observing that on the table can have all the best tools possible on, but we miss out the most important that is who will give sense all rest of the support, the HUMAN.

Old Tennis School and bootlickers could go already stopping….. that mustn´t be close from any kind of formation as also the players must be much more demading about give space and time to through of the time for several reasons have gone lost whatever of clearity mind that first perfjudice are theirselves in their inner that elevate a bubble that get wet to the rest as chain of formation that the human being is in an pure essence.

*If you remind my tennis coaching pyramid explained in a video, players although it is minimum have an access most close to the congruence that coaches placed in zone 2 that so much damage make in and on, so grab a little of the congruence in our demanding in. 

Stop to play with the human Mind and waste all the energy in create diversion egocentrism between an unmaturity figthing about me and you, you and me, who is the empty winner?, no one, all of your have to be losers at the end, because the winners try to take adventage of the time trying to bring out new IDEAS, CONCEPTS, DEVELOPMENTS, that give priority to a set of wellbeing in all their shining on the skyline, a clear sky about the level of impact, the rebound and about the constructive influence at the end.

* As said our Wim hoff is much next of us, even inside of us that bring all our rubbish against the inner of a wish that is not real and even don´t belong us, the weight we need to loose out instead of pretending to loading over others.






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