Dear reader, really the title of the article is going to be surreal in itself, basically because they are two completely opposite worlds, with some common line but they should not mix. It generates many complaints, obsessions, demanding more and more at every moment, moving away from the most essential, give, offer, but do not expect anything in return, the only way to build, life and time are very wise, they always tend to return what you offer, although not when you want it.

Look dear reader, if you are one of those “TOP” , if those that when your player reaches the top 40, top 20 and manages to stay up there several years in a row, you think you know what humility is, because let’s not all fool ourselves With a bit of intelligence, we know the definition, but the depth of what humility is, in that allow me to have my certainty that the confusion and ignorance is total, which makes me wonder if you are one of those “TOPS”  ? what do you boast? Are you above your own sport and your own nature?

Listen, a ranking for me is 80% demerit of the rivals and 20% merit of your player (I will explain in the appropriate article), which what should most classify a coach, is the ability to the regularity of the enjoyment of the player’s trip, where the collateral benefit is the triumph of the tournament, so in that regularity, satisfactory happiness, detachments on and off the court, and not the ranking is what should be marked , the emotional and work value of a coach, which if you are one of those “TOPS”, player, coach, physiotherapist, … etc that make up a player’s team, although perhaps the player for me could be excused to a certain extent, the rest of the technical staff are NOT Who should set an example, in freedom and tennis and emotional education, as far as the labor-social part is concerned, the family we already know from whom or who should come. So I repeat the same question to you again, what do you brag about? Is it necessary to show off or show your chest each way of the day? Isn’t it better to feel proud of the trip itself, than of each present day?

You know, as a result of several posts that I saw on my Facebook network, together with some experiences from a couple of years ago and those harvested during my time at the Queen’s Club that will soon come to an end, in search of new airs and to influence a necessary change, in a simple call tennis ; I was disappointed, how much world do we make of a world that is really simpler than the one we propose, and much more if we talk about a sport, with its innumerable variants, but at the end of the day a sport, consisting of a net, a rectangular track, one ball and two or four players on the court, one on each side or two on each side, in the tennis world there is no more, basically because of egos. 


I develop two examples and then I explain myself, 

1 . Two years ago, I was in two presentations, one in the Madrid tennis federation, I will not say about what, because I do not want to name anyone out of respect, there were coaches or players from different clubs, food was also shared, it was still sold as I am a coach of ……. and the rest of the people, with their mouths open, drool falling, who has been a coach of …., everything that happened around was surreal, …. I would like to know where the logic, ethics, … he was up to the TV !!!, ah but as a tourist !, telling what they tell him, but without being present in the whole presentation, maybe to observe better, ….. and some other More situation … that if the other exponent, situation apart if he deserved my respect.

The other presentation, in the academy of a famous player, the truth was that I had the feeling that apart from reaching the end of the presentation, he did not find out too much, perhaps because his focus is no longer 100% tennis, even so the feeling of searching He had answers to many questions, there is probably the problem, because of his name in tennis, they will approach him a lot to sell the motorcycle, that if on a human level it seemed extraordinary and close, it gave me such an impression that I did not direct almost word.


2 . Example happened between player-father-coach, during the Wimbledon Championship of this year, on track 7, I was sitting in the bordering seats with track 6, curiously his father sat next to me and in front of his coach, with whom I imagine he would be the physiotherapist, or the father yelling at him to be came to where we were sitting, basically they were more practical, comfortable and less distracting seats than where his coach was located, after several attempts, where the coach did not find out, distracted, without being the focus where he should, the father declined and he moved to where the player’s coach and her supposed physiotherapist were, I don’t know, I repeat if it was the physiotherapist, so I said to myself, well me too, it will be interesting to listen to guidelines, why not ?, so I left for there, go ahead and not to disturb, leave 2 seats free, nice mistake,a while later a group of Spanish teenagers came, they complicated my work of observation and learning, but they did not stop me.

The situation was curious, the father said moments before the start of the game, “May God distribute luck” , then I did not stop observing every detail, I was surprised how the coach frequently lost details and if that coincides with the search for his player Through the look, to the corner where we were, it was an error on the part of the player, when if there was a response from the coach, it becomes a success for the player, the matter was so curious to me, I respect the work and vision of each one, with its Ferris wheel turning in the same direction, after all, who am I? I’m just saying that I was surprised not so much by the situation but by the intensity of the situation.


May I have a third one more example?

3 . The situation and emotional management or rather the non-existent emotional management in Rio de Janeiro by the Spanish captain and a Spanish player, because her opponent went to the bathroom for 10 minutes. If he spent ten minutes in the bathroom, but I asked the Spanish player, how did you take advantage of those 10 minutes, that life gave you, because maybe he saw that they would be good for you? Did you take advantage of them positively or did you dedicate yourself to making war, which would cause you to take your mind to a high somatization that lasted even after the shower, and went through the media? We all know the answers to both questions. Those 10 minutes well used, I am 100% convinced that they could have been blessed and unexpected gold for the rival, who would probably expect that, your nerves, but where I am sure that in his mind he would not have “I’m going to screw you” , No, he He only thought about looking for the best sensations in himself, and I take advantage of the rule of being able to go to the bathroom to look for it. 


With these three examples, dear reader, or perhaps dear “Top Coach” or “Top Player” , if you are the reader, leave in evidence, or more clearly in minor cloths, the bubble generated in tennis, the distortion of a sport, That is a sport, curiously, as a Spaniard that I am, we complain about our politicians, how inept, and egocentric they are, where they do not even mind staining part of a good work done previously, just for ego, and where presumably They will take us to third elections, for being unable to form a government, for the good of the citizens, and this on a large scale !; however, how is tennis? Isn’t it the same as politics? What are we going to ask for on a large scale,

It disgusts me, that you, dear reader, if the “TOP”, coaches, physiotherapists, players,  once on stage, there in the elite (the same as a musician, an actor, … etc … ), you cloud your head, the ego is exhausted, the concept of humility is distorted to unimaginable levels (Thanks to the media), and the coordination, contribution of work is conspicuous by its absence, not to mention also “money” to take advantage of that “name” to make contracts with frames that has nothing to do with the game in question or even several players coming to play with watch in hand, where they show that they are only interested in making money and satisfying their “ego” , and when the ” ego “is not satisfied,the anger is coming“out of control” , that if the cleanliness and sporting value, I would like to know where they are, then pretend to set an example later is hypocritical.

And of course, then of course with your “name” , you take the opportunity to organize lectures, conferences, congresses, whatever you want to call it, for a week or a weekend, what I call “the miracle”, of course at a cost of 300 euros or 700 euros, or more, especially so that some people from clubs with more names may attend, but above all “normal” people from simple clubs or they do not have to belong to any club. Walking as saviors, if we have the “revolutionary method”, how many methods do not exist for a simple sport? Isn’t humility, listening, and mutual communication our wisest method?. But if the only solution is the “anti-everything pills”, where “normal” people reject them, because they know that they are useless, unhealthy and unnatural, but they have to hammer over and over again, until finally they make themselves heard or are apparently seen through the egos of the “Great Teachers” . “The greatest teacher is the uncontrolled force of our nature.”

Yes, dear reader, those “normal” people  where you reject, or look at, on a daily basis, either in person or through the networks, but then you want them to come to your lectures with previous payment to listen to you, but above all, if One has a job, knowledge and vision from years ago, one has the ability to also see how they idolize you, seeing it as the rest are drooling over “your work identity” , I would honestly like them to be made from the “identity personal”, which should shine, because I do not doubt any, your great wisdom and human experience in this sport called tennis, but if you do not know absolute knowledge, you yourself are intelligent, and you know that the paripe with economic benefit does not build anything, only It takes advantage of the blindness and ignorance of herds without personality or leadership power. 

Let me share with you this phrase that the famous Spanish Chef, Martin Berasategui , said in the Masterchef4 program not long ago about the applicants during the final of the contest, which perfectly sums up the content of this article, the situation of Spanish politicians and the situation of Spanish tennis, their current and retired “TOPS” , … “I am sorry that people like this, who are super valid, are not helped anymore, because they have been lucky enough to enter masterchefl, but how are you doing? to know? ” 

Can I explain to you how you can meet these valid people? , very simple, waking up, opening the eyes, observing, using tranquility, pause, patience and a lot of love with of course absolutely no ego, unless it is not above love, because whoever says they have no ego is lying , we all have ego, the issue is to manage, manage it so that it does not become your engine of life, and destroys you as it has done with many renowned musicians, actors and even athletes, not to mention the number of people on the street . Valid people you have it on the table every day, the theme is “the Habit” “your circle of comfort created”If it is made from fear, you do not allow anyone to enter to add, because you are afraid of losing everything you built, why are you afraid of natural advance? , because surely it is built like a castle from a deck of cards, which the strength that you appear or sell to us, is weak, very weak inside.

Dear reader, allow me to mention a set of phrases that yesterday, the acting president of my country, Mariano Rajoy  mentioned in reference to other parliamentary groups, simply interesting, he said the following “One of the qualities that must Having a good ruler is being realistic, knowing where you move, knowing where you are, knowing who you are dealing with, talking is very easy, ladies and gentlemen and when you do not have responsibility it is incredibly easy, it is one of the easiest things I have seen. in my life, you just get up and talk, but of course governing, deciding, managing public resources, that is much more complicated, and being in reality and acting with a bit of good sense and common sense is never enough. ” 

It is true, speaking is very easy, really very easy, and I am nobody, I do not come from a sports family, I do not come from any sports club, or from any federation, other than from La emirta del Santo , then Paseo Virgen del Puerto (today Madrid Río ) and the Casa de Campo , that together with some tennis courts in the Sierra de Madrid in Navalagamella , and now my experience at the Queen’s Club, I do not come with anything behind my back that contrasts me at the work level, which should not have a voice, totally true, a terrain still for me something unknown in many of its stops, however in each stop I have the feeling and the certainty to bring a little food to each one, then there is value that each one wants to give, there I do not have control and I will never have it.

I will not conclude my article, without forgetting one of the details that I most disgust and hate, on the part of many “TOPS” and “NOT SO TOPS” , about what they call “the detection of talent” , but is it that perhaps the players are not people? Why use discriminatory label, generating different classes within a group? ,  The talent does not develop? Why don’t you call it skills instead of talent? Yes, abilities, dear reader, some have more natural, others less coordinated, and others more worked, but they are abilities that make us special, they do not make us better or worse than anyone else, but unique with what each one has of himself. , stop being gurus, believing gods, believing you all know it, looking at the one in front of you over your shoulder, we all have something in common, it is that we are human beings with abilities , not the happy “talent” , that makes us feel special about ourselves and that should force us to share them. You do not have to detect anything, you have to develop skills to the free person who wants to approach to play tennis and to players already initiated or already developed in tennisPlease don’t poison the person in front of you egocentricity.

And dear reader, the other detail, in quotation marks of less intensity, a priori, but nevertheless its capacity to poison the values ​​of sport, and especially towards people, I talk about a Spanish tennis portal, in which they follow A HIJ scheme, let’s say that as a kind of box, they follow it for everything, for normal articles as for interviews, they are like little friends who self-advertise among themselves, doing a very disservice to tennis , whoever tries to get out of that marked box has it clear, And it’s a shame, because life is not just a box, there are circles, there are rectangles, there are hexagons, there is no clear definition, life is a set of so many things, that I prefer what another portal does, although sometimes something cocoons , why deny them, but at least they putPassion and interest without linearity , which is acceptable but can be improved.

Please, dear readers, are you a Sunday or even more if you are a “Top” , whether you are active or retired, accept your role, accept where you are, accept your reality, be truly humble, positive, avoid complaints, excuses, or the breastfeeding, or taking excessive prominence, if you are retired (player, coach, … etc, accept your failure if it was and accept your new role in tennis if you continue in tennis) , if you want to help in tennis, listen, coordinate, communicate, speak, shine, wake up, observe, and cleanse yourself inside and out, but above all with love and honesty. Enough of guru presentations that lead to nothing, more than to satisfy four cats at the cost of four slugs or some with enthusiasm but who are left with half-gas; There should be no differences, we are all the same, humans! How many magical methods for a simple sport already full of its own magic !!! 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .