Dear reader, although also in other articles on my blog, but especially in the previous article of EL NOISO PSICOLÓGICO, we have talked about the importance of always living connected with yourself, in a coherent and transparent way, through the need to develop our FIVE SENSES, SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE, HEARING AND SIGHT , senses that we have studied when we were children, however later we have forgotten that they exist, in turn developing them to their fullest extent, without knowing where the limit.

In the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE article I also talked about the passage of time , how the transition has been, the evolution from almost neantherthal times, through our ancestors, great-grandparents, grandparents, and even the first times of our parents, until today, the brutal changes, the specific weight from generation to generation, including the state of our five senses , the lack of a wide openness that should give us the mental-emotional stability necessary for daily health.

After talking about the key that takes us out of life, NOISE PSYCHOLOGICAL now have to talk about PSYCHOLOGY , itself, confusions covering the immense mess within that branch, the parallel with the psesudo-science as the Astrology or Religions , and of course the maximum influence on the current state of the media , including influence through social networks .

Religions, their variants and Psychological affectations

Although I do not want to get too much into the topic of Religions , parallel sects and the parallels that many people find between ASTROLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY , I will comment on some points, without going too long, due to the great social impact that they currently have.

Religions, religious sects, purely psychological, and other pseudo-scientific-spiritual sciences , come from afar, even centuries ago, in the last 30-40 years they have been taking on a body, a thickness, simply very remarkable and with the crisis even more, breaking with the movie stereotypes that we had of yesteryear, by acting and clothes used. Taking advantage of all kinds of social classes, not defined by wealth or poverty, new pastors or gurus , in all kinds of professional branches , hidden through the COACHING tool (which I will talk about later in the article), and in my opinion, helped also due to an unstable structure within the career of PSYCHOLOGY.

The sects have evolved a lot, even changing their way of acting, the branches they cover, also appearing simply Psychological , although all sects have this component, traveling through the educational and sports branch, within the sports-recreational field and even labor , playing with which you will earn a lot of money, if you sacrifice, make an effort, work hard and encourage more people to join together to create your own team, at the cost of deceiving and abusing the most defenseless client, in the end a dangerous wheel in form of a pyramidal structure, where only the towers above are enriched at the cost of your pain andthe intensity in the external attachments, obviously lacking the internal ones, as soon as those external links disappear, you are completely sold to life.

One of the great details that can be clearly appreciated today in any monstrous city , is to see how we have gone from the 4 or 5 traditional churches of our whole life, to find you around like 20 or 30 evangelical churches , only in one neighborhood, imagine yourself in the whole city , it is even more municipal centers, assigned for such acts, without also counting other more discreet centers dedicated to other fashion techniques , which poorly executed and psychologically empathized , are a clockwork weapon for our physical and mental health.

One situation, which in recent years has drawn attention, is that apart from the increase in Religious sects , and to the detriment of traditional Religion , the high demand through the pseudo-scientific , in relation to the tarot, the reading of hands, witchcraft spells, …. etc., in a way ramifications of astrology , increased greatly during and after the crisis. There were even people who asked the following question, What is the difference between PSYCHOLOGY AND ASTROLOGY? The answer they offer is that in Psychology they give you a university degree and not in Astrology. Honestly, they will not lack reason, although I see PSYCHOLOGY , more evenTHE traditional RELIGION that to ASTROLOGY , in any case to speak properly, should first, study and investigate well all the existing knowledge behind the three branches.

The evolution of sects, pseudo-religious, pseudo-scientific, and / or the dry psychological ones , have been benefited and intensified by the changes of the passage of time , commented in my article on PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , and obviously, in a very clear, also because of the constant NOISE (if we let them enter inside us) without handling, of one of the great current psychological cancers , the media , on the one hand the free written media that come to invade us in the subway, in a harassing way, digital , television, through the news media ,television series and some other movies , radio and all this helped in intense, noisy, repetitive, somatic broadcasting, … etc .. through social networks .


“A psychologist, a priest, a nun, a monk, deep down, saving small social and labor nuances, are not so different in the role of social-educational responsibility that they drag on their back as guides to the cleanest interior, between the spiritual, the logical and the scientific, the difference is marked in the interpretive and outward transmission way, being healthier not to fall to ideological extremes ”

Press and Media

The weight that the media have nowadays is so enormous, reaching a point of sensation, where television seems like a remote control and we cars or nowadays remote-controlled drones at their whim and resemblance. Empathy does not exist almost anywhere, no matter the influence, or the existential damage that they may cause. As in most of the initial objectives for which it was invented, with one or two channels, simply with an informative and communicative medium, to break for the money bills, getting out of a logical monopoly, but with unfair competition at the expense not only of the spectators but of society, losing the constructive, pure value that a career such as journalism should have.

It is obvious the great influence that the media have had , becoming the great allies of the rise of all these pseudo-religious, pseudo-scientific and dry Psychological sects , even giving them their own television channels, spaces and many margins of maneuver . Also the political, social and emotional manipulation through the infinite channels of today, the game with advertising, psychomatic sensational statements , leading everything to a final apocalypse, not respecting relatives or victims in cases of misfortune, at the level of a well-known or famous person (Politician, actor, athlete, musician, …) taking the pink theme or search for a protagonism, pushing, inciting towards a dangerous habit or attachment of the fans or fanatics (unknown emotional situations, normally foreseeable) against the very integrity of human persons behind that “known” label and their environment.

If we talk about sport or life, in generating HEROES for everything and for everything, towards every little detail, which should be normal, logical and expected, we raise it to the clouds, even with medals or awards; creation of absurd rivalries, taking them to the extreme extreme (HATE OR LOVE), selling us values of all colors, over time converted into false modesties, because they are not usually sustained, between what is said and what is done, outside and inside , especially that ” war of rivals ” in individual sports such as Tennis, Formula 1, …, all healthy relationships, turned into wars for journalists themselves, accompanied in many cases by “the professional athletes “, inflation of the Ego of the protagonists, of the anger or kindness of the journalists, depending on the day, being surreal and far removed from the true environment that exists in a changing room, manipulating the fans, not helping those who they can really move said sport up the line.

Unplug the antenna cable, you win in health.

If in a social environment, you say that you do not watch television, listen to the radio or read the newspapers, you will be judged to live against the World, and disconnected from what is happening in the World, you will be labeled and viewed as ” what you are rare “. Is there a need to live with external noise at all hours?

My experience, both in Spain , in different areas, observing the variety of attitudes, reaction and their subsequent management and some other experimental game, as in the United Kingdom , London , in different areas, cooler than an eight, for example, At Queen’s , there were moments with simple observation and listening was enough, in others, without them knowing it, I decided to experiment with the members themselves and some managers, in more critical hours or in moments that were appreciated, playing games with the television, observing them from the moment they entered the locker room, they returned from their practice (in this area, many details could also be observed), they showered and left, they did not. I captured on no paper, my coconut, my memory, enough to learn about the information that I observed and saw.

If we go back to the past, through our memory , on the evolutionary changes experienced before and after, as I well commented in the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE article , currently it is both the existing external noise , noise on each side, in each place, at each moment , the way we live now or how the bulk of society has decided to live it, giving the sensation, even having an illness or breakdown, until we are not bedridden, we do not change our way of managing emotions , learning with them , .etc, permanently interrupting the lack of proper space , and lack of listeningwith the adequate margin to allow the presence of the SOUND-SILENCE duo , causing that internal noise with the need to expel it, free ourselves, those noises generated by the lack of educational training and zero personal development.

We invite and invite us to give everything for good, without listening to the different, the special and coherent, (unless we see it written and certified), that lack of differentiating the smoke from the constructive, with the invaluable help of course, of the most influential noise today, the media , with journalism without objectivity, rigor or respect for people, only with a very propagandist attitude , generating tremendous damage due to the social impact they generate, leading people to one of the two extremes, Love – Hate, Good – Bad, Terrible – Fantastic ………. etc .. Whatever the field, the media, with that tabloid, tacky, creeping, manipulative journalism, …. etc. (giving twenty thousand turns to the same news, NOISE AND MORE NOISE) they are doing a lot of damage to the bulk of society, in their mentalities and thoughts , lethargic of an unprecedented PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , breaking human coexistence , and moral codes , not written anywhere but established at the social level.

Another point and apart, television series, movies, …… etc …, online television world ……. etc. they burn, manipulate the same or more than a program or a news program.

MY experience in London, makes me comment on the following, sincerely disconnect the antenna from the television, along with making all televisions and even radios that surround the house disappear, and I would even say to do the same, with most of the dispensable appliances, As I mentioned in the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE article , it will be the best decision to make of your life. I assure you, that simply with the computer for daily and coherent work or / or basic needs, together with good books around you to read, will be enough, apart from the fact that it will suppose such an intense and even incredulous internal liberation , due to the HABIT so ROOTED developed towards PERMANENT NOISE, that it took you away from unknown fields, that when you manage to throw it out, you see not only that you can live perfectly without it, without an absurd contamination and created by us, humans, but also, along with other details of life, you will go gaining an intensity of life so free, so pure, that you will not want another, your space of knowledge about yourself , about your species, and the power to choose if you want, SOUND OR SILENCE OR BOTH, you will feel it in your hand no for others, incalculable what it means to our mental health from start to finish.

Let’s throw out that first embedded NOISE from babies, that the media creates and increases so many wounds , and then THE ROOTED NOISE inside, let’s not be afraid to break that habit , our whole engine, everything we need, we have it inside, with IT NOISE we never face it, we use it to avoid facing it . Let’s start with it, there are other ways to EDUCATE AND LIVE , while still using in your balance, all the advances of today in a constructive way.


“Living free of unnecessary thoughts is possible, it is not a matter of disconnecting ourselves inside our box, covering the windows, but of traveling free of information that will not change your life, nor can we change it now, nor is it the result of our own irresponsibility, Contaminate ourselves with news or actions due to the irresponsibility of others (many times removed), makes us too much unnecessary PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE, where if there really is any relevant news that we must be aware of its existence, our heart-emotions-body-mind, if it / we listen to them, he will communicate it to us in the way he deems most appropriate ”


Psychology. Part I

Dear reader, let’s first define what is PSYCHOLOGY , it is composed of two words, “pisque” which means “Soul” , and “logía” which means “study, treatise …” , that is to say, “the science that studies the Soul” However in recent years, PSYCHOLOGY decided, contradictorily (IRE explaining why I consider it so) reject it , and call it “the science that studies human behavior” . Remember a very important detail, which is a very new science , it is not more than 150 years old ,50 years of existence as such, and even not long ago it was not even recognized as a branch of health sciences , it is more I think it was in social sciences , a debate that I leave to you dear readers, where it should be located or be nestled THE PISCOLOGÍA .

If we base ourselves on the first part of the definition of the word PSYCHOLOGY , that is to say on the “psyche” (Soul) , it could be perfectly related to Religions , the mystical, the spiritual, therefore, with all those techniques from the Asian continent , so widespread today, and even with Astrology ; On the other hand, if we base ourselves on the second part “logy” (study, treatise, … etc) , the closest parallelism that I find is in relying on Biology , and on animal training , that is, for example, going to a very good dog trainer (I speak from my own experience), observethe emotional situation (it includes many unnoticed details) of the dogs, their behaviors in this regard, and the great similarity, comparable to human beings, without taking training to extremes, where identities are uprooted and essences stolen.

PSYCHOLOGY non-physical branch.

This statement will be easily understood, look, from my knowledge and point of view, through the obligatory comparison between MEDICINE AND PSYCHOLOGY, one physical and one non-physical sciences, where priorities are exchanged between the research phase , application and execution:

MEDICINE: Its interpretation is totally with a physical approach, that is, the weight falls more on the phases of application and execution, basically because efforts are not focused on prevention or in-depth study of the disease and its variants questions, on the other hand, if they are focused on seeking or advancing the treatments to be followed once the disease has become present in the person. In MEDICINE the wound is seen, with the aim of returning the person to the best possible state of well-being, if he is an athlete at his most optimal performance or at least being able to extend the lives of people as long as possible with the least suffering possible.

What I intend to convey is that in MEDICINE , both in the purest research, based on the prevention and understanding of diseases, both known and misnamed “rare”, as well as the part of the most technological, marterial and artificial research , you need a physical starting point to start the direction of the investigation, but in both cases, in the first part it is very difficult to have 100% of the SCIENTIFIC reliability , as in the second part, although with a much higher percentage reliability, even so it does not exist, nor do I believe that there will be 100% absolute reliability , each body reacts in its own way, similar but not identical worlds.

Doctors know this, they respect their vocation very much, notably respecting patients, moral ethics, and the deontological code of MEDICINE , trying to base themselves much more on STATISTICS than on the ABSOLUTE BASE OF SCIENCE , due to the great difficulty in ascertaining the direction of the result, response-success , where working in situ, unforeseen complications arise , nuances not detailed in previous tests or analyzes, but if perceived at the time of execution .


“In medicine, that an investigation does not have 100% of total reliability is not going to prevent you from making a very good application and execution, on the other hand, in psychology it would be to give up prematurely, seriously harming a patient, showing a great lack of work personal-life experience by someone considered a professional ”

PSYCHOLOGY: It is vice versa to medicine , it is not a physical branch, it does not need a physical starting point, it is abstract, the entire base of work and development, it is in an intrinsic investigation , not blinkable, coming from our interior through the clear conscience about the lessons that life is trying to teach us through those experiences beyond the main task , together with the observable, the development of the five senses (explained in the PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE) and the ability to empathize , putting us in the head of the other person, interpretive optimization through the ability of Reasoning and Communication, That is a lot to say, absolutely nothing is worth all the knowledge you have through books, in this particular branch, if you do not have that experience, PSYCHOLOGY widely needs, like eating, the wisdom of the street , then later it can be carried out a very good application and execution.

A priori there are two points that could unite PSYCHOLOGY with MEDICINE are neuroscience and psychiatry, both cases are specialties of MEDICINE , really the relationship they have with PSYCHOLOGY is friction, that is, it can attract a lot, however also repelling, because we should be clear that all scientific research from neuroscience and psychiatry , are research or scientific studies medical approach , which no relation to psychology, since it is not MEDICINE , but That does not mean that it can act as a great support or support, facilitating the work of professionals from different branches of MEDICINE , physiotherapists, traumatologists, ophthalmologists, … etc.

We also not forget that the professional PSYCHOLOGY can not prescribe medication, except that in theory uses a empathizing much larger than a / a neurologist / psychiatrist year , plus a separate study approach. This means that PSYCHOLOGY has much more to contribute to neuroscience and to MEDICINE itself, than the other way around, because all contribution from neuroscience is a MEDICAL, NOT PSYCHOLOGICAL contribution , but that does not mean that a professional in PSYCHOLOGY wants to expand knowledge by studying courses or masters relating to neuroscience, knowing that he is not a neurologist, nor a doctor, nor a psychiatrist, but a psychologist, because this is one of the problems of PSYCHOLOGY, PRETENDING TO COVER WHAT IS NOT.


“Doctors base their actions more on statistics than on scientific research itself, lacking 100% reliability, highly based on application and execution, to the detriment of prevention”

“Psychologists base or should base their performance more, on their part of Guidance / Orientation – Cognitive cleaning – Reconstruction / Improvement, together with a high capacity for Reasoning and Communication”

“The less control, less stiffness, better performance, more capacity for success – enjoyment”

Psychology – Teaching – Pedagogy – Occupational Therapy and other Educators.

” Professionals ” of those branches that by human-social value maintain a close relationship with education towards an individual or group of people, that is, with a very important impact on a personal and social level both for the most immediate present and for the future On this, they should be very aware, sensitive, and empathetic (difficult to reach these levels), whether in the classroom of a college, university, association, private academies or on a sports field, regardless of the subject they are teaching. The learning will not be so much in the content that is taught, closing yourself in that subject that you master, but in the set of emotions-energy, that is, in the numerous information that is manifested in that classroom, knowing how to interpret them, they can avoid the creation of habits , break created habits , and above all generate a positive impact on the individual or group for life in each of the areas of the person.

Look, I am 34 years old, I am a human being, I have been a child, adolescent, pre-adult and now an adult, which implies having lived some things, having stopped living others, but above all having lived in different groups, sub -groups, their decomposition, thus loops from creation, to decomposition or even maintenance, sometimes with cracks. What I want to get to is that these “professionals” come to the classroom or to the track, rub their hands, very well I am the one who “commands” , who has “the method” , they are absolutely closed in transmitting only “their knowledge ” and they completely forget, that in front of you have human people , regardless of age, full of emotions,, Experiences , in most cases closely guarded within oneself, which then vifurcate in the form of tension towards different parts of the human body, and can even manifest themselves in multiple variable ways, from an aggressive or apathetic way , disinterested, unwilling, to a state of desire for leadership, self-centeredness, ….. etc. (Both are interpretive armor, fear of being authentic) .

Honestly, until we start to move, to work, with full, absolute and clean consciousness, that in front of us we do not have robots, but human beings , in countless circumstances, needs, all of which are contained in the deepest part of our interior. , wanting to take them out, express them and be able to transmit them without any shame, feelings, emotions that carry long periods of time, stored inside , that if they are not removed, such would be THE PSYCHOLOGICAL NOISE , deriving in serious situations beyond a simple low self-esteem. (I recommend if you are Spanish, I don’t know if you can watch outside of Spain, go to YouTube, watch, the JAVIS classes in Operación Triunfo 2017, they should be done in all fields or professions )

That is why emotional reading is very important, knowing how to read, interpreting the numerous information that a classroom situation offers you in front of your five senses and generating sufficient mutual communication-listening time, on the part of the “professional” regardless of the situation. branch of work in which you are, if you are with children or adolescents, do not sell them to an unjustified parent fight, leaving the kids self-conscious and without a voice , now if you are with an adult , avoid accelerating or overwhelming them, confusing these terms with intensity , it will be detrimental to him or her, if he is in a groupalso for the components of said group , in addition to not advancing and enjoying that subject as I could do, that if in both cases, there is a common point, that the person abandons or I ended up exercising said subject without any motivation, interest or commitment .

At this point, it is evident that every career or what are now called degrees, related to the formation of individuals or groups , be it pedagogical, educational, psychological, specialties or private branches of culture and sport (although there are branches that due to their purpose but they are not in good conscience-emotional stability, it can have social affectation) they should not both at public and private levels, access or study, as freely as with other careers, because their weight and educational, psychological and social impact is enormous , some range of access, monitoring, awareness, education and training should be managed, beyond those based on books, especially in the field of PSYCHOLOGY, which I repeat once again, so badly needs the street.

Through these “educational-promotional” fields , as in others, habits of many years have been created , inflexible and forceful, but deep down they are not impossible to break, it requires a lot of courage and the forgetting of flattery or praise. applause (THE EGO) , this work must begin with the institutions and state and territorial governments, both for the public and private spheres, in the case for example of LA PSYCHOLOGY , the Official College of Psychology (COP), the state government and / or or European, the directors of the European Federation of Psychology, (EFPA), and the American psychology association ,. …etc… from there, also towards the rectorships, … etc. In the private or semi-private sphere, for example TENNIS , through federations, private academies, private clubs, it begins with those of the most hermetic office, be more open, communicative, but above all with constant active listening is fundamental.


In all the educational branches mentioned, I am observing the same error, for me it is an ignorant, serious, dangerous and hermetic error, it is the following:

“All practice is based on entertainment, games, or competition but absolutely nothing on education-impact-emotional reading, the strength of the being that they carry inside (not ripping it off or turning it off) and the variants that this implies, without forgetting what frequent that already alive beings arrive to you with that seriously wounded being ”

Continuing with the example of TENNIS that can be extended to all branches: there are very good “professionals” in that part of entertainment, the game, but if you ask them to add education, real impact for life , emotional reading , they don’t even know where to start, All informative interpretation is based on the apparent , but the internal , they do not see it, because they do not know how to observe or listen to all the information closest to the reality of the person in front of them (child or adult), leaving them sold to parents or the social collective, because if you don’t know how to do it with yourself, you haven’t even worked with yourself,How will you be able to do it with someone from outside?

Whatever branch you are, educational, psychological, pedagogical, cultural or sports , in their hands they have a social labor weapon of a lot of common responsibility , both individually and in groups. Honestly, counting on tools of a lot of emotional weight acquired in a hermetic environment, in the form of a business, as is the case of universities or institutes, assuming being an absolute connoisseur, however for these types of branches, knowledge for knowledge, It is insufficient, it is necessary to have lived it intensely, observed, listened to and experienced it in its maximum extension and expression , much more in the branches of PSYCHOLOGY and Occupational Therapy.He, who so badly needs what I call the street university .


Example: Language study.

“Imagine you are a student of a language school, an English student in a Spanish city, you acquire knowledge, a thick or thin base, at the moment of finishing the class, and in your day to day, you speak in Spanish, you do not put in Practice what you have learned, nor do you develop your five senses. Instead, you are going to live a long time in a country of the chosen language, you sign up for an academy, constantly, between breaks, after class, you are speaking that language daily, picking up many matices that before you were not so aware that they existed, you hear accents from all corners that speak that language, the best, the degree of focus and development of the five senses,being the most important thing to extend this development of the five senses to the wide panorama of all the human-emotional information that is offered to us beyond the nuances of the language “

What I want to get to is that, no matter how much we study the corresponding degree or the most expensive specific master in the world, or the infinity of existing filling courses , where once completed, they end up generating the heading of the sentences with terms such as:

I am an Expert in ……..

I am an Experientialist in ….. hours or years …..

I am a PhD in …..

It is too frequent to observe the abuse of these terms, to listen to them as an absolute justification, raising it to levels of idolatry and infallible dominance , a work practice assuming a distorted reality with future punishment , although internally, the content and the image state, be it very different, clinging very tightly to those terms mentioned with difficulty to release them, even if that means us as “great professionals that we are”, to lead us to a disorientation and internal-personal insecurity, with unpredictable consequences, to lose all focus on small information always existing in every context, which mark or vary the action or result to be achieved.

It is preferred due to ignorance and unconsciousness , to keep the focus on the use of aggressive and striking marketing , full of contradictions, which is maintained thanks to the constant praise or applause, conditioning factors of a life of external lies , a thicker armor over time , due to the lack of the natural detachment of our species, living, feeling the street, feeling our own nature , like it more or like it less, that takes us away from lethargy, blurring and ignorance, our “comfort zone” , allowing us to life speak to us, tell us truths like fistsAlthough it hurts, in short, anticipating the information that said situation of that particular moment wants to convey to us, thus avoiding putting our hands to our heads, lamenting or surprising us, I do not know that, when the situation has always been there, with questions that should have been answered long ago, at the appropriate time.


With that Probably Avoiding egocentric thoughts like:

“It’s my field, don’t touch it”, “I have the method, the system, you shut up, I don’t have to listen to you, you do me”, “It’s my class, it’s my children”, “It’s my query “,” I have many years of experience “………

How many times have we heard or seen on television how someone with supposedly a lot of experience or kilometers behind them, have been seriously injured, killed or simply failed extremely in a tool that they are assumed to dominate (it is not control) 100% ? ”

or simple body gestures, defensive attitudes that show the line in which they are, because in the long run,

“Flattery does more damage than selling a thousand failures”, remembering that both are extreme, and extremes are always points of conflict-wars with oneself and later with the rest ”

If we do not stop this, the most serious thing would happen, it happens and it will continue to happen, with more influence in the professions with a greater educational or training focus , but without forgetting the importance that in the branches of Medicine , the professional, add a therapeutic touch in their consultations , that is, a bit of common sense , which reassures, relaxes, and in turn facilitates their own professional work, although PSYCHOLOGY and the rest of educational branches , can be of great support, for the rest, facilitating professional work, the first key piece in all, resides in the Common Sense , and not in what supposedly would be the most logical or traditional.


“The risk from the common sense, is worth the redundancy, a risk well taken and productive of beautiful surprises”

So, either we broaden our minds , erasing labels, paying more attention to true knowledge, seemingly hidden details, and honest and deep experiences, or on the contrary, we will continue TO LEAD HANDS TO THE HEAD !! , due to supposedly unexpected not pleasant surprises !, then looking for responsibilities outside ourselves , opening doors in an undesirable way, also to whom we should not, not even knowing where the evolution or emotional transformation is , even, if to some, incredulously, are part of the governments, directors of institutes or other managers of the area.

The surprise. Hands to the head.

Every passage of time, it is more frequent to hear expressions such as, “I met him / her in the elevator, they were good neighbors, there was nothing that made me suspect, apparently everything was normal ..”, or “I did not think that was or were to do / happen something like this “or” apparently it was fine “,” it was a normal boy ” , ” I don’t think it was them or he / she “” it was a good boy / girls / a / os / as ” …. etc … and so on a handful of more limited expressions … after these .. come expressions of regret, anger, hands on the head, bordering on self-criticism but without get to it, how have we not been able to see it before? How have we not detected or intuited anything about it? We did not know that internally it was or were like that.

On this that I am commenting, in recent times there have been many examples, both of famous people, actors, comedians, musicians, athletes, … as well as civilian people, direct or indirect acquaintances, but perhaps the most representative case is what happened on last summer in the Ramblas of Barcelona , and the letter from the social worker of the boys who perpetrated said terrorist act, … accompanied by many of the phrases mentioned above, each time this is more frequent and increasing, as something “normal “At work or social level, ” they pretend “to give a feeling that everything is going ” well ” , but deep down, if one did a good reading, stopping, listening, bothering to get into the emotionsof the other person, before prejudging or labeling a judgment , looking back, looking for it to open and release what grips it inside, we would advance in the so popular “values ​​of goodness” on everyone’s lips today.

Without sounding arrogant, dear reader, in our day to day, my feeling is that we are in what I call “being in the fool” , or popularly called bullshit , in other words, our visual field , our reading about it to this visual field, it is all aimed at satisfying our Ego or in some cases our complaint or the power to bring La Razón , while two pieces of information pass in front of us:

  1. Our own personal , listening to our body-mind , our emotions and feelings, what we need at that moment, and how to take care of it in the present, for a healthier and prolonging future, avoiding possible consequences to ourselves and possible external harmed . A matter of loving yourself and taking care of yourself , our most exciting project of our entire life.
  2. The action image , the visual field in front of us, passes in front of our eyes, at a certain rate, fading away without us seeing it in its true intensity, thus being able to interpret it and help others in a much more real way. , sensible and constructive, without leaving you sold in the present and near future because of the non-existent emotional reading on our part, when in their silent way they ask for help.

At an educational level and at a psychological level , including therefore (rebound) at a work and social level , we need at a national and international level , not changes, but important and courageous evolutions, because honestly the information of what happens within an environment (personal, work (sports also in this case), family and social) we always have it in front of our eyes, between hidden, but very easily detectable, at least for me, through an evolutionary work of years, that is to say, foresee, anticipate the trigger of a situation derived by a person or people, who in their own way sometimes silently other times more conspicuously, asked or asked for help, support, listening and affection.


“Staying on the surface is to leave that person completely sold out to any field of life, being the first stone, his own family”

“An incompetent and unacknowledged Ego is the serious problem that pushes children and even adults against life in unmanaged situations and with unpredictable reactions once reached that level of intensity”

“If you inflate a balloon and release it, it will release the air, uncontrolling the direction, force and speed of the balloon, until it falls to the ground once the air has left”

At this point in the article, due to the great influence and repercussion on everything told, it is time to talk about the existing chaos in PSYCHOLOGY , through the infinite theories, concepts, terminologies, its intrahistory to have led us to said chaos , derivatives like Coaching , or specialties like sports .

For this, dear reader, I invite you to read the second part of the article, Psychology, psychological CHAOS and the Intrahistory that has led us to this chaotic situation, and also the third part of the article, Psychology, various concepts, coaching and sports approach. …… ………. …………………………. — —->

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