Things of the life, had a couple of days off, so could watch, then take adventage of that to make a brief analysis but in a depth way to put on the table all the details on, as often like to do, I would like to separate on two different context, the technique (add the physic as well) and the psychologic.

About Technique aspects: Issue that have a great relation with the pyshical consciousness:

Rafael Nadal: On that aspect was able to keep a chart on quite balance during all the match if some detail was weak from my point of view was his forehand, today the point of impact wasn’t as good as in other occasions probably in relation to don’t lost field through of the Alcaraz’s power, so make him to keep stuck in a zone that make him suffer more than usual, however with his backhand and action about the movements to head was in great defensive ability instead of the psychologic detail that will coment below on, and needless to say that on the serve was in an apparent great management to solve with a solid dynamism, although maybe I miss a better game of the tempos so let a wide opening, means a loose body feelings that makes off the knot, in fact that tension was reflect minutes after detect it about the own complain of Rafa about kind of pain between the shoulder and the collar bone.

Carlos Alcaraz: The forehand looks like so clean and powerful, specially down the line stroke (paralela) a good space and racket so ahead with the footwork on right position, however on the backhand on multiples ocassions kept like one or two steps back from must be to take the sweet point of impact, because was frequently with that down or even too up, so means that it went to the net or against the fence, even beaten without depth, here didn’t have stability. About the serve a detail that already commented on 2019 and that repeat again, his right leg on the preparation, didn’t like at all, even is scary cos folder a lot, think that in the present and obviously in the future the issues can be so serious, also places the back too low (like Federer, detail stupid but that in repetition will finish being serious, that better than Federer to talk about his lumbago), about the volley go more for it before that is going down.


About Psychologic Aspects: An important aspect to pay attention was or still is by what I call the psychology speed, means the relation between as come the information to our brain, the behaviour’s management and communication to the rest of the ingredients of our own body, is something that offer a great reading on. Well below will comment about both players during the situation that have seen today in their match.

Rafael Nadal: The brain was in a high speed while the body was stretching off between the neutral or the acceleration, so involve a high doses of anticipation and movement on rush, so on special close to the net or even on half court means mistakes that are avoidable as obviously a better management of the global energy.  As also I don’t want to get in about his details in relation to routines or traditions, so consider it as such it, sincerely is an act of irresponsability as it involve details that can result devastating about who pretend to copy it.

Carlos Alcaraz: The brain was in a slow speed as a body in total acceleration so means that the communication between both sides are broken to transfer the properly communication, it was very noticeable if observes the body with a little of thoroughness, as was his breathing through of all up zone, as the brain keep on standby for a seconds, even as the field of concentration was off after of mistake, usually came another two in a row, so it will damage to the attention, and then it will push our field of action through of our choices that have taken on to a small map of vision, so will make a stress and feeling of mental fatigue or even a state of restlessness that push all the real force out. If you let me to clarify it with examples, well just on the second set with the score on 4-3 or even the 4-4, or the 2-2 40-40 from teh tercer set and other moments around of it is really noticiable that hidden details.

Conclusion that on my point the key of the match was on the psychological speed that manages the temps of every context that was happening on, and obviously that involves other many human, spiritual and psychologic aspects that move around of it. Please don’t mix up  psychology speed with psychological agility, so are really opposite but in the same time set up a need inner chain.

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