REFLECTION OF LIFE: (As a result of wishing death to an 8-year-old boy with cancer for wanting to be a bullfighter and beating an 8-year-old girl in Palma de Mallorca ). It made me reflect and have to write these words, because I feel alluded to and empathic with very similar personal experiences.

First Case: The wish for a human death.

Well, in itself, seeing an adult with cancer, if you have suffered it in your own flesh, is very hard, you hide tears to get them out alone, where they are the ones who often leave us amazed, they open up visual perspectives (or so it should be), they tend to be stronger than the healthy and even sometimes the healthy are so idiots not to realize it or take too long to realize how the sequelae that little by little cancer leaves, sometimes curable to Sometimes irreversible, these symptoms are hidden by the patient himself, by the feeling of mea culpa and not letting the rest of the environment suffer even more than himself.
I do not want to imagine how harsh it must be on a child, with its purity, its innocence, its transparency, along with freedom from an ego not yet created and a servility still far in time too, it will probably be that point of being authentic that transmits a strength, a joy, and an approach to the illness you are struggling with in a way that is difficult for most adults to understand, and perhaps even for parents and close family members themselves.
Because before a really human and powerful lesson, can someone see a black light, to wish a death?
Is it a consequence of the mechanization to which they are subjecting us through the pharmaceutical, scientific, cultural and sports fields, the reason for starting to see public reactions in this way and the quiet ones in private on the part of many others? (Observe the sports and musical quality of recent times, without heart, with little ethics in the way of obtaining money and its consequences in qualities). 

Second case: School aggression. 

In this second case, I can empathize with her 100%, because I have gone through something very similar, I would really say that for quite a few, far beyond the fingers of one hand, with also very different situations and ages, perhaps the one that more similar, it was with 16 years, I will ignore details because it does not interest to be counted, but for the teachers you already know “things of children” . It really is very hard because there is a really brutal blindness, you walk like TOURISTS seeing the superficial in front, with its subsequent judgment of good or bad, but without knowing the depth of what it hides, then there if you go deep, to live it inside, then your judgment will be appropriate to do it, before it is a real aberration.
However, it is usually very easy with a microphone in hand, give a speech (TOURIST) to look very good in front of everyone, then the next stop ( As TENNIS PLAYERS do ), condemning the most defenseless with many difficulties of change, because POWER , the handle of the pan is not in your hand, with all the consequences of losing without trying to create any change. Why aren’t they braver? . It is easy later to go out with such a foundation or in such an exhibition match in charity theory, but what about DAY TO DAY, isn’t that where the real change should lie, even more so people who have that power because of their media exposure?
Why did I go through the hills of Úbeda and have told all this? . Good because both in tennis clubs, tennis academies, companies, multinationals, …… etc including schools, adults, adults not so adults and children, especially children,  LITERALLY COPY  what athletes mainly do in their sport and outside of their sport, they do not see the limit, it is impossible for them to see it. THEY ARE CHILDREN! They do not see the risk, they do not see the real consequences, nor the true evil, because I repeat, THEY ARE CHILDREN , they only COPY , IMITATE by trying to generate an identity, after all, far from their own and potentially unique, with its consequent consequences of course.
I have the ability to empathize at quite high levels, due to my personal work and especially my personal experiences, almost identical to what this 8-year-old Mallorcan girl has suffered, that is, to put myself in the place of the other person, in this case of both the girl and the aggressors, if that of the aggressors as well, was something and it is something that I have always done and continue to do, it is the best recovery medicine.
I explain myself, with the girl, for the suffering, for the anguish of those moments, because you have put all your affection and love in something you were doing, but instead you receive the opposite, hatred, anger, transformed into all kinds of blows , how is it possible that giving love receives the opposite ?. Curiously, that was what I was wondering and I am wondering why that happens in my day-to-day work and through social networks. Surely for the girl, for a while, many questions will come to her, perhaps with difficult answers, apart from a lack of understanding of why, why to me? What have I done to deserve this? What have I done wrong? I have not been good, because I?
However, afterwards, you will have the feeling and the need to be palisade with the aggressors, why? and why not? . Basically, because there is no real evil, there is no real intention to harm, it is an unconscious SELF-DEFENSE , a disproportionate SELF-DECEPTION , a lack of AUTHORITY , LIMITS , COMMUNICATION and LOVE . Obviously it is not the best way to ask for help, but it is a way of expressing, of shouting, I need help, please help me.
Which they copy what they see in the elderly, however, I would say, more than in the elderly in the family environment, especially when children feel too oppressive and misunderstood, in the most media figures of the cultural and sports field, Yes, gentlemen, these people have too much weight in the people they call ” normal” , since they are “CELEBRITIES” , their influence on the so-called “normal” people has totally gone out of control, with great contribution from the media, publicity unconstructive television, … etc …
At least I had the need to put myself in their place, to understand the why, the reason, and I know why with personal experience in different situations of mine, of people who have suffered situations of this type or other violent nature, you tend to further use your heart, your sensitivity, to understand them and to give a liberation to your mind in need of it. The truth is that in my case, I had the need to forgive them, to free my interior from all feelings of resentment, anger, revenge or desire for evil towards others, simply a way of reaching the interior of those people who had done something to you. type of damage, both moral and physical, getting to empathize like this is the best medicine as previously mentioned.
Do you know the difference between my time and now? In my time there was only aggressiveness, but not violence, and not motives either; In other words, they only wanted you to pee in your pants, to feel suffering but without suffering, how is that? , very easy, that he did not get to hurt you physically, without more than ridicule, humiliation, and ignorance, but at no time did there used to be personal contempt, simply also knowing who is boss and who his henchmen were. However, now there is aggressiveness, more violence, there is contempt, there are insults, there are extreme humiliations, … etc … all taken to the most extreme extreme and even recorded via mobile and uploaded to the networks, fortunate that in my time there would not be this.
The most extreme extreme can be seen with the Fan phenomenon, with the media pressure towards actors, athletes, singers more tops, where they take them to extreme levels harmful even to themselves, but also fed by themselves, due to their emotional blindness, their disproportionate obsession with money, and the reality in which they live, quite far from life of what they call “NORMAL PEOPLE” , their vision is totally “TOURIST” , why give lessons if you go through a fast place with hardly any notice, practically passing by? . To give lessons about something, you have to live it, and really know the suffering. I don’t care about traveling around the world , when your trip is a  TOURISTWithout seeing the depths of the sea, the weight of all these celebrities is very great even more in children and young people. 
However, there is a vital point, a point that must be marked very large, enormously large, is “the management of the transgression”, that is, the management of being in that ALTAR, STAGE, TENNIS COURT, BASKETBALL COURT, FIELD OF FOOTBALL, THAT CAMERA, to  call it whatever you want is to arrive emotionally and spiritually prepared up there, everything that entails being at the top, the enormous influence on people, the fame with its magnifying glass in every movement or detail, the recognitions, the criticism, but above all the clarity of how far your work identity reaches and where your personal identity begins .
Because it should be known that once you get off an event, your personal identity , your human side, your nature, the person, and your knowledge of true suffering appear or should appear , but when that has not been worked on or experienced, that is when The work is not that it covers the personal, because that would be when the personal is worked but the work is not, but the work will go completely over your personal identity , because you have used the work as a path of happiness and patch , that can only lead to a tragic ending (as we have seen in many celibrites), or  chaotic(as we have also seen in many celebrities), or contradictory in acts (as we have also seen in many celebrations), but all with a point in common, regardless of the level, the personal and internal destruction of the person behind that wonderful work identity at human cost. 
At this point, here I could repeat the same question asked, in the case of the child with cancer who wants to be a bullfighter. Is it a consequence of the mechanization to which they are subjecting us through the pharmaceutical, scientific, cultural and sports fields, the reason for starting to see public reactions in this way and the quiet ones in private on the part of many others? (Observe the sports and musical quality of recent times, without heart, but with little ethics in the way of obtaining the money).
That is the current life, the best thing for this girl, that this experience, if she does a good job of guiding and good family support, she will come out fully happy with this, but above all with a strength and capacity for real suffering, which will make her a very strong person in his day-to-day life, I am very sure; Because those of us who know a deep suffering, although no one should ever suffer it, it will take you to special sensitive levels, emotional and very close to what a living being is, the essence of what we are, and the full, humble and pure in every step passed.
For a human, pure and non-mechanized society. We are humans not robots, although there are similarities, not renouncing our emotions and feelings, without them we will not be able to advance, it is to go against our own true essence. MOVEMENT AND THE SOUND OF FEELING.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .