Reflection on whether to go back to the beginnings of this website or blog, and a part of the content or objective of my YouTube channel, the analysis of matches of all levels, with a wide and different spectrum …… in the end I don’t fact about the games I’ve been to a little bit at some point this week.

But if I want to leave a couple of brushstrokes of three players, because I think it could be helpful, but if I end up being a mouthful, it does not make me less of a man to apologize, at least the intention is not critical but to help, but let’s remember a detail frequently forgotten by the human being:

“Everything that comes out of our mouth from the moment we get up until we go to bed is critical, another thing is that we camouflage it with other names or interpretations, but they are still critical, that boss who wanted to label me or pigeonhole me as acid, perhaps He probably is too, we are all to a greater or lesser degree, the difference is in self-responsibility towards ourselves and towards the social group. “

Come on, let’s go to the brushstrokes:

Rublev: At the end his only singles match of the whole week, too much to the expectation without directional changes as if the track narrow. But a detail more related to the physiological thing caught my attention, you have to look closely to realize it, because it is subtle, but that subtlety should be asked of him and his team, and that is that his body position when walking does a little what In Spain we call the “Que Pacha moreno”, that is to say, the lumbar support when walking, not having a healthy body posture. But I insist, I do not know if he has lumbar problems with cervical affectation, some type of radiation … etc …, his team and he will know it, that work in the pool, with a professional body posture or the same physio, will help you to prevent, and be much healthier and stronger on and off the track.

“Federer, for example, may seem stupid, but the small gesture he makes in the serve to go down both in preparation, as in some other detail of other blows, simply with the pull afterwards … it is the perfect set, or to be told so Andy Murray, …. that if something works is not changed, basic, it is irresponsible and limited teaching. “


Roberto Bautista: For obvious reasons, the affection and human appreciation for him as well as gratitude to his environment for the treatment I received, makes it difficult for me to always write a comment about him. I am nobody at the work level, but at the human level I am. I will leave some brushstrokes that I already saw since Thiem’s game , which by the way in mental relaxation and more slack with the backhand will have to put a cane if he wants to win Roland Garros, I also saw it with Rublev , and in today’s summary with Basilashvili,Which by the way followed the same pattern, I throw you back a bit, I open you, I open you more and the next I kill you, although as it happens to almost everything, that of opening or closing the track, as the peephole is the vision. Roberto saw that he was boxed in like on an island, with expectant reactions, especially the other way around, they made him lose that hundredths, to take even more depth, hitting clean, just as he commented a couple of lines before, opening and closing the track, according to if you are the obligor or the obligor.

 * Let’s not forget the wind, quite brutal.


Garbiñe Muguruza: The final I saw the last set, but the semifinals I saw it complete, the first two games as 4 double faults (RFET, it would be a suspense and it would not be worth to be a coach … what has to enter cold, I do not say it In my case, even with a sprained wrist, I nailed them and directed them all.); That said, I have seen a mixture of aggressiveness (the populism of many coaches) with brute force, which was not what made her win her Grand Slam, in those Grand Slam tournaments as well as with other types of players, as well as the shrinking Unpredictable spaces, a little aa line commented before, opening and closing the track, in the use of all available resources, without the need to play the ball excessive times, visibility of replacement to the rival.

** Of the tournament I only saw the final between Sara and Eugine, I stayed up late to see it. For my humble opinion decaffeinated on both sides.

Sara Sorribes: Here we enter a point, if in Garbiñe it is a matter of brute force, in this case it would be a crazy goat (with affection that you understand me), something similar to a bull that enters a python if I know where it is, I will not go to enter to judge unknown details, but at what point all of this, as in Garbiñe,  is confused that brute force or crazy goat, with intensity, aggressiveness or even part or not of the personality or character of the player, a essence that should never be touched, a work from there in evolution. Regarding technical aspects, the right in an open position, without turning the shoulders or hips, the ball was at the mercy, the rest were very gloomy, and the serve, that position that was too blocked from the beginning and as well as “mind control” that should be more natural.

Eugine Bouchard:  From the warm-up, she was seen eating by the nerves, pale, with a feeling of catching a continuous streak could be dangerous, because her blows run much more, much cleaner, but the blur was such that despite good details during points or even in post-recoveries, I get to destroy a racket, nothing present, they play with little intelligence (the emotional one I take away from populists who like to sell the roof, because it sounds good to them …), especially for a good job saraIn the changes in the height of Bola, I lost count of “unforced” errors, in those cases even losing a bit of track, going out a few meters to catch it “more comfortable”, the curious thing or not so curious that on the contrary, also infinity of times he fell short in steps, away from the ball or perhaps the fact that in girls, they do more ball wrapping than the clean out of the arm like “Federer” , although not all.


Postscript. Now that I have just finished reading the LOCKER POWER ROOM, and a few months ago that of INNER GAME OF TENNIS, populist books in the world of tennis, where some savvy seems taken from the copy and paste of these books, obviously I do not share with them the content of each one, basically, not only because of the focus on the sport, with a worrying situation, but also at what point the players and coaches are left, I have seen them superfluous, like everything pulling from the already external layers of the confidence and self-confidence, but what about self-esteem? It would be his thing, to take it from the root, but it is the least frequent, it requires a demand that is little visible / known to most and of which few feel prepared to assume.


* I have only wanted to contribute my points of view, surely very improvable or rare, but I am sure that they are useful. Presence and intelligence in tennis is increasingly absent, presence is not arrogance, it is personal development in awareness, to use all the tools in the most effective and efficient way with the least mental and physical impact.

* Remember, Love is the absence of judgment, you will never see me judge anyone’s personal side, that is, about his person, or use harmful languages ​​(verb tenses) within the silent context, another very different detail is the work aspects , especially if there is a game with Mental Health, if it is true, where is the fine line that separates what is considered personal or work zone? There is my friend, there comes not only intelligence, but personal development, where is your emotional limitation, your interpretation or perception of what you see, because it is not what we want to see for our comfort, but what we see, the naturalness of sacrifice to move and change perceptual perspectives permanently without leaving any aside.Self-Criticism and Emotional Self-Responsibility.

Thank you.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .