I am afraid that there is not any chance that begin that article with a hard touching or acidity as in the RFET liked to clasified me, the world is full of perspectives through of the emotional states of the moments, so the most important is to be aware that you are doing and if need to get an evolution in differents aspects, but don´t have to be about that other are saying out in relation to your person, but if that new adaptability is going to move your person in other level of consciusness, means to take out a personality, character, principles and permanently a level of presence that will feel as in others will create a colateral damage because they want to grab it as well but never have the enough brave to move foward to reach it in, the excuses will be their engine and the escape their last choice in its infinites ways to draw on.

Well once time that have said it, from the Quartefinals was known or even garanteed that must have been like that as through of an awful programing were pushing to the players and their respective teams to take a level of self-demanding on special focus psychologically that I am not sure till which kind of point would be ready to guide to the player to a trail that doesn’t get to waste energy but if even to save power in favour to bring out an unconsciousness force where his/her resistence don´t have any focus in not out, just the movement from a level of confidence that doesn´t be holding up or even by back as if was a uselles witness that brought the answers signed on as a bar code, so in the cases as the poor magnament or even absence of leadership presenced in the Mutua Madrid Open year by year as in other situations that are not in our control will often be a determinted point abou that take out our advantage in relation to develop a great performance in parallel to our emotional magnament that pushing up a level of action over stimulus expected on.

About Mutua Open Madrid, I am not going to repeat anything in relation to the public or about have the ladies ball on or the situation about the Vip Boxes or even the need to work more about the line judges in about few basic aspects, and of course about the WC; but although as said in the last article the spanish insolence are on their own keeping a direction without evolution in and that cannot stand up for more time, which is small detail well known for everyone, but that in the same don’t one want to talk out that really think about many basic details of the tournament, that make of it a set of everything but nothing in relation with a real tennis environment. Neverless that about everyone in their parcel make that in a high unnecesary risk where the impact is specially so dangerous for those ordinary spectators who wish to come in to watch tennis on, because all of you who don´t know my CITY (MADRID) at all, surely the players don´t know neither as they are are traveling but don´t live in contact with it,  the area where is celebrated the Mutua Open Madrid has many critical points as in hazard (night, early hours) as in contamination ( An extreme precaution as in breathing as in the extremes protocols that should have all treatment of food close of it will never enough if there are not sensorial consciousness), insist is not something dramatic, but that the influence exist around and that kind of timetables obvisoulsy is not traveling in opposite way of that. it is a warning to the world of the power and egos!.

Once have said that, we can talk about the final, following everything comment up, so I could see the first, about the second set which missed up (had an exceting reason that soon will able to annunce on and deserve at all, but that also gifted a moment for the story, my story) coudn´t say too much, but followed the same line, so The final wasn’t a Final, the day with the tickets more expensive, the MUTUA OPEN MADRID already made everything to destroy a final by the way before the day was comming up, its timetable couldn´t keep hiden in results on, thank you very much Mutua Madrid Open, to manipulate to the people to an unique direction, destroyed them physically and even let that the WTA matches were crossing the line pracicallly unseen at all, repeated for a order of game absolutely abhorrent year by year, that year wow as even it got mixed up with the fooball, the cake is served on the table in a disgasting flavour in.




About the aspects techniques from every player, you can read my previous articles where everything is signed out, but about all you could put in practice the next system of analysis, grab the first three points of the match and after grab the last three points of the same match, then will see that everything keep in the context about that could anticipate or coaching properly before, during and after of the match, an basic information that will let to address much better and even most closed to the reality the development as human as professional of your player on.

Look after much better the tennis through of respecting all the clasifications as human as professionals, where can keep during every day as minimum a little of sight of everyone, instead of pushing them to make an overloading so surely their psychologic resources are not ready to manage it, so is a sum between both sides, to place on risk situations as predictables as avoidable, so everyone must do the enough effort of responsability to put everything they can from their own side.

I can’t close the article without commenting a small detail, because as the human being is as so predectible as a fucking idiot and repetitive, then will make again the same that when started the Nadal´s BOOM, about all as have been left many tennis coaching school or even on businnes to inject motivation to their staff, then in some way must have a little maturity to say ourselves  ” Grab in a identification about him but don´t copy it to that works as a reference but never as a sign of identity “ (Identify that experiences is the most difficult task but in the same time is the most exceting reward in), so that I am trying to say you while are surfing with all that, well simple, who knows my person or have been a loyal follower of my website and social networks, included my YouTube Channel, that one my permanent insistences that have kept day by day with me without breaking on.

Well it is about the basic rule to keep an therapeutic approach with the human being that you have in front of you, because in that cognitive silence’s details is where have the total conviction that the differences begin an unstoppable way, here on tha point need to stand out the detail, but please without taking that personally because I am not reducing the job of anyone, simply feel that his influence is relatively different and with a weight in opposite to the rest that signed out that your professional job is so important but that is not useless at all if don´t add that human side that create “real and perdurable clicks, don´t just feelings” in that who are working with, said that because the people are talking a lot about Juan Carlos Ferrero, but from outside observed a component of the team that his influence is being different but basic in creativeness of difference, I am referring to Alberto Lledó, the perception of his courage, force and power have an intense balance influence on. 

To live by one’s wits (VIVIR DEL CUENTO), “SUPERCOACH” & Criticism to the Nadal´s Words.


Seeking inside and make the things simple and perdurable, but about all find in our inner our potential, have patience with the way of its development and about having so clear our concepts as professional as personal, without that last thing, in personal way meanly, will result so difficult that the clicks have some ingredients rich in strenghten and maintenance ever, a healthy way that show out the way to resist everything issue that is coming in our way withtout losing our identity and mood ever at all.


” The education has a new chance to rebuilt a way different and constructive that grab real influence without destroying anyone as those who are already up as those who get lost in the way or even tranfered in the tennis’ case in the doubles’ discipline before even to try it properly, avoid arrive to irreversible situations or better situations that will grab a demand that very few will be willing to face it up “.


Mutua Madrid Open,  I wish from that exact moment can start to risk in changes on to avoid to destroy a new final again (although mustn’t forget that it depend which are your psychological resources to manage extremes situations in and off) , but about all to sweep over everything that is coming up through of a butch in levels that look like that never find a ending on. The things must be done with care, love, passion but about all with a devotion where after could harvest the colateral consequences on.






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