See how our spirituality, our mental cleaning works effortlessly and with gifts from God, from Life….
I get up, I go to mass, of course without a muzzle, I feel between sorrow, anger and helplessness, a row of mummies with sad eyes, fewer and fewer people come, the media get their effect of FEAR, later, it was already prepared To do this, I went to run for about three hours, speed and continuous running, I pass through a shopping center, of course without a muzzle, as in the same church feeling, I pointed out as if I were a KILLER, for using my internal capacities that developed to the maximum exponent that led to a long period of work but always endless.


I leave there, I keep running towards the mountain, near the cable car, almost reaching it, when the road ends and I get on roads, I make my way back, but with the intention of expanding the route, then a sign caught my attention, CANINE, lover of animals, especially dogs (which I did training for 4 months, individual and group, interesting on a psychological and sociological level), and also horses, since I rode with my ex-girlfriend in the jerte valley , That experience marked me, I think that both animals, in relation to the human being, child or not, have a lot to contribute to each other and from which to intertwine a lot of information that would be a great benefit for everyone socially.
Returning to the anecdote, I cross to the opposite side, I pass over the train tracks, I find a neighborhood with typical mountain houses, on the left the canine center (photo), I just see that there are two tennis courts next to it in poor condition, a wall with a father and a child with a ball, and a multipurpose court with a group of boys playing soccer; I go straight to the tracks, whenever I go out for a run, whether in Madrid, London, Geneve or Annemasse, if there is a wall or a tennis court, or churches are mandatory stops, enter it, do shadows, action-reaction leg exercises- explosiveness …, out of the corner of my eye I see a damp and heavy tennis ball, but it does not matter, it works for me to exercise the serving shoulder … then HERE comes the ANECDOTE …:
My ritual or habit, always before, during or after, the feeling of being on a tennis court, you alone and the court, is indescribable, that feeling of absolutely letting yourself go into the void, I usually do it or squatting, or leaning on the bank (as I did every day in the RFET, the first to enter and the last to leave the slopes, at first sight that was only valued by me, without prejudice or standard humiliations)….
I return to the ANECDOTE, at the time that I was squatting, in full trance, that I had even forgotten about the cold, the NOISE of the Highway, which was next door, absolutely devoted to that time of prayer, meditation, on a journey Staring at the net and taking it to infinity, behind me a very low voice and with insecurity (shyness is that) interrupts the process, I turn around, a 6-year-old BOY, with two rackets heavier than his own body, He asks me to TEACH HIM TO PLAY TENNIS !!!! I blush! Of course I accepted!
Too bad I don’t speak French yet, I couldn’t communicate well, GAMBERROS OR EMPANADOS DA EQUAL, classifications never RFET, this could be considered the second, at one point I change the grip and the grip, it makes me straight, the illusion mixed with its fear, but the illusion could more…. It lasted about 15min, he left with his father, it turned out to be one of those who were on the wing playing soccer … unfortunately TOXICOMANS, or extreme drug addicts …, there I had the answer to my observation puzzle.
I see myself advising coaches of lower categories and working more in higher categories with more intensity, but always in chameleonic action, as I learned in private company jobs on both sides, employee or leadership, THE BOY WHO SERVES EVERYTHING, as we say for me land, WHICH IS USED FOR A BROKEN AS FOR AN UNSEWING !!!.
FEAR AND UNION WITH THE 5 SENSES that will come soon as I announced yesterday, will give you information, but clarity will already depend on the internal work of each one, but positioning will place you on the importance of keeping them in mind.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .