Dear reader, before to go in to the article, I want to remind you again that once of my goals that wish to get in through of my website (videos, articles, lives on I hope so as well..) is to show you out a kind of sports and psychological analysis completely different than you are used to watch through of others or even your own perspective, it means that bring out a wide field of information that usually are not notified or even worst is treated like if was something ordinary but that small details would change all a development that obviusly would have influence on the performance, however my actual circunstances don’t let me to do it in all its own extension as should be at all, but in some way keep myself fighting with my whole being out without complaining at all.

We need to remind previous weeks or even just days to the Davis Cup began, as some words from the press conference in relation with Carlos Alcaraz, ” If has the chance and let him to prove out then will do it……. ” ” Right now I am becoming to gain the Respect…” (That last sentence from my point of emotional maturity is awful where would have details to explain, but is not something to involve on that article…).

Well, after have already been almost two years living with a tremedous surrealistic situation, where as you listen one day after day on the public transport on every couple of minutues, repeating once after other as well the same sentence…..” wear the mask……. is there to PROTECT all,….CONSIDERATION to others…., “ it sounds as insulting punishment that every second is pushing and pushing and pushing from diferent voices’ recording from people that they are not anything to demand out conditions about the real freedom of everyone that from their own non-rational fears (lack of working about it, I am a homo sapiens that could talk a lot about it) are being sidekick of a wide field of inconsistency demands that for a hige porcentage of the society are being a very silence punishment without being appreciated it details that in a long journey will be chronic and really serious, on my case fortunately, although I am sick and tired (hasta los huevos en español) of that whole shit (specially live around of a poor society without soul and heart), have on my hands powerful tools to management that wonderfully to the point of being consulted for known and friends or even hated by the ego of others, that is not more that the own representation to feel the inner force that they would need on that instant, so in that cases the predjuices through of perspectives that keep us on our comfort of posession of the truth, usually goes out together to tear their eyes away from my person.

On that line of action, coming back to talk about tennis, on special on situations that you are able to see on countries from South-America, Asian even of course my country Spain, after have spent diferent lockdowns, in turn, on different countries like Switzerland, France, UK and Spain, that lived in Spain and that is still happening there have never noticed that in the other countries, right now with the Davis Cup has happened something that has long been coming out, a very easy bait to keep all the society submerged in “terrofic fear”, who much better could represent it that used the new ” MEDIA IDOL”  Carlos Alcaraz, through of his innocence that is on the mouth of everyone, a worked of social psychology as so easy as silence on the process and that if you open your mouth you will be a death man entrenched for the group that is not conscious about their brain manipulation while believe that are thinking by theirselves, will be able to observe that from three steps behind is something wonderful as sad as in the same way a feeling of helplessness because is a tecnique that is usually used at the traditional companies of job for managers, supervisor or whatever other excess of bosses around of that to get an imposition of rules that get through their own brain game of the unconscious and conscious areas and of course believe on theirselves that the neirbourgh is going to enter on that scalextric without a next exit. Surrealistic is minor!!!.

” Our influencers of tennis in that case are super happiness while show theirselves out in the gym, on court or simply or just for the show to the medias wearing on a muzzle without using their own brain on common sense, nothing matter “.

I am not the best example on financial self-responsability, because have never given a great value to the money or whatever other material thing nor either have never want to be considered by myself a privilige child ( “hijo de papa”) as I had enough to focus myself on my inner work that demanded me a lot without being conscious at all, a sacrifice that would come back to do it again without kind of doubt, the award grap up is the best one that whatever human being go to be able to hold up in his own life. Well, where I am going on that point is very simple, day after day observe as the ego’s human beings are focused absolutely in goals that such have an simple instant of value, a very short space of time that after lost all its memory as also in getting a huge financial stability, here is where you can feel something look like to an emotion of self-responsability so trasmit around there a fake feel of powerful, a way of vanity with the same level that when you need to get through a wood bridge between mountains that is simply hold on by a suppose thick rope, but that has a level of movement that make it absolutely unstability to cross that with whatever kind of fear in,  well then, is that we have actually in our society so means that the art of manipulate, underestimate or even hold on without any kind of scrupulous to the human beings in a straight jacket.

In very few words that means say is that the human being feel on theirselves tremendously powerful on self-responsability, however doesn’t matter if it is a woman or man that really show out permanently is a huge coward behaviour againsts theirselves where take the easy way and then run away as faster as they can get it, so has been converted in the sport for excellence, a breakout without any way on the skyline more that a fake feeling of reassuring, however get into the shutoff that let us break out our armours and then go straight away of personal (emotional&psychological) self-responsability is a subject that obviously nor get in our plans so is far from certain to execute our unique self-responsability that signed for us all our way of peace and happiness on the set.

” To take personal (emotional&psychological) self-responsability is the unique way that grap all scientist alleys that owns the wholes tools to our evolution as living beings, whereof we can take the resources to do that our scientists investigation take a level of development as unknowledge as on benefit for the whole set whom is seeking scientists responds that are in front of us if we hold us by hand the personal (emotional&psychological) self-responsability “.     (by Carlos Azuara Aguado).



FDO. Carlos Azuara Aguado.


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