Well, dear reader about the new reported in his press conference where had communicated that is going to retire from the parquet floor, so really after have kept on silence, listening and reading everything around of Pau, and where I wanted to take a point of view more far away from the ordinary things, obviosly feel on my heart that must explain a couple of things, so please let me to say a few words on relation of that.

In some way like human being can feel absolutely free about that I am going to tell you, remind you that always with the intention to built an strong common united, well get in the root of that, after observe directly as some concepts have been mixed up, is really important to leave clear a subject that have explained on my Tesina (as said on the video will happy to share with those who desire to read and learn something new), and even maybe a little bit some of my articles as well, about that we have three kind of maturity:

  1. Human Mature.
  2. Experience Mature (Experimentation, careful don’t confuse both concepts)
  3. Pesonal Development Mature. (Really so difficult to grap that in its maximun extension)

Remind few months ago when I was doing a course on streaming and made a question to a pesonal phychisal trainer that if knew to recognise the limits of impacto on every motion about every exicerse and as it could affect mind-body in the development to get in the goal signed, in other words the inner connection between that you are doing and the set of the capabilites of every human being to reach the unrecognised level that could get in from a point of view absolutely healthy, do you know what was his answer? I am afraid but don’t understand your question, so evidentely the conclusiones are a clear evidence about the address that are traveling right now.

Dear reader, you will ask yourself , what is the relation from all of that with Pau Gasol? somehow is an all or nothing, let me explain, on way or another the public but on charger of her shoulders, the medias had a great manage of responsabilitiy on all of that, becasue need all time to create or even blow up some kind of legend or push out hypothetical heros, but sadly the most of the athletics sports (could said anything similar from the music’s industry?) come out with a marked structure so well designed in an exclusive frame, that means a very narrow channel of personal development, a bubble that is absolutely fake, for that reason between other multiples factors when they are going to see the retired so close or maybe get to retire for good is when involved by theirselves in plenty problems that already during all their carreer sign/signed out points of information with a focus on the brain but with a great influence on the physics areas that warn/warned about the matter.

In some way for that explained in the before paragraph, when a atheltics decided to be a coach or move around of the bussiness in other positions have finished to be a fraud or simply offering a very limited level, on nowadays the demand psychology, emotional and human, with everything already created and plenty profesionals around of every subject, must have so touch and something that mark some difference, but about to be very self-responsible to don’t push other human beings on paths tha really are super dangerous, and then that limited level through of theris partners in crime pretend solve everything, is a self-deception for everyone.  (Have a lot cases in Spain or even abroad about as mustn’t do the things like that avoid to repeat the same dangerous mistakes)

PAU GASOL, well I don’t want to make comparasion with other atheltics, plenty of them considered legends or heros in theirs respective sports, but that behind of that cover, in their real lonely or even on theirs owns perfomance get a big instability that place them on in the middle of any city without their structure with a soft puff are going straightforward to crash against the floor. PAU IS ONE OR EVEN THE ALMOST THAT IS NOT FOLLOW THE NORM on that. Although it is not like an ordinary person of the street who need to knock the door for every piece of her life however following the line of that three kind of mature that according to my psychological wisdom that exist inside of a human or at least should be like that, PAU show out that through of his adventure abroad a good adaptability to live outside of the comfort area and as also placing two important concepts on emphasis:

  1. LIVE IN. (A lot traveling for the world without living in, is the same that move on circle on the same surfice, where will change details but the context never move forward on).
  2. TRAVEL IN.  Here many legends use it as an branch support on their context, but if really were honest, would know that is a play very limited that leave out a lot of relevant information that truthly make to progress a living being life. 

I mean, that Pau Gasol are not just living abroad (LIVING IN!!) through of new langauge, culture in day by day, even have had to face up with mutliples hard factors that pushing him to challenge his mind, his brain even his own body to a position on permanent motion, although won a lot money through of that adventure, the consequence the live in on that innmerse developments was signed his own indentity to that way that he named on the press conference as a philosphy of life but that I think that is much more that a simple philosophy.

Andr’es Iniesta would be a case similar but in a reduced size, but show out one more time the importance to expand the mind in a unknown context, the exposition on psychology is the meanly key to jump step by step to other levels of the game in that case of the life.

* We should forget his brother, I remind read even listening hard comments in his first years of the public’s career, in theory are behind of the Pau, as don’t forget other athletics on Basket even outside of the Basket that hava given important leaps to an authentic personal development on balance with their careers.

PAU is a absolutely proud in that actually there will not too many people who can understand on deepest his actual concept of the life, simply put the focus on externals shapes but without be able to get in the inner where everything change when are honest, brave, patiente and specially swim underneath of every situation to understand every side of the life with a different dimensional space.

Thank you very much PAU GASOL to share your music with all us, being the human melody the good more valuable.

With affection,

Mr. Carlos Azuara Aguado.

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