As I always said justly like to talk about that matches or details that I could see on, so means that on monday watched some moments from my laptop, yesterday some hide while was working alone with some colleague, and today was my first day on live, I am not sure if it will be my last day or maybe doesn’t. I would try that can grab more days on, of course, but have clear that if have some days off won´t do the queque that year, but anyway today was ground pass, probably other days if get anything will be a great pass as well.

I have given a lot to watch on the mains courts as today as other days to Cameron Norrie (nice human) as Andy Murray (a real warrior) as Emma Raducanu (an Authentic Lion) as other players british or weren’t in, but it is what it is, and although the life places obsctacles on, as items as about humans with their egos in way to “protect” their own fears in, even with own mistakes from oneself as well, must keep going to work on my way in a firm line of job on, because “nobody will believe on it that myself “, where have to break stereotypes, prejudicies and other issues that are coming out from that fears, but listen, follow the journey and that is all as the life will go building by itself. 

Well, in that occasion, will follow the next cronology to make easy for everyone, so will develop small details below of every much, but just except few names that will do it after of the namings on, remind you, dear reader, that haven´t watched eveything on complete, but to make nice reading with take the essential details usually is enough for that.


Let’s do it!!!

Monday 27th June. (Laptop)

Emma Raducanu vs Alison Van Uytvanck. (Few moments).

Below will talk about Emma, on that match, alisson forced more to lift up the ball than to move or make space with tha ball, so were details that Emma managed really well placing a good depth or intelligence in variabilty, but was enough to get a adaptability to a conscious more real.

Andy Murray vs James Duckworth. (Highlights)

Andy will talk below as well, liked to see him get a better control from the temps of the match, an emotional coordination much more fresh than usual.

Tamara Korpatsch vs Heather Watson. (whole match on the laptop to was interrupted for the next day)

That bell to finish the match on the next day, was a good bell for her, to get a wise focus, calm, and corect details, depth much more with the backhand, get loose the wrist and then after have a very clean grip…

Cameron Norrie vs Pablo Andujar. (Highlights) 

Get out from the patterns, space limited and move, move and move on…..

Alejandro Davidovich vs Hurbert Hurkacz (Highlights).

Below will talk about him, but have already taken on the last months a good dynamism as human as tecnique that feel it in the way that he is moving on court.

Albert Ramos …. a piece of his training from the street next to my actual home before go to job, so observed that the match wouldn’t be good

There was a mix between conformism, a flat conscious and a feeling of desorienation in patterns of the game, that didn’t open more to catch to explore other levels in.

* Rest the britsh o spanish humans that lost on first round, some of them have already seen in other tournaments, could create an real image about where have the peak of issue that are struggle with it, as the details don’t change from a day to other but much less there where the dynamism stuck a spiral circle of comfort or unconscious. (a self – concept as real).

I was studying during the day, just in the evening, on the late time was observing in my laptop for obvious reasons where I am actually wroking on.


TUESDAY 28th June (from my job).

Paul Jubb vs Nick Kyrgios. (from the phone of a colleague, different moments).

It was a great match from both sides, about Paul my flash perceptions is that must adjust details in the character that let him to put out much more on, as about all in the rest, once behind other was watching the same situation, is that his position was over his hip, lost of balance and afterwards the supports wasn’t enough so made to lost beautiful seconds as to grab well the wall as to take a leadership on the point, a pattern that forced to go behind too much times.

Rafa Nadal vs Francisco Cerundolo. (on the screen).

Below will talk about Rafa, the match didn’t have any rythm, was on hands about if Francisco could to place a gear that create variability that let to focus on himself, as Rafa wasn’t confortable, but when saw that had to attack more to avoid any extra issue, did it barely without needs.

Harmony Tan vs Serena Williams ( small highlights as read brutal things about Serena).

 I will talk about Serena below, but harmony made that had to do, it was to move her, change angles, directions even balance, forcing that Serena made a great ability of resilence, useless as lost the focus through of a poor emotinoal management. Harmnoy did that had to do.

Alex De Minaur vs Hugo Dillien. (some moments on the screen).

Sincerely, Alex didn’t need to do so much, however felt is too much hide between the forest, is like if was crouching about himself wihout know really well as open his own limits that let him to place different steps of level in.

Jack Draper  vs Zizou Bergs.  (some moments on the screen).

* Here should say exactly the same words that have written above about the matches or the count of players have been able to watch on, doesn´t matter theirs flags on…details that already know in although miss to involve in a depth level of reasoning on.

Jack was able to escape from a real trap, if have done a great reading could be a great support for the future, but the opposite it that after of the anaylsis keeps himself in the surface area, as Zizou got a lot chances but didn’t find the courage for that, so Jack that must improve that supports to avoid damage in his ankles, as also let a forehand as much more consistency, frequenlty was so on parallel with the net, so was too forced, of course that found some instanct solution however think that lost biomechanic and health at the end.


WEDNESDAY 29th June (On the Facilites, on live).

Garbiñe Muguruza after the training on..

She crossed over me next to the training courts, so observed details that warned that something wasn’t work good with level of apprehension, means that the fears, unsecurities are already drawn out…..reflection and job on depth leave here to don’t make it longest on..

Alicia Barnett / Olivia Nicholls  vs  Kai Kanepi / Renata Voracova. (the whole match)

it was as a ferris wheel, where Alicia was who had a little bit the key in the game, as the other partner weren’t placed on too much intensity where have nice shots, just extend more the backhand and grab a service that have more kick and grab that early…, anyway both had a great communication, but about all a very good level of determination as in the way to take choices as in the way to execute all of them, but will see as in the next rounds got to elevate the level with force that can do on.

Steve Johnson vs Ryan Peniston. (the last set)

Ryan had a permanently issue with the supports, as placed the body behind then the moment to take the racket out lost consistency and damage as was push to go out, didn’t finda a sharp positon and as in the rest must attack more a seek a different postion that let to go to the ball with consistency and leadership on.

Harriet Dart vs Rebeka Masarova. (The whole match)

Basically the 80 % of the match was serious, calm and don´t let spaces, but start to doubt while talk in excess with herself that almost cost her to mover in ohter lines, but on the forehand must acompany more the ball that let to finish well the shot, getting a good consistency, because cut in excess that stroke, it makes on her lost a lot of domain and have to move back of it.  About Rebeka, the service is so good, but the forehand was an authetnic disaster, as let that the ball fall down too much, and all of them was barely milimetres over the net, or grab it too down so took a direction so far away from the lines, there was any consistency at all, one ok, two and the third or to the net or just go away, that issue is not about the surface, is tecnique issue that need to work well as even about the brain as saved in too much and after it is express through of a body too much tighten on.

Rafael Matos / David Vega Hernandez  vs  Liam Broady / Jay Clarke. (Two sets)

Rafa and david had a serious issue about the resistence, that create on them a excess of emotional noise, that place to the body in limits absolutelty unhealthy as well expressed David many times, even with a coffee on the midle of the match. Liam and Jay didn’t have a good coordination, think that miss a clear communication between them, even with that curious grip of Liam that should play more in touch and movility and was tighten on.

Arthur Fery / Felix Gill  vs  Ariel Behar / Gonzalo Escobar (One Set)

As Arthur as Felix have a similar character, think that although they won the match, was lost in narrow spaces that pushing them to get a permanent consistency, with lots the ball so strong but without a clear direction or feeling of developing that let to develop a complete movility, so about them obvioulry have to make a important body impact.The other partner didn’t have a forcefullness mobility.

Jiri Vesely  vs  Alejandro Davidovich. (second and third set)

Although Jiri is overweight, his technique was there, with a movility more wise just in angles, he had so many difficuls to respond and hit the ball clear, a detail that left so clear the overwieigh, is that all overweigh is dangerous to our lower back area, so it was observed so clear many times.  Alejandro wasn’t intelligence nor conscious about the facts that are happening on, so place him in a privileged situation that let to take choices with a maximum of efectiveness.

Alison Riske – Amritraj  vs Maja Chwalinska (last set)

Maja is a spectacular player, warned that came with mental issue that was struggle with, that need create a cleanliness, a field of recognition that let to her move in absolute freedom in whatever field independently about that type of obstacles finds on,  today after won the first set, probably to observe herself in a situation of a new skyline for her made that she was completely blocked, keeping a great game through of brutal dynamism tecnique but with the intention missing on, more that a game too much defensive, as Alison, pulled with force and depth to give step backs if you move her from the space on.

Jamie Murray / Bruno Soares  vs  Benjamin Bonzi / Arthur Rinderknech (First set and half from the second one).

Basically were so coordinated with a greate domnancy and cam on the net till players that usually play singles but that sincerely didn’t push too much, as on the net didn’t look to be confortable on.

Qiang Wang vs Heather Watson (the whole match)

Well, here is something that Heather Watson could take adventage later on when have to finish her match, as Quian had a lot of problems to move with accurancy in movements on diagonal as ahead on as backfoward, that movility give her a lot isiues to hit well the ball, to grab the ball, so play with short angles, woudn’t be bad idea. Heather was really well, was great that was so loose from the wrist about with the forehand and the service, volley to acompany more and with the backhand transfer more weight, grab a good movility of the ball. 


ALEJANDRO DAVIDOVICH….  Sincerely have given a great step on, well love to watch him because have a great charisma with good vibe that transmit air fresh, as also respect a lot to Jorge Aguirre, think that in according to Juan Carlos Ferrero and his team, plus the albert ramos’ coach, Jose Maria, as some other more, Zapata’s coach, are that very few that haven developed a good line of working at Spain, as sincerely are in front of a line that is inversed on, so create a great damage in hte develop of that sport.

FELIX AUGER ALIASSIME. Honestly, I didn’t watch his match from other day, simply if you, dear reader go to check the article wrote the last year (2021) during the MONTE – CARLO Masters, about him and the dangerous contributión from Nadal, that started to receive on, everything is all said out as there details that shouldn’t play on, but the ignorance doesn’t know about it.




EMMA RADUCANU…. Basically as medias, as the crowd that could check on live, is too much gregarious about the silence marketing  that are receiving on practically without breaking space between situations coming up that don’t let them to have a critical feeling that make from their inner a fountain of grateful and appreciate about that is receiving on instead of focusing in a point between the hate or the love, in extremes absolutely unhealthy that she didn’t deserve received on nor the tennis neither as is still in a previous stage to be adult but place out as was watching on and off (training and press conferences) great doses of good vibes, fluent energy and with an emotional energy that is more saving inside probably, so must know to understand it, anticipate and let that the process go development on without inteference. Leave her on peace, at the moment would be god begining.

ANDY MURRAY ….  I will be from the few people that still believe on him, honestly on my thoughts, he is drawing about the meaning of being a real warrior, as work without gettting damage the identity of the opponent, respecting a lot that space while in some way to seek on himself an ability to rebrand oneself, so let himself a honest and clean evolution to keep a level brilliant of competitiveness. where is him failure in? Apart from small technique aspects, specially would say about the detail that is called the emotional relativization so would let him a bigger focus that get influence on his decision makings that draw a court more wide on in relation to find solutions that are there.

SERENA WILLIAMS …. If you dear reader will be able to make a mix between the words – facts development between that drew on previously  about Emma and Andy can catch up a context full of value for her as well; right also is true that she is outside of fit, as Jiri and other players, but just the level of exhibition of her to the name that was doing on court, or even keep her playing on mainly courts, or the long debate about the WC without gaining everything on court, as for example Yanina Wickmayer or other players is making on, haven’t played in her favour, but about all as happen sharping on her as in other multiple players ( whatever other professional) have grown up with a dynamic force while the construction about the self-concept was being left about that the own context said about us without think about it, so the self-esteem will find by itself in an dangerous wheel  of unbalance and its sucessives steps (factors) on.

RAFA NADAL … I am afraid that can’t be agree with the actual image of Rafa and his team are showing out in the last few years, in actual moment where the society was struggle every time with more intensity about an depth variables mental health issues, between them a significant elevation of SUICIDES as about depressives states that place to the person in a ramp really dangerous…and a long etc…. the words that Coco Gauff expressed out on her press conference is other example more about as the concepts are being mixed up while accepting all of that as something good, where in whatever other office is punishment with dangerous consequences because the main actors have to make choices before that dramatics contexts are coming up, that is something that whavever human with a minimum of psychology or a real professional of psychology know but don’t have the courage to express it out, so is much better to sell the fake of “getting your better version ” or “positive psychology” that as damage made on. I am so sorry, but as in an ignronance way said Coco, give it as normal, that a human being have to be forced to leave his own identity out for a while because other or others are creating a level energy that is placed so far away from whatever ordinary psychology context, it wil never be healthy, as you are so emotional have alrady seen the consequences that have for all the sides.

The best example is on IGA when started to separate the reality from the unreality then begin professionally to develop a healthy top level that lost or win, will kept her so well, that is a real example, but someone who is losing through of getting that human are in silent submissive states when go next to him and that are coming from outside of his close environment can’t be taken as example if one want to defence the mental health and a potential development without limits, so mix up to be intense, professionalism with obssesives states, where the line is very flat so the consciousness have to finish as key in all of that at the end.


” The HABITS are always being our lost enemies, because to be a self – interdependent on many field of our essence as human beings place us in a position far away from the our own vulnerabilty, means to develop permanent changes on, as the own life on itself is it, motions, so the habits are the better excuse for that the ego doesn’t have to face up against our own fears, so if about that fact add a close social layer that bring us our own power of reasoning, the dish are hottest on, with the devils shaking the hands on, and whatever kind of injury will be the respond till a situation that will finish on chronic issues, first on mind, after with the time physically on “.



Remind that as there are not points on that tournament, except on few players through of different types of reasons, could feel on many of them that the tense, pressure or level of intensitity are being untypical, maybe as in whatever office of job, if the bosses, managers or whatever who must know that is to be a leadership don’t show it, then the rest the team group will feel that chaos, but also feel in too many players a level of frustation that is transferible about that is happening in our society in nowadays, but about tennis, as can check on formation, the objective is being inverse through of a ego that focusing that don’t want to focus to where should do it on, so is most easy to sign that are that “considere” from itself the weaks, “children, parents, or whatever other human….”,  however the real emotions, feelings from other humnas don’t be listening but about all are being understood in, it is the first big trouble on.

As have commented in other moment during the article, when all our career is based in the dynamism developed from an early age with a unflexilbe and very poor emotional development, althouhg would be better said a non-existent inner development as it wasn’t necessary, means the context didn’t demand it, however as are growing up, the life will talk you the opposite, here is where the MEMORY started to be cruel with who have archivement success on courts, basically about the things that are saving more in are that cover a space that don’t wish to face up, doesn’t matter if you are the main actor or the spectator on the stage, in both cases will be in the same poor level to justify a music that don´t have buttom nor harmony at all, justly the obsession, the ego, and our own justifying supported for the habits.

About ball girls – boys, honestly don’t know who make the training on them, other cruel example where are mix up to be effective or efficient with the intense speed on, so as the serious issues that have to create in, much more if we focusing about long terms than short tems. About the umpires there was long journey as well to do in and on.

About the covid issue, well sincerely is very difficult about that believe on it, but if there is something very sharp is that have a huge problem in relation to psychology terms from the own first base……that is really the big issue….

Here finish the Wimbledon for now, dear reader leave on your hands or much better said on your brain that you wishto learn in and even as share each other our mutual knowledge on.

Thank you very much.



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