Honestly, dear reader, if there is a sport where constantly hear to talk about the mind, resource mind, here, there, in everywhere, that the mind is, that if it was a mind problem, that the mind is bla, bla, bla, bla…..when is no like that, or talk about it with excessive promiscuity and a poor idea, and if no invent a “revolutionary method” to give on courses of “two days” when really only this time just have a “introduction to” and maybe the last one to use a “special language” where only me (person or people who offer the course) go to understand it, well neither I understand it (person o people who offer the course), for like that avoid to expose at situations that can’t manage or even feel out their control (circle the comfort create), well honestly, I prefer to expose with all their consequences where the people can understand me about that I am talking about. Why?

Easy, dear reader, because in this way no only will learn the people who listen someone with a content interesting for them if no that in the same way will able to sail in a sea unknown but very rich in wisdom, in other words of knowledge. Think like that must be, dear reader, a knowledge constant and honest delivery for all the presents because if someone read a article, go to a course, a conference, is because have curiosity to learn of other students, because all are students, although the life in some moments of our intermediate stage of adult give us the paper to be mentor (teacher) of the others, but you know, ladies and gentleman doesn’t mean you are better than your student.

Look, dear reader, the human being is more than a being with abilities where with practice, experiences, and exchange of knowledge, everybody can improve and learn each other, however the majority of people (even players as well) without necessity to open the mouth (the eyes, facial signals talk) said in a fucking rude way: “You? are you going to teach me anything? (When I have taken in this profession 10-20-30 or more years of the experience. Lol Lol Lol ( jajaja in Spanish) ), of course all that in theirs conscious minds with defensive and arrogant attitude so think that before teaching, you have to start to listen yourself.

Well, dear reader, after of write a little about my bible without being directed to anyone, just want clarify that point, because is easy to move a “herd” with lack of knowledge but in the same time with looking forward to find answers too soon, hungry of knowledge (to exchange as well), so I think is something beautiful and that nobody take advantage of all that it means for unconscious of its depth. Anyway, after of that first explanation, go to explain the points in where I think that is based the force of both amazing tennis players, and the why about all the supremacy of Novak Djokovic nowadays.


Let to start for Roger Federer, dear reader, I have been able to be with him at the Tennis Queen’s club before of the Master Cup at the O2 of London, so could see and feel many things, some very difficult to explain with words and others make me understand very well why Roger Federer has done of his career some magic and full of success but in the same time with some tough losses. When you see to him on person, in a first instant you can feel that in front of you there is a person that don’t take care about the things, but seconds after, you can realise that does is no take nothing personally with a great manage of every situation, but maybe no so much about the emotions. Why?.

Basically, the reason, dear reader, is that the personality of Roger Federer is accompanied in accordance with a cocky character (“chulesco” in Spanish) that really take off a lot pressure, and more connection with himself, so combined with a clever job on court, work hard, and a technical very good learned, because I think that nobody born knowing if no it has to be learned, the abilities has to learn with a properly knowledge and balance in all the surroundings of a person, and Roger Federer is person as well if my mind no lie me. I am 1000% sure is just that cocky character of him who does that when someone revolts against him, saying to him, hey! I am better than you, so fight of other way if you want to beat me, make him feel too much uncomfortable, ¿reasons? ¿what happen after?.

Well, principally, dear reader, for the consequences of his cocky character plus the Ego that everyone have, the questions is that isn’t the owner of your day to day, so as well doesn’t like that situations without his control, then lost the patient, letting that the other one change his game, in the same time that uses a lot of anger, angry and inners complaints, so all that disconnect to him of who really is and of the tennis what he has and everyone usually can see of him, but about all of his essence and really can enjoy deeply on court, independently of the score in that moment, situation that we have seen many times with the consequences of losing important matches, but about all with the feeling of himself that is able to give more than has shown.

When lately, dear reader, you can see that he have done some changes of pieces on his team in seeking of an extra force, where I think that is to get some of calm, but the same point of “injury” no is treated, the changes expected won’t be seen. I will finish talking about Roger Federer saying that if trains about the manage of the situations less comfortable for him cases like the revolt of some player included, will be able to create more dangerous of the that until now he has created, and about at least goes with the sensation of have saved nothing inside, sure accompanied of big surprises.


Beginning, dear reader, like with Roger Federer, also I had the big opportunity to be with Novak Djokovic at the Tennis Queen’s Club before the Master Cup at the O2 of London. So have seen, felt, and observed many things, many smalls details, where the valour is, reality wonderful, that complement or even deny that the medias are taking about, but principally have a very good reference the why Djokovic is like that of strong, powerful and without equal.

You know, dear reader, I had an anecdote with Novak Djokovic before he was well-known, it was in the tournament of my city, Madrid, Spain, before to move to the Caja Mágica, exactly when the tournament was celebrating in the Madrid Arena at hard court, indoor, 2006 against Fernando Gonzalez (Chile), the court completely empty because the match was the last match of day and also you know, dear reader, how the crowd move to the respect. The match finished about 00:35am, and remember perfectly, and never will be able to forget that when just behind of me there was a woman about 50 years old from Chile, supporting to Fernando Gonzalez, shouting and encouraging to him all kind of things, goods and bad, in a moment, I didn’t know if move another place of court, like repeat, was empty, with other 4 u 5 people more in another side of stadium, in fact I have photos about that, and sure than even the tickets if was necessary to be checked.

Then, dear reader, I decided to keep there, in the same place because,I had the feeling that would be a fountain of emotional rich, when a moment, annoying of her shouts, turned my head and said her without thinking: “Ladie calm, that another guy is very good, you will have to remind his name, because he will be number one” ( “Señoraaaa tranquila, que el otro jugador es muy bueno, quedate con su nombre porque va a ser un numero 1” in Spanish ). So by the way, Novak Djokovic lost that match in three sets if my mind no lie me. Who would say me that 10 years later of my anecdote would be a authentic reality?. My feelings were right, maybe also because always that I see a sport, pay more attention tennis’ hidden details, the emotions, but about all if it is a sport which you love a lot, then put more intense, simply needed explore to myself and all the sense that encompass to a person.

Basically, with the sum of all mentioned, dear reader, Novak Djokovic has some points to stand out of why he is with a inner connection so deep and powerful, bringing to him to do things easier than it seems in a principle to many of the people that follow the tennis or a sports in general. All is about mark a the list of priority, which things are important ant which aren’t, in definitive the way that you give importance to the things. Why must we lost the time with stupidities that know that won’t help us to fill an empty space that need of ingredients totally opposites?

Well, basically, dear reader, that is approximately the question that some day Novak Djokovic had to do himself and answered innerly. It is obvious that did that, where found the unique and true answer existing and one good communication between everything that round of our person, our essence. Probably like me, in the beginning if someone tell you about three basics principles like are the humour, the paradox and the change, with a rope that connect all of them called travel, wouldn’t think that could exist some thing true in all of it.

Look, dear reader to Novak Djokovic, in my case that could watch him when was a teenager, absolutely, represents the three elements, he has come from less to more, the opposite to Rafael Nadal, because when you have to open the doors and you don’t anyone that can intercede for you, make it to you more strong for the future, however in the case de Rafael Nadal takes advantage about the inertia of an opportunity that you couldn’t fail to everybody that have opened a door for you without the need to call, is a great and hard responsibility, few times it doesn’t turned against you in the future what will ask yourself or even will show through of situations to offer something in exchange for the received and to your continue growth.

Coming back to Novak Djokovic, dear reader, you can see many times his capacity to take the things with humour in whatever moment, full of himself the positivity, good energy and feeling the grateful that it usually gives, after pass to the paradox where can he stop to understand, to complain or even to nod with his head like frequently did, he breaths, use a lot of the breathings maybe some kind of relaxation’s technique, in definitive breaks, very very important, without breathing you are death, your vision will death, your focus off.

So, you know, dear reader, after I have seen the rhythm in that the ATP bring to the players (Imagine the WTA will be similar), and see that nobody stop to see that full of emotions happen around of them, their beautiful knowledge, the gift that it means for us, where do exactly all the contrary, could name players where arrive to brutal ends (“extremos” in Spanish), so one can see why that player have a down of ranking very important or others some irregularities ways. The worst that the total disconnection of positives scores, for much time that you spend practicing on court, gym or even with tennis tactical. Remind, “without break mental will always be blocked” (“Sin pausa mental estarás siempre bloqueado”).

That Novak Djokovic has understood very well, dear reader, about all in that moments more complicated where hold there without disconnect of himself and keeps quite calm and on focus, in fact even he does it outside of court as well, although I even would go a point more far away, although like you can see, the score accompanied all of that energy that Novak Djokovic moves, because for much that many people want “If mentally are completely blocked you will feel your body heavier than usual, in others words you couldn’t move properly, created a state of unhappiness, depression or anxiety”.

The last one, dear reader, one point in concordance with the previous, the change, in other words and in reference to mentioned in my article about the ages, is very important that in every cross of line are able to adapt to the required in every stage, is law of life, everyone have to do it, is our nature. We are no rigid pieces, can mould with a mass of clay. Novak Djokovic came from of hard country, of a hard history that he lived and saw, like our grandparents and ancestors. If Novak Djokovic have been able to mould in every stage, aren’t you?. Without being perfects, because we are human, and always can be improvable.

The physical can be worked, the technical as well, but without mind for the sport and for the life, you are nothing, in others words, dear reader, the mind is our engine, without it energy can’t move the rest of our body, so if it is healthy, strong and powerful, nobody won’t stop you, frequently in points of the ages’s stages will have to stop, see that is no necessary and which ones don’t, for after to throw away that bullshit of our engine, our MIND, and come back a state of clean MIND. All are in you!.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.