Dear reader, once again, forgive me for writing to you in Spanish, the truth is that this last week of Wimbledon Championshiops 2016 , with so many juniors, new future generation, you go a little crazy, to know who to see and whom, because obviously you can’t be everywhere. So the best thing, like everything in life, is not to control, but to let yourself be carried away by events in connection on some occasions with listening to your heart, then you are always on the right track.

On matchday nine yesterday Wednesday, if I had a mark on seeing my good friend and better person in professional doubles quarters, I am talking about Jamie Murray’s doubles match with Bruno Soares against Julien Benneteau and Eduard Roger-Vasellin,  the truth is not I expected it to be so long, almost 5 hours, a little before and after the game if I managed to follow several juniors games, but in the end I was left without seeing Paula Arias Manjón’s doubles game .

Continuing with the Juniors of this joranda yesterday, Wednesday, before entering the doubles I was watching two individual matches of Girls’ Singles Junior, the first was that of the American Kayla Day against the Russian Varvara Gracheva . Much self-confidence on the part of both, a very nice match to watch, with very good rallies, a much more than acceptable tennis, with a good game; Day is very consistent, has a lot of power, very strong physically, one of those interesting to follow, in front of Gracheva , not much less wrinkled, on the contrary, but she was very distressed with each failure, too much drama with each error, the truth is that another Russian to take into account, without a doubt, many aspects to improve.

Then I went to see him,  Katarina Zavatska against Anastasia Potapova , the truth was a game with a very high and intense pace, honestly like the vast majority of players from Russia , Ukraine in short, all that western part of Europe, apparently even during this week at Wimbledon it is. The truth is that they are players with a lot of character, personality, poise, genius, everything is transformed into all that drive so great that it reflects on the court, and in the end the one that manages to calm their emotions more adequately, takes the cat to the water “, and I think the leader of all of them is PotapovaShe is the best of all, in each of the aspects, a true leader, in this case for example Zavatska was quite overwhelmed, losing his nerves, connection with her and therefore the focus as well. But of course, the generation that comes from Russia , Ukraine and Belarus , among other eastern countries, but mainly Russia are weapons to take and take into account for the future.

Then I went to see the last three sets of the doubles mentioned above, the truth is that Benneteau / Roger-Vasellin , are well connected, united, almost that they read alone, and with much more personality and pulling both, instead I started to see clearly, as I also saw in Queens , I also think that the latest results of that pair speak for themselves, that Jamie has to pull Bruno , but it is true that what Bruno has strong, Jamie weak and vice versa, which makes it “a priori” a good combination, but if emotionally both do not put the same thing, it will continue to make water, Jamie at home, I end up not taking the defeat too well, that was an interesting game for the viewer.

Once finished, I continued with my junior investigations, where I ended up watching the match between Jodie Anna Burrage (GBR) / Panna Udvardy (HUN) against the Argentine duo Maria Lourdes Carle / Melany Solange Krywoj , it was a match of pure nerve, tension and intensity Where Udvardy and Burrage were more closely related , if I stay with someone from that couple, it is with Udvardy, mainly, because of her elegance, saltiness, knowing how to be, and by character, something differentiates her; About the Argentines, a lot of fighting, authentic warriors, without heads, like too much disorderly and agonizing push, especially Melany had to pull too much of her partner, the truth is that Melany’s certain attitude I liked it a lot, but so much emotional disorder, for a lot of fight, you win a stage but not the battle, but above all with yourself, which is where you must win it.

I closed the day nine unexpectedly, accessing the central court, free, when a couple got tired, left, gave the tickets to another couple and this in turn, had one more and gave it to me, it which I could enjoy the last set of Andy Murray against Tsonga , shorter than expected, but better than nothing, and also with access to the center for free, not much to tell, Andy unleashed and Tsonga too aware of the English public, outside of the game completely, not much was played.

Entering matchday ten, dear reader, first I was seeing Alejandro Davidovich Fokina again , in the doubles, together with Alexei Popyrin  against Youssef Hossam and Ergi Kirkin , for me nothing special caught my attention, the positive, never bad gesture and always connected to each other and working together. Alejandro’s partner , as I said the other day, lazy, very lazy, sometimes even with a feeling of reluctance, today they were both with the same spirit of wanting to burst something, complaints, lamentations, frustrations, in fact the closing point of match, an easy ball in the middle between both and neither reacts, no communication, end of the match and defeat. Even on the part ofAlejandro,  after a very good volley-left from the rival, made a certain comment towards the rival that I did not like at all, neither on the court, nor in life or in tennis, really today Alejandro showed that other side that he already left between see the other day, and much less the other part, the one that can move mountains, however for me the worst thing is to see that outsiders are either unable to see it or look the other way, without giving the importance that should be given to Such case. Anyway, work remains.

Then I saw myself, the first set of the junior girls’ match, between the American Claire Liu against the Ukrainian Dayana Yastremska , another Ukrainian to join the list, honestly many things to improve, obviously, but the truth as I have commented before above, These Ukrainian and Russian girls are of very similar energies, with forcefulness, impudence, strength, courage, that is, the difference in the emotional aspect, where you can see something more done than others, more regular, consistent, and firm, but all they also have the same pattern to lower that tension, drama and anguish.

Then I saw a match, in a wheelchair, that’s also tennis, between the British Jordanne Whiley and Lucy Shuker, honestly, it was a weak game, they can give much more, with more enthusiasm, motivation, determination, forcefulness, strength, … etc. with better emotional management. Honestly dear reader, this touched me a lot, why? Look because it is obviously presupposed that due to that disability, either from birth or due to an accident, with which these athletes will have to live the rest of their lives, they should have a perspective, a vision, really deep and different from the rest, that allows them to walk through life, focused from a depth and an internal light of authentic brightness and transparency, however I saw the opposite, lack of breath, tension, complaints, … etc. Honestly like I said before, I was shocked.

To end the day two doubles matches, the first between Eleni Christofi (GRE) / Luci Kankova against Kayla Day (USA) and Taylor Jhonson , a match not with much rhythm, cold, where the singing voice was led by Christofi and Day , in their respective partners. Two players that for the moment I would take into account. Regarding the  Christofi and Kankova party , much more corpulent, personality, with a lot of plant, somewhat accelerated, but with more determination and conviction, on the other side, on the other hand, lacking calm, with Day having to pull Taylor, I lack more balance between the two, and more impudence, conviction and calm. But I repeat the Greek and the American, let’s not forget it.

With this we arrived for me what was the match of the day, the truth all came when yesterday Wednesday I read an article on my social network, about an English girl, but who is training in Barcelona, ​​she was here at Wimbledon Junior, so I needed to see her in person and see what she offered me. She has really given me a lot, she has given me more life and many lessons of what a tennis player should be, on and off the court, obviously I am talking about Francesca Jones .

The match I saw was the doubles formed by Ali Collins / Francesca Jones against Amanda Anisimova / Alexandra Sanford,  a beautiful match with very good rallies, with fight, dedication, fight, courage and a lot of desire, that is what I like to see, in the that if you fail, it is due to excessive desire, not due to fear or any other reason. The energy of the match itself was really precious on the part of the four players, they knew how to maintain a good balance, not put more stress than they should and smile frequently, talking with their partner in a relaxed way without generating unnecessary tension energy, and also a lot of sportsmanship.

Ali Colliins / Francesca Jones , where for those who do not know, Jones plays with six fingers on her feet and 7 on her hand, really watching her play, has been a real luxury, for her personality, her attitude, her leadership, the companion, she also had a great power, her immense desire to improve herself, her motivation, her claw, her struggle, her kindness and her generosity, both with her partner, with different gestures and even with rivals, until the end. An authentic example of what I like and would like to see on a tennis court. This girl is purity, she is humility, she is heart, she is transparency and she is goodness, all at almost non-existent levels, curiously of something that should be our day to day, however, it turns us into a beautiful surprise. Today (Thursday) I have taken a gift of life.

For me what separated the British from victory, it was exactly that excess of desire, it ends up taking its toll, the last game was something strange, with his partner playing almost crying, due to a blow from a fall, he should have stopped and asked Let the physio come, the truth is that the four of them have been so honest playing, that when they watch games like this, TENNIS makes sense, it makes one get excited, I think that the type of energy that Francesca pollutes has a lot to do with that Jones, worrying about her rivals, being generous with everything, and even at the end of the match, first give a hug so honest and full of depth, not protocol, to her partner, and then greet the rivals, something so simple and So valuable, that even now writing these lines I get excited, because this is the energy that I would like to see on a tennis court and in any sport and field of life. So Thanks to Ali Collins, Amanda Anisinova, Alexandra Sanford , but especially to Francesca Jones , for being so human, and giving us a piece of her love and teaching us the true values ​​of sport and life, really thank you very much Champion from all my heart.

Let’s continue enjoying the last three days of this 2016 Wimbledon Championship , and hopefully in the present and future, let’s learn and copy something of how much Francesca Jones has taught us in these days, especially today that I have been able, to live it and feel it. Privileged.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .