Well, dear reader, after of 5 days of competition and one day with practically all matches cancelled and others suspended, have been able to see many details, obviusly couldn’t see all of them as that there were more of two hundred matches in 5 days, so everybody will understand being spaniard I chose the spaniards’ matches like priority, one Indian guy who I promised to him when was at The Queen’s Club that would go to support him, and other matches where without any decision from my part was the own life who suprised me, evidently always do that, so feel so grateful!.

It is difficult where could start with my breakdown of everything that I saw, by voice would be easier than writting, anyway let me to explain some points of the situations with more importance to me, so will begin explaining the details have seen on every match with spaniards and after with others don’t less important, start with the girls.

Silvia Soler Espinosa have never seen a player say to herself “vamos” “vamos” too many times in every pause of every point or even on every game, really useless, why? (let me to explain that in another article soon), the worst for me came after, when in the first set with 5-0, she got to play much better, made a game, 5-1 and get to pressure on the opponent, but the most important have good feelings and be closest of herself; ok, you lost 6-1 but very close to put the 5-2, like have said before finally the set with rights feelings, no enough obviusly but closer than before. Why during the break between the first set and the second set she took a notebook from her tennisbag and read anything on?, that situation remembered me to the same situation than Vasek Pospisil did last year at Wimbledon.

All that situation on my mind, did asked me many questions of that we are doing with our soul, our heart, in conclusion with our unique, true and wonderful essence. using cheat sheets? (usando chulestas in spanish) Let me, dear reader, to put a example very very clear:

“Imagine that you are in an examen, like when we were a children going to the school, and then you have to study about 10 lessons, but the teacher only will ask you about two o three of them, then you decide study only 5 lessons which is composed the exam, so you are taking a high risk, don’t you?. The other 5 lessons you decide to make a cheat sheet; finally we are on the day of the exam, the teacher divide the class on lines “A,B,A,B”, where the “A” will have questions different to the “B”, then you are on line “A”, being a little bit gossip, you realise that in group “B” you would have the questions of the 5 lessons that you have studied, worked and connected wtih you, where would develop the lessons very well.

However you are on “A”, so you have two options: First, take out your cheat sheet, maybe in one occasion the teacher won’t catch you, but in some moment believe me, he will it, as well as, you conscious won’t be clean, with the damage that it does to yourself, probably you can´t imagine, because you put your person so far away of who really you are. And the Second, work hard, listen yourself, create a good team-family comunication, pray with you and with the life (on nowadays called meditation), connected with you, then although of the 10 lessons you have studied only 5 on deep, all will go great, provide that your job have been really honest and sincere. 

It is true, sometimes with only 5 lessons studied and a cheat sheet for the rest of lessons, if you have been able to pray with yourself admiting your mistakes, you wish to improve, and show love in small things, maybe sometimes, that day it works, but no frequeently, just exceptions, because we must really to put many things of ourselves since a stage of harmony and heart, play on fire only have an end, burnt youself!, because with the first options will never have a conscious clean and connected with our essence.”

For that, dear reader, after that I have seen with Soler Espinosa and  Vasek Pospisil last year, and where seems that can transform it in a habit very bad and painful, Do you think that on the middle of a match, is good to take out a cheat sheet? Do you really think that it is going to work? Where is the limit to finish with the essence and with the real power a person that can offer on?. You know my answers, dear reader, I don’t like to see that, is awful but about all painful for the person that integrate to that athlete and after for the sport, of course.

Evidently, you have a opponent in front that also play, in this case Sivla had to Luksika Kumkhum, player that have as the forehand as the backhand with two hands, her game on the base line is so powerful and dangerous, however when you get to introduce her on the middle on the court with down balls had problems to get up the ball over the net, is a player very decisive, anyway Silvia Soler Espinosa had weapons for more, won’t repeat on my explanations that I have put a little more above.

Lourdes Dominguez Lino, a old hand fighter of that called tennis, it is true is a great warrior but without head and neither conexion, I mean, you have technical, tennis, physical in a high level, but wihouth you put head up, ok, fight fight fight, the goal always is close but in the same time far away. She have to put more than all that. In front of her had an opponent with a energy very similiar to her, but with that a few calm necessary to the moments more difficult. Gabriela Taylor, the british very good player, a great fighter as well with time to improve a lot.

Sara Sorribes Tormo, I have to recognize that love that girl, no only for her wonderful eyes, if no because she is an authentic warrior, she si tremendous, amazing, that self-love, force, giving over wholeheartedly to keep live on the match and get to reach the victory. However, sadly after I have seen her last year on the qualifying as well, one year later, see that nothing change, that her energy, her emotions, her feelings, her breathings haven’t been worked, all is exactly identical. Two things more that have seen and didn’t like at all: First The coaching of his coach, is no allowed during the match, she received a warning for that, so she was arguing with the umpire about 1 minutes, no good her focus was completly off. The Second, the instrucctions that her coach gave to her till the umpire stopped it, hit the drive to…..bla bla, hit the backhand….bla bla bla….come on, come on, to continue working, to me was all much more pressure to her, in a match for me is most important a emotional reading that a technical reading, and no everybody is prepared for that.

Sara Sorribes Tormo is really incredible, however like have said before, a year later nothing change, maybe yes, one thing, that she has too much pressure, more than before, and since that point, I don’t think so that is going to work in a regularity and about all of a way where she enjoys on court and no suffer a lot, in other words, that the suffering to be a part of her enjoy (“Que el sufrimiento sea parte de su diversion”), that last point, honestly think is very important, in other words, manage, vision and intelligence.

About the female tennis that have been able to see until now, dear reader, I want to name a few names, in special curiously who was opponent of Sara Sorribes Tormo, for me is the most surprise, who more I like until now, talk about Irina KHROMACHEVA, has a vigour, a character, a force, a personality like pushes to herself to up, that force!!!, obviusly have to learn to manage all of that, because sometimes can with her. She is so good!.

Other Girl to name is, Alexandra Krunic, although don’t to compare, let me to say that on energy is very similar to Khromacheva, these serbia and russian woman have a great potential, probably names to follow; they have everything, although my feeling with Krunic is that she hides still more inside, although they are no too high , but have that “punch” which mark a difference, Krunic if she is able to take out all it that she has, for me can be a player where shouldn’t forgot her name, in fact she got to access on the maindraw of Wimbledon ChampionshipsKhromacheva was very close, she need that point of calm, even humor (positives things) that Krunic has showed.

One more to name is, Elise Mertens, that belgium girl, she has my heart taken, talking about tennis, of course, and no only because she is an authentic twin of Caroline Wozniacki physically, if not about all, because is a girl that paint on the court a sweet game, full of feelings, emotions, heart, wonderful skills, but about all, that capacity to know the suffering as part of the game, always enjoy, never forget a smile, never give up although the back said be careful!, good capacity to don’t let that affect on her more than it is really, for me need that connected nerve, that “punch”, that Krunic and Khromacheva have. Other negative point, I didn’t like when she lost her individual match, and then her mother (think that she was), was much more angry than the daughter, the behaviour of her mother didn’t like absolutely nothing, so consider that with the time can affect on her.

Also, I could name to Sherazad Reix, a french girl, really with a motivation, a force, enthusiasm, so should be named, however all that energy have to learn to calm a lot, because it was a specie of engine running on empty, and then it will damage to her like already happen, she is only 27 years old, still can offer to herself and us much more that has offered till now, becouse honestly has tennis. Other case to name, would be to Taylor Townsend, because that american girl, no long time ago, the medias talked about her lke the new Serena Williams, I have heard to talk about her and seen some videos, but never have seen her on live till now, honestly apart of a physical similar, emotionally have a lot of job to do, really about the mind is no too strong, we must leave the girls calm, without any comparison, please, the time will talk, stop with the bullshit!.

Dear reader, I could follow writing more and more, called to anothers players who deserve to be named, like Vania king, Jana Cepelova, Ekatarina Alexandrova, Harriet Dart, Maryna Zanevska, Risa Ozaki, Freya Christie,…….etc. hope that can apologize me who haven’t named. All of them have a thing on common that are warrior, have a strong character, personality, fighting every ball like if it was the last one, in other words, they are full of ilusion, looking foward to reach the highest goal, however on many of them are noticiable a detail as very important as negative in all their full extension, a huge lack of heart, soul, essence, human naturalness,…etc.

I will be idiot, because want to be able to see humans beings, no robots frustrated and crying, watching on live, as many coaches with their basics analysis, well think that the forehand, or maybe the bakchand, or the volley, or have to be more agressive, as well we have to work more hours, more hard,…..etc then you can see more players with more muscles in every part of her body, however emotionally very poor so affects in your resistence…a match is like the life has much more details to look for, but over of the rest, is our NATURE.

About the girls, don’t elaborate more this point, although I could, just will say that Serena Williams and company have to be careful, becouse that girls come from the Qualyfication are tough, fighters, with a lot character,…etc and I am sure that more of one can leave to them in a stage of shock. Now, dear reader, let to start with the guys, well I have to recognize that have seen less matches of them than of the girls. Reason?, nothing. Because also I have seen many, principally Spaniards, a Indian guy like commented above and others than the life put me and some doubles matches.

Well, dear reader, about the Spaniards, I have to recognize that haven’t watched all of them, but if let me to talk that saw on them on their matches of second round of Pere Riba, Daniel Muñoz de la Nava, Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo and Adrian Menendez-Maceiras. 

Pere Riba lost against Mathias Bachinger, with expresions no very good which don’t think repeat, is something more difficult to get to be on focus, the instability, the frustation, don’t help neither, so simply who more calm was who won.

Daniel Muñoz de la Nava lost against Franko Skugor, all his struggle without reward, basically when you are acelerated, with too much tension without need of it, happen like De la Nava suffered, a game of want it but couldn’t, becouse is very important to have the head up and look in you and the details of around of you which will give you information, fight without balance is equal a negative score later or sooner.

Ruben Ramire Hidalgo lost against Thomas Fabbiano, here on this match, I don’t know where was the attitude, the fight, the power of the intention and determination for, miss too much that behaviour where you want to win really, and more still when in front of him, had a player with too much ego, where if you got to put umpatient, had a lot of way won.

Adrian Menéndez-Maceiras, lost against Ruben Bemelmans, just no only becouse his opponent is old hand of that called Tennis with experience in high moments of tension, if no as well because the match was designated on the worst court of all the area, in fact, on the rest of the days nobody could play there. It was a hard match, where a volley saved to Bemelmans to lost, could say it, but really who saved his match was his better determination, conviction, faith, to didn’t give up, combinated with an attitude always connected, no complaints (about grass, umpire decisions,….etc.), no bad sign faces,….etc….just the opposite behaviour than Menéndez-Maceiras.

Dear reader, about the Indian guy who have seen play on first and second round, his name is Ramkumar Ramanathan, is a good boy, fought with all he had, but for me without sense and vision, acelerated, with more stress than a real match (even the life) has, miss a better behaviour more connected with him, apart of physically and technically has to work more but without going gracy, on harmony, need know and manage all their essence.

About the rest of players, let me to name to Marcus Willis, for first time in his career, he is going to plain the maindraw of a Grand Slam. I know this guy from months ago, when saw to him in a national tournament, so have seen that have improved a lot things since the last time, his game, will be some uncomfortable for many players, maybe won’t be the best one to watch for a spectactor, but without any doubt can be a nuisance have to play against him, will see that happen.

After, dear reader, if you take a look about the rest of players who have got a space on the maindraw of the Wimbledon Championships, the youngest are between 22 to 24, and they are or from Australia or USA to expect of one from France, who I want to name, about all for his null shy, his big courage and his determination, negative point, think that much more calm, since a chaos is difficult to get success and a point of humble, think that would be useful as well.

Anyway we will see if on guys there aren’t as well some surprise where top players can stop on satage of shock, probably more difficult on guys, princiaplly because I see that all of that players, need that “punch”, connection, faith, behaviour, character, listenning and vision necessary to mark a difference. There are a clear thing, that the other day, that other guy said, without I say before a word, “muchos tienen mucho tenis dentro” on english something like “many players have a lot of tennis inside of them”. Then I had to make me that question, Why aren’t they showing out their real tennis? (¿Porque no estan mostrando su verdadero tennis?). 

Dear reader, I want to finished my article to make a report about something that habe been able to see with my eyes, where also knew a guy who work one of that companies, I am talking about the bets, that year had more crowded than last year, because also people know more where the qualification was going to be celebrated, in this point nothing strange. The sad, the dissappoint me, although is somehting that everybody konw, is to see people who came to bet on live, they don’t care sport, and much less tennis, only support or shouting to a player to a economy interest. They need that player win the game in target or just two points, or one set on tie-break….etc…it was something sad, very sad, and full of helplessness. While ATP, WTA, ITF and PLAYERS continue offering their image and sponsorhip to some of that betting shops or even casinos, nothing will change, first must give example, the money shouldn’t gain with whatever cost and if on a humans terms possible.

Everybody have a happiness Wimbledon Championships, at least try all the necessary for it.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.