In the last times are able to contemplate as the human beings have been converted in a closed and selfish specie, absolutely robotic in something like as if were the harmonic movement that proceed of an accordion, so means that are not any kind of conviction there away nor any way to execute a critical thought that could push to our lungs to open in dimensions never seen till now while in paralel were create a motion far away of the land that we believe to know on.

The last weeks and moreover add that four days in other spaces have seen able to observe as the human being is a prisioner of their own involution through of grabbing as they can in ways without senses where the legs that hold up all the weight is not other thing that bubble of values and about all an ocean of excuses throw away between the game of the habits, the wishes and a brutal level of fears, that leave to the human being in an absolute unconsciousness, that when suddenly appear out some kind of change, as for example just today was able to observe before to write that article in a coffee shop while walk on the middle of street because the center of London was closed by the St. Patrick day’s celebration, however the human are placed in a place so far away of their own creativity that just change a detail and then inmediately are able to find theirselves in a level of desorientation where the dimensial cube (there is an article about it) is so narrow that keep their steps on the same wake that the rest with a brain in mode off, so is just swiching on through uniques dominants actions.

Sincerely doesn’t matter that is happening on tennis, education, politician…etc.. or even as have been during the last days in situations where the health is on game as is a pool’s course, or even also happens in the own place of job, because we are not human beings, just simple numbers or even sadly for some female’s cases piece of meats, when really are living beings, that means that have the chance to breath in/out, to feel emotions while grab whatever level of feelings in, doesn’t matter if they are positives or negatives, all the ballom are exciting fields of freedom to feel each one of them without any kind of fears and of course never leave them hidden behind of habits or routines  that simple will contaminate an issue that in a future period will find their own space to harm with much more bravery without management at all.

Really must be unacceptable to pretend expulse out our own fears against others while in the same introduce to the rest of the group in two ways:

  1. Apart of their own fears or injuries that have never been worked at all, let us to brings them our own fears as if they belong to themselves, through of levels of judgements so include as gestures as verbal language ( tones and words) so are very present in the called social psychology, patterns so sharper on reflect out.
  2. A lock of uncoscious manipulation that usually are hold up through of very clear ingredients to create an environment that play on an unique music that avoid with all their costs that our person can be seen on exposuring on, because the our tools or resources to manage don’t exist in, so it really scares a lot!.

The common point from both situations is that are so sabby in terms of courage and hounor that need to discuss in gossips and disgusting improvised meetings our poor details absolute on contamination and that have their base on the point of impact, like that in some way reassure our weak position through of making other or others accomplice of our reactions – actions, because for ourselves are too impossible to get a enough level of bravery when our space of the place is absolutely lost.

Then to the big question or better said out, two big questions:

1. Where are leaving our real needs or even the real needs that the neibourgh need in that exact time (don’t before or later, just there)?.

2. Are we able to detect that small and silence details that are making the difference at then end?.

About to respond both questions let me that must be everyone by itself who seek on depth the responds, however of course that will let myself to say out that if the human being instead of losing the whole time in stupid or material things was going to place in those that really matter, then would be able to realise about the real information that let to surf in about the humans beings that we have in front through of a bridge in a loose nord that will give us the door to go in in all cleaniness, peace and consistency while go development on them a potential without that fatigue them or are permanent cut the wrong cable that place in peaks that from the first second already were warned us that could happen in.

Sincerely, must be able to work from the real needs because as for example I lived others days in a emergency pool course (Rescue) or as see us in many position’s managements and as of course we live on permanently way on tennis and in the sport world but without forgotting that is happening around of the world, the contamination between humans beings can reach levels absolutely irreparable in levels where the predisposition will have excessive grade of influence, basically is that the real needs always are left inside of a big trunk because is request us “a priori” a high demand but that if we touched the pause’s bottom for a short time while were able to learn as can analyse the context that have in front of us and also know as hold up clear readings without external and inner inteferences while distinguish every detail as the context as the individual inner, I can secure that after will make us that the whole process are much more efficient, effecive and consistent without end at all (enduring).

” In a world where the level of stimulus that will never stop to grow up day by day from the moment that we open our eyes, but even at night while are in our dreamings, is every time more essential to work or generate teachings have always on present the real needs from the people that we have in front us, but it must come first to be honest about our own needs of that precise instant and of course the value to face them up. “

So to finish with my reflection is really scare in fields as the Medicine, teaching…etc, means in all of that have in their hands on the health of other human beings on about as the ignorance or simply maybe it shall be an absolute noisy emotional out of control that usually are covered through of facts full of dominancy or just through of repetitions over and over, so our way is get over through of that weak bridge that place us far away of a level of vulnerability that is going us the force and the consciouness to travel through of the way of the evolution. 

” The judgement through of going to place labels on or simply to see as logic whatever ordinary situation must be over in the same way that let ourselves to walk from diferents levels of objectivity that let us to sign and development out the real facts of the context, which will always be an enormous allies in terms of prediction and anticipation without need to wait to the impact is coming out “.


Nobody will understand me but I am aware about that I am saying out. I can say you which are the REAL NEEDS, because on every person is different but noticiable as also in every context wil give us a set to be considered on.





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