Dear reader, now we have to talk a little about the day of Monday and Tuesday, the first two of this second and last week of this Wimbledon 2016 , well I can only talk about the eighth, because the seventh was really very difficult for me. To be able to enter, and to access around 5:00 p.m., I decided not to access. But today I have compensated myself, seeing very interesting things and for the future, rather not too distant, a lot of information and very useful details from which to learn and from which I think they can, should and should improve. 

The truth, I consider that I always or point too much weak points of the players and other sectors that accompany the players, in short, the person behind those social positions or even also in this game of life, I show my cards too much, which That will also be sold against me, because people as long as they do not leave their seat and share it, so as not to be usurped, can become really bad, and more at the beginning, being a “novice”.

That said, let’s go with what happened at Wimbledon , what I could observe are many things in the junior world, as if you know Wimbledon , this week on the outfield tracks, it’s up to the juniors and also the veterans. What dear reader, if you are Spanish you will find everything that I am going to say in the following lines very interesting.

Well, I’ll start with the four Spaniards that I saw today, Paula Arias Manjon in singles and Eduard Guell Bartrina, Nicola Kuhn and Alejandro Davidovich Fokina in doubles, since yesterday I couldn’t see them in singles and today when the singles arrived they had finished. Although I have seen the boys in doubles, they are the same people, the same emotional management, but different human experience, but the essence of them is the same, are they, dear reader? In fact I will see Paula again tomorrow in doubles and Alejandro I suppose that on Thursday in doubles again.

About what I saw in the match of  Paula Arias Manjon , who lost with Canadian Bianca Vanessa Andreescu , speaking first about her rival, a player whose name we should remember, I saw a player, very confident, in the points intervals, in the gestures and way of bouncing the ball before the service and between service and service, very powerful in all his strokes, with a very strong, forceful character, in which he could easily put on a bad face, with the consequent anguish, and the As a consequence of the ups and downs and impatience that this supposes, what a player who has everything or almost everything said was a true reflection of her coach, who was by my side, rough, strong, forceful and apparently safe, in short I think that much more that good Paula .

Already entering the matter of  Paula Arias Manjon , the first thing I did not like, were certain actions from outside, which even puzzled Paula herself , there was a man, well groomed, with his handkerchief in his jacket pocket, I don’t know if it was her manager and even some family relationship, but during the first half of the set she was there, when Paula came to play on that side of the court, where I was also, things in life, because I performed worse, in fact even, even with PaulaOn the other side, this man started talking on the phone, turning his back on the track, then he left and did not appear again, I don’t know where he would go. Then another came, who must also be from his group, who put things in life in the same corner, he seemed like an Argentine, and after a while he also disappeared, there was a moment that Paula looked for that area, without finding anyone, The truth is that her coach was on the other side of the court and in the front area, but the truth is, every situation, and the indecent pressure without logic that they put her, for me it was out of place, it hurts more than it helps.

Paula , when I could really see something of the tennis that this girl hides much better, which is a lot and very good, it was from 5-4 of the first set, when she saw herself “with the rope around her neck”, as we would say in Spain , and also when those two people were absent, a better Paula was seen. The truth is, this girl is pure sensitivity, I really liked what I saw, she has a forehand that does a lot of damage, that when she hits her for real, without fear, it is devastating and it really hurts, a very consistent reverse, good intelligence of game and mental, good game on the net, and a serve where I consider one of her weak points, the other, the security in herself, believing in her, not doubting anything, being brave and powerful, she should not be cowering shoulders, loosening from the soul, from the heart, already in the previous training, things were marked.

Here, dear reader comes to mind, the following question:  Is being more powerful to be more masculated? , I let you look for your answer, yes, we do not believe that this is achieved by getting more muscle, obviously something needs in its proper measure and in conjunction with swimming, because we believe that with more mass we will be stronger, but it comes from the part emotional, that part joining it with the human maturity of the experience of the next years, give it to Paulathe final click up, both as a player and as a person. The truth, and although it sounds like a fist, without making any noise through the media by anyone on your team there is this, because so much noise, I never quite understand it. She is still a 16-year-old girl, they have time to manage all that emotional part well so that she can play without pressure, more than what a job generates, enjoy and take out everything she keeps, from a confident and courageous personality.

About the boys, the truth is so much, so much and so much is said about Nicola Kuhn , by the media lately, and less about the other two, but especially with Kuhn , very recently a media, cataloged him as if he were Roger Federer , saying “Federer already knows the Kuhn” , and you who did not know the boy, you want to meet him and see him in person, to draw your own conclusion, my own conclusion. Well, honestly, I would tell everyone to change their address to a true leader Alejandro Davidovich Fokina , I keep him in a very, very high percentage. because?.

Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, an authentic player, with the good and the bad, super sure of himself, I would say that too much, bordering on going too far, which implies a lack of humility and respect for the opponent and for life, that is the negative part of him , the rest, is a true leader, few players take the responsibility of the couple on top, assuming total command and direction, all the weight, without doubts, without fissures, forceful, devastating in their serve, without fear, all the responsibility the He took it, just like that, in fact he closed the game with his serve, first an ace and then a masterful point, finished with a touch-left, masterful on the contrary, he took all the “ooo” and applause, really spectacular. However, as I have said before, and I imagine that something like this must have happened in his singles match that he lost, that lack of humility, which also means greater deconcentration, consequently loss of focus, they can surely make you walk like a skull, just like your logo on the clothes you wear. If you improve this aspect this player should be someone to kill, and will reach unimaginable heights. 

Well, let’s talk about Nicola Kuhn , it is true that she also played her singles match today, which barely lasted an hour and 11 minutes, a couple of hours later, she was already playing the doubles, the match that I saw, I am sorry I missed the individual. But what I saw is that he was playing as a couple with the American Sam Riffice , who curiously he had defeated in the first round, so it was clear who should be the leader, and who was not, but far from it was. This is the difference from someone big, someone who doesn’t, the leader rank, is very big, in the first set, at times something was pulling, with some gestures, but already at the end of the set, and see with what sensations end one and the other you are realizing even more. 

The truth is that I, dear reader, with Kuhn At first I did not know where to get it, it cost me almost the first set practically, until I hit the key of my analysis, he is a player, with a lot of plant, with good temper, however, a lack of authenticity, of pretending to be someone who does not It is, he has to be himself, with his game, with his tennis, with what he carries inside, and only he knows, he must not remain contained, nor appear to be more powerful than he really is not yet, he has to open up and let go , Do not go at times to exaggerated revolutions, which only cause overwhelm, stress, discouragement and significant mental fatigue, because he looked as if he had super heavy legs, and by gestures and others it was more, as I say a mental fatigue that physical, but by transmitting that to the physical, you generate that insurmountable loop, as the result of the last twelve games says they only won one.He has a job, he lacks leadership skills, and I don’t even want to think that all that media pressure, put on a person, on a “little boy” of only 17 years old, is not already affecting something too.

The last Spanish junior who was in the running, Eduard Guell Bartrina , I also saw him only in doubles, really weak, in all fields, but the most important in positive attitude, mentality, emotional, at stake, in knowing how to be, in all the most important. This doubles match was a curious two maced and tall guys of almost 2 meters, where his partner, by the way, physically an air of Gael Monfils , was the North-American Olukayode Ayeni , against two “small” and not very strong Japanese, Toru Horie and Yuta Shimizu , without being a great thing physically, but very close together, with a lot of intelligence, pause, and better vision of the game, obviously.

Here would enter the saying “So much muscle for so little head” , what is the use of so much muscle, to be so athletic, to be so powerful, to be so monstrous, if you do not have the most important thing, the head and its emotional stability. That they have tennis, it is indisputable, but I absolutely lack everything that is important, and even more so to the Spanish, with more negative attitudes, which do not help at all. We will see if there are changes. If I liked it a lot, the attitude of Ayeni’s coach , losing the game, and sharing love and smile, with those who passed, and also with rivals, is something that should be more frequent, regardless of other things that I may believe or not from this coach, but that attitude should always be there, the reward that is collected later is immense. 

Well dear reader, about other foreign players that I have been able to see, and that I consider interesting, another American, Amanda Anisimova , brave, sensitive, without fear, of course, that if she was too distressed, but in the closings, she was too agony , speaks to be aware of its evolution. In doubles I saw Emily Appleton (GBR) and Morgan Coppoc (USA) against Baijing Lin (AUS) and Jaimee Fourlis (AUS) , the English and American lazy, a lot of sensitivity, moments of good tennis that they hide, but too much frustration, overwhelm and pressure, on the other side Lin, is corpulent, has power but has many facets to improve, and now I come with the one that most caught my attention, Fourlisthat precisely I not only saw her in the doubles, but also for a while in the match that she lost precisely to Anisimova , the Australian I don’t care if she lost in singles with the American, she has a very good attitude, strong, she does not lose her smile, consistent , playing with intention and determination, in doubles she even showed her facet as a leader, of not being afraid of that, being really brave, for me, she lacked patience, tranquility and a better vision of the game, in short, emotionality, name to follow, we will see evolution.

The truth, dear reader, probably leaves many players without naming, or giving my analysis about them, for not having seen them, and to cover them all here in a writing, it is not easy, I have only collected what I have been able to see. What if it caught my attention, and I really liked seeing it, but I would like more to know what they put, and add to it all the information that I get from what I see, is having seen several coaches with a notebook, doing Annotations about things that happened to his player, in some cases they were drawings and lines, what he would have given to exchange information and learn from each other.

On the top, as they are already in center courts, I barely saw anything, more than a little the female doubles between Annika Beck / Yannina Wickmayer against Ekaterina Makarova / Elena Vesnina , the truth is that Vesnina , pulls well from the car, a leader , a lot of strength, sometimes a little accelerated, in short, and all of us who follow tennis, true dear reader, we know her, in fact she is in the singles semifinals, which will rival Serena Williams , an attractive semifinal.

Oh by the way, I don’t want to forget either, dear reader, about what supposedly happened yesterday to Pablo Cuevas in his doubles match, a match that takes a long time, and that as a human being, and after not stopping to hydrate, he has the need to go to the bathroom, that a human being must have in his “head”, not to allow him to go to the bathroom, where is common sense, empathy, and other human values, what century are we in? .

In boys apparently, we expect a very tight quarters, Sam Querrey vs Raonic, Federer vs Cilic, Berdych who finished coming back today, against Pouille,  (I recognize a player that I have not seen play yet)  and Tsonga against Murray . Let’s enjoy.

To finish, dear reader, just a reflection, since in juniors, there seems to be a general pattern, from everything I have been seeing, of entire matches and brush strokes, sometimes it gives the feeling of a copy of the majors, the exaggerated pressure, overwhelm, meaningless pushing, … and a long list of disqualifications that I could continue to use, all with the same result, you are much uglier, retained inside, that is frustration, anger, screaming, exaggerated body tension, bad ways, and even why not say the fashion “Nadal” , one arm wider than the other, not in all cases, but in some cases, as I said before, after all, there should be nothing but tension. that all work generates, that is, none, rather the rhythm that you generate and a more up-to-date phrase that I mention now,“Muscle-talent is not equal to success, intelligence (I add the emotional one) + capacities or abilities developed for this purpose, it is equal to a greater success than you receive, after all, that piece of tin remains there , your trip, no “. 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .