That Czech the another day like as well at Madrid, you could see on live, it is the old tennis, the real essence of that sport that should live with us forever. That tennis with touch, with class, smart, simple, and about all with a lot of benefits to body and the mind where think that connected with a good emotinal balance, the articultions don’t suffer as actually it does very frequently.

You know, Dear reader, actually is all stressful, full of anxiety, speeds and rythms of jobs unnecesaries, emotional chaos,….etc…it happens at tennis as in others sports and sectors of the life. really on tennis are losing that authentic tennis that Stepanek with his 37 years old still does very good and very enjoyable for the spectator and for himself, provide on him a career longest than one could imagine, because the tennis is to enjoy on.

The last Sunday and Monday the match that Andy and Stepanek played with interruption of the raining were really brilliant and lesson to all of them that is step to step destroyed the sport, their values, in special at tennis his rules and values together with the essence the people that play and want to play that sport and be part of that world called Tennis, as useful to other values of the life.

Hopefully, there are in a future more Stepanek, Andy, Henin, Capriati, Graff,….. through of the tennis world, people above the figure of the tennis player, where they play really tennis, and the rest simply enjoy with a true tennis.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.