It is time to talk about tennis again, althoug it is in a few words, direct but clear. Today I just watched the last part of match between my namesake against Jack Draper, and clicked in a small highlight about it. Quickly saw a detail that is so soft that don’t think that is going to see easy for the rest, but that is sign out differences in that kind of matches.

Carlitos Alcaraz, His forehand, need to get much better space with the ball, so after it will help to save energy ang develop a bigger consistency on. About his left volley, keep going with the movement don’t interrupt it, between other small details.  Even I can feel the improvements of carlos about the turn about, the way to place down the weights to after make a good transfer, and body and gesture position were really stable on.

Jack Draper. Here, is so I decided to write that article, as saw a small detail that can go unknown, it was with his wrist, felt it so tighten, for example in running to the drop shots, volley,…etc… means on strokes that need you loosing the arm, it was most perceptible, so clear, maybe I am totally wrong, but I don’t think so, think, that he must let himself to make much more game (movement) with that, so will help him as well in his base line strokes. Think that on that detail was the difference on the match, that small things against players as my namesake is dangerous.

Other two details, insist about the respect to own genetic, as most close are being able to fix on that, much more time of the reaction we win, Look Carlos, Look Iga or Rafa, Nole or Federer,….. etc… and the other one, the movement of the foots, too stuck against the floor, the ankle on that point will be suffering more and the reaction will be slow enough….

Anyway I am not the truth, just use my skills…



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