To live by one’s wits (VIVIR DEL CUENTO), “SUPERCOACH” & Criticism to the Nadal´s Words.

Today is turn to talk a little bit about tennis with special focus the match between Alexander Zverev and Felix Auger-Alisassime, ok, surely many of you would be wondered what is going on about the match between Rafael Nadal vs Carlos Alcaraz, to be honest, directly I didn´t watch, I was studying but in addition sincerely I wasn´t looking forward to watch a crowed that are like a flock of sheep without using the brain at all, specilally in Madrid, where practically understand anything about tennis is equal to nothing without forgeting the permanently behaviours full of insolence (Chulería) and bravado actions.

About Carlos have already warned about it to 2 years ago, at 2019 while was celebrated the Wimbledon Junior, and yesterday (Friday) have had a serious warning, about small aspect but that in the same time has his relative weight on. Honestly I don´t want to send bad omens, hope so that can be wrong with my level of observations, inner analysis.

About the matched that have been watched between the German and the Canadian human beings, let me to make it by separating my analysis:

Alexander Zverev: The Sergi Bruguera´s hands was notifiable a lot, however observed something that can be dangerous, that very often is happening through of the many of the coaches, means, when mix up that have to be agressive as the intensity, that always has consequences about both sides of factors, said in other words, if we are missing the intesinty in favour of a level of aggressivity then will create a mental disorder that is stuck to a body´s disconnection with its colateral consequences in techniques aspects, and of course that in their whole set is a high risk of injuries.

About his technique that want to focus in two clear aspects, first in his left side, backhand and volleys where will find a small curiosity, in slow or standby movements he usually turn too much the body instead of serving the body ahead to tilt his body straight ahead creating a bigger space wihtout lost the control and gain in consistency.  About the serve, he blocked the left had so don´t give space not any time to gain a solid consisency on, mean about his position and toss the ball, so grab it a little bit down, so reduce his porcentage of services, obvisously in second serves in relation about the confidences is most visual.

Felix Auger-Aliessime, here I can´t bite my mouth, need to remind you through of a link that will attach down, the small words that wrote about him in other article exactly one year ago and that collaboration with the Toni Nadal, the hazardous way that it could arrive stuck in.


Sincerely, must be absolutely clueless to a subject that create a circle that keep a construction that is permanently in a rythm dynamic of motion that will never let to extend justly our inner if not the natural extension of our body as well, once that have fixed a habit in parallel to our EGO the issue is going to be so complicated to open in, but is strictly needs that don´t believe in our inner a story that usually is far away of the own reality visual, because usually our interpretations is restricted of objectivity, so impulse up an powerful infiction of Subjectivity to feel a release of a Tension that in their most porcentage grade is not coming from the volumen of our job, if don´t justly we have to add it to transmit or just report out an trail of justifications that can give a sense of our thoughts and emotional states of our journey.

Nadal´s Words about Carlos Alcaraz. It is going so difficult to make the world a little bit better, if have an person with so much influene in a 90% of the global society and went out in the medias to make a declarations that in nowadays in the XXI century deserve all kind of several criticisms, because must be completely unacceptable to keep pushing to the people to divide between the good or the bad, the best or the worst, the white or the black, that just create most violence and agressive behaviours, destroying a spirit that the tennis doesn´t represent it as individual sport that it is, sincerely sir Rafa Nadal, here have made a tremendous mistake, in a moment that to new generations could have been an inflection point to look at the things in a way a little bit different and with a wide perspective on, however you words totally absence of humilty and full of conceptual ignorance sadly damage and will go to damage that sport that you said that  your love, but about all is going to damage to human beings, many of them colleagues of your profession, becasue invite to the people to create human clasifications is THE WORST, DISGUSTING and UNRESPONSABLE attitude from someone that have righfully gained a colossal influene about a society that is missing of the critical thought, but about all is not ready to mover over waves that move them to permanently news skylines on.

Patrick Mouratouglu – Simona Halep, Although there are details that could be grabbed as reference if you want to be a great tennis coach or better said the best tennis coach you can do it ever, so must alway be our objective in whatever profession that chose, just to be the best that you can catch up to be in and after go away to transmit it wihout scaring at all. Well maybe I am wrong, but the feeling that I have received in, is that in the WTA circuit is most easy to manipulate and create circles movements, that in the ATP circuit, where Egos usually face more up, but of course that is happening there as well, but with a small difference, the duration in the space, usually shorter than in the WTA.  Said that becasue observed few details of Halep on the court, that couldn´t understand, so Ons Jabeur gave a beautiful lesson, full of soul and natural determination. (Remind a little that explained few days ago in article that wrote about the Champions League the football where Villarreal and Manchester City, suffered the same lapsus when already have millions of information to fix from their respectives first legs).




It is very simple to reduce in a sentence, if you don´t belive in the concept of design, please take your figure out from the boat, because that absence of credibility will do shortly a tremendous damage to the group of job, and as well as in an individual way are going to open differents drained channels that once time openning and without bridges on that help in absortion and answer will create a serious inner problem to those who are or is the main actor/actress of the action, but that obviously in some way bring written a colateral effect to who is crossing around of.

* Here have named some of that are called badly ¨SUPERCOACH¨, but there are much more in both circuits and that the same rutine have been the same, while damaged or have create mental chaos in different type of levels in according the multiples factors of the player (Human beings).


¨ Hopefully was brave enough to take the exit from the dogmatism or dogmatic thoughts that don´t have any use at all, just to create a field of justification where never invite to put our steps out and then grab the ability to see what is going on over there while without pausing is inviting us to seek a new question for every motion or context ¨. By Carlos Azuara.






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