In some way to feel that step by step, I am coming back to write about tennis or much better to say out to explain details as technical as psychology as even physiological is a feeling that mustn´t lost in, otherwise then I wouldn´t be myself, but let me to say that if I had the chance to develop information about others levels / Categories, please believe me that I would do it, but sometimes because they are under age, or for confidentiality or justly by the fact to be polite and human with the neigbour, can’t write about, so within the range of material that have on to show my skills, the easier is to break in few pieces the huge number of situations that happen inisde of a professional tennis match, but insist one more time, the tennis in my inner is far away about names, places, institutions or whatever other issue where have the need to place a label on, the tennis is tennis, that´s it.

So let´s go to get fun and learn together, well let me say that are working between two jobs, meanly watched anything on, so means that before go to bed watched a couple of games, except today on the final that have been played earlier on.

Jessica Pegula. Observed in her a great determination that was joined by staring actions although after the flexibility about it usually has anything to say out; but if we talk about technical aspects, there was once that called me the attention that curiosly days after when have watched some hightlights had that area cover by a bandage on, and the matter is that in her service that her left leg have a support too tight up, so create a tugging on the leg, means a kind of pressure that is not natural and so must be loose, in a free motion. About the rest in a general view as take a good nature space – distance with the ball let that her shots take an dangerous point to the adversary, as also think that her position in preparation – action is a little open in according to her body size, that have the risk to force the reaction even lost seconds to grab the ball in a sweet point of impact that let to rip the shot to the adversary while gain space and dominance on.

Emma Raducanu. I have wanted to watch some highlights from her the USOPEN on the last year, analysing it a little bit, but honestly hate to make comparations, so have watched it after developing my analysis of her match and justly not before is useful because comes free of contamination on; so honestly the details are clear, first thing right now from the baseline when turn around her movements are not natural nor clean and finish it too much in front of the net, corrects that adding power on is begin from the roof as also the extension ahead is missing a little bit. Other point is the whole psychology way that is moving around of her, the gestures talk by itself are too much loading on, a backpack too heavy that doesn´t deserve to support that, think that there are many people around, so she need to find her own identity by itself, and the first step to understand to herself, in that point remind me other top players from oldest or old generations in a fight that create more frustations that cheerfuls moments on.

Andy Murray. On that period, don´t make sense to talk too much about him or go in to details, but let me to talk about the cramps that he got on his legs, for sure in a high porcentage can say that have a narrow relation between the stress and the tremendous influence with the nervous system, so know really well, so that if add the small detail to have a metal in your body, in some way the body have to find the own balance for itself, if we are elevate our own nervous system, so create a pressure closed in a point but after can extend beyond of that, even some nutritional detail can work as a needle in the all circle but never will be the center of trouble, if not that is in our brain, how, when and the frequency that send that information to the same point of over loading in, basically is chain that can block all our body in.

Cameron Norrie. I have already told about it on my last article in relation to the Canadian Open, so are getting to go through of small differences but keep that patterns already explained, so when come someone like Coric comes on then suffers more, super well positioned, fluent, means that strategy must be different and don´t repeat the classic one, the forehand was other handicap where lost leadership on.

*Felix Auger Aliassime, couldn’t watch but guess that keep on the same dynamic explained on the last article on.

Carlos Alcaraz.  Mentally must place down all the nord, right now the ego is over him, means to waste a lot energy about external factors, that put his concentration out and make weak his level of attention. Tecnically, a lot of force on movements, so looks like a monkey ( Remind you about our Genetic influence in and out, but also as can look in some context to other living being), well about that means when have compared it with a monkey, is as simple as that on every movement waste an inhuman excess of energy as also make that reach the position completely out of balance, like lost of pause on and clarity of natural choices on. An excess that have a price on most far away than the own outcome.

Borna Coric.  I could watch him yesterday in the final and some highlights, let me start to the inverse, means from the last issue, so then must place about the second set of the final, 4 -2 for him and service to get 5-2 (he got it), on the first service of the game, noticed as her left leg changed through of nervous system, at least it was my perception, then saw as it was up during the game, because are not details that usually to see reflected out (doesn´t like that), however and probably with some porcentage of unconsciousness got the skill to manage it in an way practically unnoticeable, keep the same consistency (rock) that was during the all match, even on previous matches (analysed on highlights), till all kind of balls, high, weight, efects, movements,….. always was able to find a good support and a good choice, but about all resist on determination; some detail to correct if needs to fight against opponent as Nadal, Djokovic, even Kyrgios if is looking forward to work, is don´t keep stuck in the area, mobility dynamic and a mind much more instantaneous, said that because in technicals shots as are close to the next or some specific on the base line, that observed it, so the ball fall down or the impact go out of place, so failures or lost dominancy on.

Stefanos Tsitsipas. When I worked on the Queens’ Club, I had him on the gentleman dressing room as a tennager (sparring of the Big 5), there was two kind of energies, is clear which one is winning, obviously each person must develop in and out while go to lift up all his potential as human as professional, so in the same way that Medvedev, Rublev,……. women could name someone as well, my feeling are burn out in some point, so in a maturity the reasoning will be so personal on everyone, simply that energy is not good to see out, is not just about the crowded, honestly place my person about their inner, can disaggregate piece to piece every zone of them, but without a personal context is difficult but not impossible if have good tools in. ATP, WTA and ITF have a serious job to do on.

About tecnicals aspects of Tsitsipas two clear things, the position of his body with he try to hit his backhand, many times body behind, ball too much in, so have to correct it with power, physically is a high risk, but about all the main issues as on the rest as in their own movements are really two:

1. Position to the rest too open in relation to his size body, so the balance is always going back, lost the time and obviously the reaction will be always late on.

2. Movements on transiction, super open, with splits that are not the moment for that and that push him to drag behind continously, so mentally it is super extra load to manage in when alrealdy have other information that manage as well. That make overflowing!!!.

WTA final, Petra Kvitova vs Caroline Garcia, probably nobody remind already that Kvitova few years ago, was assalted with a knife in her own house and that her hand suffered a several damage on, justly when she was in one of the best moments of her career, a solid adversary, so we are able to see her to performance on that level again, after even everything that everybody have crossed as society in the last years, is a good gift for the tennis and must be a reflect to the youngest one to look at.  About Caroline is a player that kind of player that want to watch to play on every tournament that go on live (at least on my case), because always have something to teach you, right now could see her with an great body’s agility so has a great influence in the rest of the context with a mind clear and loose in.

Anyway in Culture’s Spanish, there is a fact in all professinal formation, so it is placed an strong emphasis that never stop to observe others, about all the best ones, that fix your gazing on every detail in a sharping way, means that go to know the kitchen from inside, spend time to collaborated or taking a chat with the best or those who make it properly as “fountain of healthy “… that is what I do, if add to all that your own personal set that must be develop, then can be a great professional instead of being one more from the group.

I hope that article don’t disturb to anyone, sincerely the opposite that take it as force to built it up, and finish with a detail if someone is able to respond, why were the stands half way occupaid on as in the WTA as in the ATP FINALS on?. It looks like that the affluence wasn´t so good, was it?.

*If you forgot it, please don´t doubt to read the first paragraph of that article, or go through of my channel or web where will understand the meaning about why I write it and where my focus is, as the tennis as the own life is not identiied from my side for any tag on, it comes justly from simple issue that need on.

Insist the tennis is to have fun on court in a constancy way, sincerely to complete the unlimitless level of frustations, even think that already saidly can be called it burn out, doesn´t make sense at all, that happens when our best idol are not ourselfs if not that try to find someone in front of us, so copy items that don´t reflect the realitly on and about all leaving many concepts missing out, so the psychology and physical risk is too high in. Mean that all of that is happening as in professionals as in amateur because till a gregarious society, the influence is in simple click on.

So my willingness to help so high that is time to be on silence, although are able to see colleagues, professionals, semi-professionals, amateurs…etc…. however as usually I am observed as a weird guy, prefer to keep the profile a little bit clever, on silence, just to respond out if someone is looking for my point of view from a behaviour full of interest and that push together to a mutual knowledge in without losing the polite way to interact with all people although on the 99.9% come back “empty” at home, always there is a lesson to grab in.  That is my way, a tennis in extension without tags on and that main actor must be who must be not me, I am just here to help and keep learning on!.

Thank you very much.



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