Dear Audience, here you have the second session, something more intense and with a certain slap on the wrist for many tennis coaches or any other sport, and even branching out to other professionals.

Tell you that being quite a perfectionist, the need for that silence to be able to inspire me to take out all that interior that I have as a group, that is, in one run, makes that absence forget details or expresses situations at half gas to what could be For that reason, apart from the third installment that I will share with you tomorrow, I will make an extra, I promise that it will be shorter than these three sagas of said videos, focused on these three fears:

  1. The fear and the pain.
  2. Fear and the capacity for Suffering.
  3. Fear and control.
  4. Fear and what is right or kind, what path do you think should be chosen?
  5. Fear and collapse … apathy … mechanization …
  6. Fear and freedom ..
  7. ….. in principle those I will cover in the EXTRA …

Although they are already implicit in this extensive trilogy of videos, honestly because of the weight, the importance and the need to make them directly, since I forgot them, I will make that extra, that I will upload immediately after these three.

The Grow staff is not magic, it is a long way, tomorrow in the last saga of the three videos you will see it clearer ……. not to say when the extra goes up !!!! …….

Enjoy the content, which is very good, forget about prejudices or comforts …

Below you have THE STRUCTURE of this second part …


12. Everyday FEARS, extreme or warlike FEARS.

 13. The weight of SELF-ESTEEM or absence of SELF-ESTEEM in FEAR, the reactions it generates. (Face Fear Without Feeling Fear)

 14. FEAR related to subjectivity (accommodation) vs Objectivity, retention, apprehension, blocking, braking, and chronification.


 16. OWN FEARS will create FEARS IN OTHERS.

 17. THE FEAR TRAPPED BY THE EGO. The comfortable edge of the water.

 18. Absence of the VALUE OF UNDERSTANDING, and continuation by ADAPTABILITY in relation to FEAR.

 19. FEAR in the OTHER, UNDERSTANDING, three types of EMPATHY, only the third is useful in all cases, but actions or lame investigations.

 20. CHAOS and ORDER, REBIRTH again.

 21. RESISTANCE, walls, do not stay in the middle of the duality of FEARS. Generalized intermediate point of adverse effects (Placebo, routines, rituals, parallel border … etc … harmful probabilities)

 22. Focus of FEAR through FEAR. Not being ACTORS / ACTRESSES of ourselves !!! (Coaches not this please! No confusion of other populist terms!). 


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .