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about me

Amazing question, but I would add one more, What defines myself?, both treasures are really full of intensity and purity obviously if give an answer without any costume. Invite you dear reader to make yourself the same questions and find your own answer.

In this case is my turn to talk so about my person, that person is full of emotions, emotions with all kind of colours, energies, positives and negatives, judgements in both ways (this aspect one where I must work more, believe me I do), suffering indescribable like If I have been in a war (no exaggerate) maybe still I am fighting with, my sweet company forever, anyway I give thanks to god to have that because probably is let me to be the person who I am today.

Whatever sport HIDE a lot of information about our emotions, in definitive about our real essence, however the tennis, my sport, a sport that “saved my life”, that meaning so much for my person, no easy to explain, have something special, tools inners, where reach the side hidden of every person (no forget the players before that players are people), this side clean of hypocrisies and servilities, in others words my real essence, my real potential, your real essence, your real potential dear reader.

The tennis with my first racket about 4 years old, and my first group lesson about 8 years old and like that until 18 years old, the last four years on individual lessons. The tennis touch and carry on teaching me a lot about the emotions, there are a huge sea of hidden emotions behind of the tennis, but no only useful on the court, for outside of the court as well.

After a long time period where have been able to see as the sport join together to the multitude as in monstrous city as in my own village, also have been writing for website of others (like journalist feeling me as an usurper), writing many comments on my social networks, catching up a lot details during every journey (coffee shops, subway, gym,…etc) and also in my actual job where the very few people that have wanted listening a few, have felt the necessity to ask me more and more, in relation with my thoughts about the way to bring the emotions, and realise about the logic and the common sense but about all for details that all of them elude of their compression.

All that together with my illusion, my necessity to supplement my thoughts to learn all each other, and because I consider that I can help a lot about a matter that principally on tennis is on everyone ́s tongues without really know the real reach of the power of our hidden inner, I have decided to make this blog, like I am, full of love and with a total respect and humility to everyone.

Ah! If I have made this blog is because I know a lot about that, I would never think to write about something that I did not have any idea or any experience about it, and more when you can reach to mix health with mind. Said that, enjoy on my blog, that doesn’t stop here!!!

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.