LAUNCHING MY NEW WEBSITE (Migration and new design from the old one).

THE CORNER OF THE THINKING: Launching my new website (Migration and new design from the old one).

On the video that is on English and Spanish explain you that will find on my website, just as make my identification about that three names that you can read on very clear (TENNIS COACH, EMOTIONAL ADVISOR, PHOTOGRAPHER), and as someone will ask, let me to say that about HIDDENTENNIS plus the MANTRA that came with it was already explained on one of my first videos launched out.

I am a human being that have never hidden anything and will never do it, therefore go always in front of you absolutely naked, means that the value of the honesty is a tool without option to get on argue there.

My insistence don’t know limits because I am not afraid to anything and my defence about my passion and the mental health always will be there. Deserve that opportunity and will keep fighting for it.

Other two points that identify my content and want to leave so clear as well although maybe you were are not able to understand anything:

1.  “ With very little can do a lot, don’t let to be deceived for the appearances “.

2.  Am I arriving too late?. The society through of their stereotypes and prejudices think that affirmatively, that is an absolutely wrong limited thoughts!. So push me to destroy without contemplation out that the experience and the experimentation is not the same, so means that common famous justification “if you haven’t been that or you have never done it….etc…etc…. You can’t do that “…. it is just that, a excuse from the own fear (minefield of infinites insecurities).

On my lessons of life that have learned was that if you have spent time inside the kitchen where you want to be but about all to push yourself to make a permanent challenge of an extraordinary, transparent and honest personal development you can be able to offer out much more that someone that have absolutely gained everything from the same trail of the confort, because your frame of life is expanded in other level of vision, being a very healthy and strong point to take care in. (That point is an advert for good leaderships, RRHH,..etc.. were more aware about it but where there are just two options either getting to step out in there or just to be able to apply psychology concepts on every analysis, so can look like so easy but is not easy if you don’t have the tools well development in a point of maximum demand)

* About English section of my website, please don’t take too mucha care, because the company who did the migration and the design use some kind of translator which doesn’t represent out all my actual level of English, things outside of my control.

The Video’s sections:

English from 00:00 min to 10:58 min

Spanish from 10:58 to 17:14

Conclusion English and Spanish from 17:14 to the end 24:55.