The welcome & the why & the what

Dear reader, the first thing that I want to do is give to thanks you to access to my blog, spend a few of your time on me and also have showed interest about that, for me It is a honour likewise a great responsibility, that I take it with happiness, motivation, enthusiasm, illusion, respect and a lot of love.

Why the blog?

After conversations for different social networks, as well as in person with different people of the tennis world, for every small detail seen and that I have been able to see in my job with theirs different tournaments and situations, plus the lived in the last qualification and the last Wimbledon championship, for every detail that my journey gift me in every moment through the street, coffee shop, subway,...etc.. also because tennis is the sport where very more easily the people chat and comment about the commonly know as "mental strength" where everyone believe to have a knowledge total about it, however really their is poor and popular, that situation join with a period actual of "standby" in the tennis, eager to find answers and incentives, so for absolutely all that reasons together apart of the moments that I have lived in my past with my different steps and shifts, definitely have pushed me to do this blog.

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You ask, you respond; but only the hidden emotions are whom have the unique answer.