The cover photo represents not only my place where I do my physical tasks, yogists, meditation or prayer, it is also MY current BED, yes listener, I sleep on the floor, everything is explained in the video. I already said that I am a somewhat peculiar being, the underestimations from your unconscious subconscious take you on a very fiery journey, in my case, enormously fierce. 

“Carlos, your image between what you transmit (first impression) and what you are underneath, is very beast, it has nothing to do with it, it is totally different.”  Aware that this happened to me, it happens to me and it will always happen to me, I will not stop listening to her, it is something very good as a unique thing, the gratitude always in spite of the direction that the arrow of the bow takes.




I wanted to make this 35 video for my channel for three reasons:

1 . In my last video of UNDERSTAND, I was not satisfied, I always think that it can be done better, that I leave details within the immense complexity of the understanding, development, integration and execution of said concept, it even happens to me with the latter that I am sharing with you. right now. I invite you to read articles like peaks, psychological noise, etc .. .. . as well as viewing or revising the videos of the first two phases already spoken, that of Recognition , Adaptation and its three subgroups (three other short videos) of resignation, surrender and acceptance .

2.  Because Adaptability is closely related to the UNDERSTANDING factor , the game of the conscious and the unconscious, the reflection in all your systems, the movements of shocks and loosening, entering into it being you who handles it is basic, to not letting human beings go their own way, an easy concept but very complex in the whole delivery set.

3. The love and nobility that I have given him, is palpable despite the technical problems that I continue to have with the camera, I wish that those common contacts, I know there will be a few, could send this video to David Sanz, from a cleaning and open generosity.

4. Because I am still free to jump to any part of the world, to continue expanding culture and self-knowledge, a free, whole and happy soul, full of wisdom to share, super committed, with a unique and special background, that does not mean better or worse than anyone, but with an ethical and moral responsibility, throughout the whole.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .