Knowing that my last video will have made many human beings blisters, not because of the content of the video, but because of the way of interpreting it through their emotional states, I now want to expose the most important value that every human being, but especially every trainer it should develop within, in a single word UNDERSTAND .

UNDERSTAND , not only to understand more closely who I am as a human being, what is my path, my way of being, of doing things or as one would say colloquially, what kind of guy is this guy going for? The main objective of the video, to get closer a little, within the executive complexity of the concept (emotional-psychological intensity), the factors prior to work, those applied during the situation and those developed for subsequent management, added to the limitation of time and video space along with other external factors, so I say well, get a little closer, the value of UNDERSTANDING, which encompasses, implies and banishes its true use. (Who has met me in person, knows that I apply this on a large scale permanently.)

Because for me it is “the engine of the rest of human values” , knowing how to navigate by the vital essence and not outside of it, of the neighbor that one has in front of, without interference due to the label that one wears on the back, because before everything is HUMAN BEINGS, working with a human being is not based on ORDERS , PUNISHMENTS, IMPOSITIONS, INTIMIDATIONS, CLASSIFICATIONS or as we see even during this pandemic, but it has always been seen before in different scenarios, PERMANENTLY INTRODUCING FEAR , with the intention of belittling him, drowning him without an answer, but only one value is valid to understand who we have in front of us, and how we can get the most out of himNATURAL performance that makes him or her different from the rest, that is done through UNDERSTANDING YOUR INTERNAL WILL , that your Ego does not forget this !.



Preparatory reflection for the concept.


12 Zones of destruction to construction: 

  1. Nobody has mania for you … nor the world world is against you .. THE FEAR of oneself through the subconscious, defense. tennis subgroups.
  2. Self-forgiveness with oneself, and with others …. leads to self-criticism.
  3. THE unstable bridge always. Suspension bridge..templanza
  4. The inner journey for others.
  5. Tiredness-Injury … other kinds of excuses …
  6. The accommodation in the comfort-same territory.
  7. Empathy and its three types.
  8. Interpretations free of weight and without conditioning (eg Bible, Psychology …)
  9. Hidden behind technology as a good ally of excuses (without this value it does not matter how many external factors we cling to, we will continue to see the same thing but from other media, but not the content).
  10. Obstruction to understanding
  11. Ability to distinguish 5 concepts. Understand (Explain), understand, interpret, justify and share.
  12. The transition ….. not being above anyone …
  13. …….



Inclusion of examples, attitudes of the smart … slave … interest … cunning. 

Inland navigation,

The example of climbers, pilots …

The years is knowledge, wisdom is the understanding and deepening of said knowledge, that is the true experience.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .