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Given the social demand, without differentiating in labels, something that I hate without fissures, which psychology should not fall into this, I bring you in this short video a concept entitled, The three empathies influence of performance (Vital Global),  not if I remind you that I had already dealt with it previously in article mode, I invite you to really take a look at the article called The three kinds of EMPATHY. Performance Increase, if you allow me because I see it necessary, I also suggest you read two other articles in relation to empathy,  The Psychological Noise part I and The Psychological Noise part II, as well as an extra addition, an article made a few years ago. dates The Silent and Unconscious Danger Of The Peaks, as well as the visualization of some of my latest videos.

I mention Vital Global , because it is simply that vital, by and for life, as global because it does not understand scenarios, which requires a sanitization of the earth first, then hard work in each of those phases mentioned in the Psychological pyramid, As well as the development in that wise source of concepts, not because of its name, but because of its content in exploration, from there little by little you will be able to approach that third empathy, the only one with which you will achieve not only the ability to empathize 100% but even to go far ahead, without that requirement mentioned, forget about feeling and much less executing each action from the third empathy, because it is and will be absolutely unfeasible.


Sanitation requires, regardless of the label of the guest, not to apply work from the middle of the road or from the roof, not only because we leave everything completely in chaos, but because later we will not find the disordered order (I like to call it that for flexibility), which our trip will be in a boomerang of idea and return without exit. Precisely, if there is something that I never stop doing is surprise myself, grab it through the silent seas of beautiful informational corals of each action or situation, my garden of worked or new flowers is increasing, this is where a large part of what lies we know as Emotional Intelligence, a very complex and wide-ranging concept, located in the phase prior to the final phase of a pyramid of psychological development, Happiness, BEING happy, not BEING happy, which, among other adjustments, would lead to attachments, in short, without THE THIRD EMPATHY Forget not even approaching the concept of Emotional Intelligence , you will be using another type of intelligence, but not this one by any means, I assure you, because it is something much more serious than a childish ambition or positioning.

So please, let’s not make applications, or just open the doors, to work started from the middle or from the roof, that is due to the absolute insecurity of the professional and due to a great lack of content, as I said in my last video and as my mantra says on my website:


CONSISTENCY and Make every move about the move!

Love Your hidden Emotions!  

and for this the first step is HONESTY with oneself … let’s not pay for that lack of honesty with the shortcut of manipulation towards others (explained in the fear videos)


I sincerely hope that this will serve you as a guide, in the form of an outline or guide for the preventive, anticipatory, or post-recuperative benefit of everything that a human being carries internally in his life journey. Always flexible to expand your fit and underpinning.




Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .