The objectives of my channel.

With this video, I want to clarify what I do not want from him and what are the real intentions of this channel, all my contributions that I want to carry out and for which I feel fully prepared. If I see that it is necessary I will do a second part of the objectives. I know that it will break many schemes, marking the importance of a predisposition to leave the preset schemes to be able to embark on a ship parallel to mine, you from your essence and I from mine (vital for me, respect for those unique essences of each being human) but navigating a journey out of the ordinary, never before treated in the way you will discover through my channel. I hope that this channel is very useful but much more to go beyond the screen and take it to the flesh.



LOVE YOUR HIDDEN EMOTIONS! THE MIND is not a game whose you can play with, is somthing serious and delicated, so Please STOP TO DO IT! (Yours and the others whom are around of you).

You should know what psychocologically kind of person have in front of you and in the same way to RESPECT the unique ESSENCE that everyone have inside.

LOVE YOUR HIDDEN EMOTIONS! YOU DO NOT PLAY WITH THE MIND, it is something very serious and delicate, it is not a game, let’s stop playing with it (yours and those of those around you).

Let us know who we have in front of us psychologically in the same way that we RESPECT the unique ESSENCE that each one of us has within us.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .


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