Dear listener, following the line of the five videos from the two initial phases (Recognition Phase and Adaptation Phase) prior to the work phase, it is necessary to have them not only clear, but well worked, that is, integrated in their totality.

We go with the third video, the first of these last three that form a chain in this strict order, for reasons that listening to them will understand why.
PS: Excuse me for the external targets being messed up, I shoot with what there is, whether it’s heard or not. Also do not take into account the mobile that appears on the screen, it has already been in recycling by the company for several weeks, as I published in that video to warn those few humans who want to be or are contacts, my mobile now is a normal classic, calls and sms.
Let’s keep learning, hopefully it would let me exchange and deepen myself even more.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .