It should be a turning point for the world of tennis, I do not know how far we will have to wait for that quantum leap, we have had too many examples, the confinement situation, for the moment this situation of Carla, a gift to really evolve.

I do not address myself alone, nor to their coaches or their team, where they are or will already be with other players, but everything to the whole of tennis, as a source of health, foresight, anticipation, with just enjoyment and stress and necessary of the work, no more than what the situation does not ask for. I have my strong arguments to firmly believe in it, that only happens through a single path, the acquisition of at least a few minimums in psychology and pedagogy, I do not say maximum level, because there are many but many years of work, here we go with enough delay, just to stop, lift your head and look around, this current pandemic (or plandemic) has stripped it.

Golden opportunity, to squeeze some capacities that benefit first one as an individual and then the rest as a social group, with unique, individual essences but with capacities to group together forming a thick and solid group, for here the individual ones must be sufficiently solid in all their own self-knowledge to create a self-development at the level of the capabilities that have been given to us as human beings.  Let’s move from Fear to Opportunity, that change will give us a perspective that will have to be faced but that behind us awaits our most precious gift. Your self.


* All this transporable to any area or social sector, many of those sectors or areas right now would be infinitely grateful without counting on it.

A big hug to Carla Suarez, one of the ones with the greatest endurance capacity on the circuit. (Do not confuse resistance capacity with mental strength, different concepts, I am not saying that I do not have it, it is a simple important conceptual clarification)

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .