Please I ask all of you, to see it with a CONSTRUCTIVE ATTITUDE, it is to ADD, not to subtract, or to disqualify anyone, or to throw mud against myself. From my point of view it is COMMON SENSE AND CONSISTENCY.

Millions of people behind a screen, from Spain and abroad, do not bet the moment chosen for the march, and a great opportunity wasted during the quarantine for an authentic display of Leadership and transfer of powers, among other really important details that I tell in the video. (If I take out my EGO, I could say that they also wasted it with me, Voice, I use the verb SER a punta pala for being a dissident with a single thought for the good of the group rather than individual, which in the past was embraced and observed as interest and dedication, today is despised)

I understand BOSS = SAMPLE OF LEADERSHIP, PRESENCE, coherent REFLECTION towards a group, … etc … to get them psychologically, pedagogically their maximum potential. (It does not go only for them, it goes for all the people with the weight in tennis, tennis should not be in the hands or have a certain weight in people with probable use of antidepressants … obvious reasons, I can not say whether to perceive).

Another point of the video, the important as necessary step back to place yourself in the corridor of objectivity, away from subjectivity, thus see The Absolute Lack of CREDIBILITY, reasons that I tell in the video, reasoning more than sensible.

PSYCHOLOGY AND PEDAGOGY, very, very absent, today I saw it in a video, before some minimal knowledge, external resources, external validations, without seeing the real problem. This should be implemented in the RFET within each course, being very well observed, that it invites AWARENESS AND DEVELOPMENT, without falling into any justifying patch.

ATP, WTA, players, although I do not talk about it in the video, like any other branch of tennis, SOMEONE NEUTRAL, to alleviate interests, egos, and all the human, emotional insecurities … etc. that float around, with great listening and observation skills, it would be a good PIECE to take into account, THINK ABOUT IT.

Doesn’t this all sound like the same thing we are seeing today with politicians? It occurs in all guilds and groups. We are in the UCI, not only tennis, it is almost generic, changes are worth nothing, if position cards change, we have to make evolution, transformation or we will continue to drift, it requires COURAGE AND DECISION. EXEMPLARIZATION (Obvious to have SELF-ESTEEM, not to live on SELF-CONFIDENCE).

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .