Dear audience, in nowadays in front of the actual situation that we have to live with, which includes a big psychology crash between other things, being the medias other way to show oneself up, aware of my whole potential to share it out with all you, without any project on display and through of everything you have been able to know about me if you have given youself the gift to follow me up around of RRSS, have decided go a step away more and jump to the pool, don’t care if it is empty or full, just jump without scaring off because I know how must get myself up.

That video is an approach to my inner and that you could offer you, but specially that could do for our area at the same time would be transmit to other sports, areas, business…etc..  I don’t know if the tennis want to keep working with weepies that all time are interrupting, maybe were good but need to stop for a while and get real freinds outside from the subjectivism or really the tennis want to get someone revolutionary with a new music, air fresh, full of ideas, new ways to make coaching. are we enough braves for that?…


Below you have the structure of that short video.

First part, my objectives.

Second part, just short explanation about my curriculum but I am not follow a cronology of the years, just the more to less level of importance in relation with tennis. Insist very short.

Third part, why do you should contract me and don’t take to others..?


Let me remind you three important things:

  1. The first One is that my LinkedIN is alrealdy updated, so you could go there and check a little bit more aobut me.
  2. The second one that i am completely free and exceting to go to whatever part of the world, jumping over the Ocean to find there more wisdom to keep me going up in every moment.
  3. The third one is that to know someone properly bring long and arduous journeys, after will come out with a wonderful inner growth.


If you are really serious and want a path on evolution permanently, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some doubts, because I will be so happy to answer you all the questions that could get you in, with absolute amiability to keep a long chat via skype, zoom, or other media that you fit with that, you know perfectly that know someone need long journeys of sharing with.

Thank you very much,

With all my affection.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis.