When you are reading these words and watching this video, I will already be on my way to Paris, where I will make one night (if current circumstances allow it), for the first time there, a 48-hour advance birthday car-gift (I will go to Roland Garros, Torre Effiel and then I will walk a large part of the Senna) sure that some tear of emotion, courage, escapes, and then go from there to Annemasse (FRANCE) on the border with Switzerland, 30 minutes from Geneva (Switzerland) by car.

The initial intention was to have gone by car from London (as I comment in the video), however car rental is impossible, I will try to rent one in Paris, but train to Lyon and then Bus.

I leave you a Reflection:

BE HAPPY: Coming from the Interior, Mind and Brain fully worked, the only line of Happiness. Decisions from disconnection, without pause to growth.


BE HAPPY: Prosperity, Abundance, coming from abroad (Money, job satisfaction others call it success, materials, traveling …), it does not give happiness, it is a complement, decisions from escape or flight, always very dangerous. How many precisely today would not find having the former? Know how to get there? (The vast majority do not scare the other side).

I will continue my way through the world, aimlessly, open and lonely, without fear of anything or anyone, willing to get muddy as always, and aware of qualities and skills developed in level and depth practically little reached by anyone, that They would also come to a society like the current one, regardless of the sector, as has been well demonstrated in the last 6 months, tennis is my sport, my passion and a good showcase point.

Return to our nature, our roots as an animal and human species, now more than ever, simplicity, simplicity and the power of silence. Let’s keep ROLLING !!! Who said fear!! Beeeeee!

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .