We go with the last video of the 5 previous to the work phase, and also the last of those last three videos in that strict order, Resignation, surrender and now we face ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance mainly carries a word ASSUME in that word we can summarize much of the content of the video.


I insist, these five videos that culminate with this one, I speak from the strictly psychological section, from the previous and intermediate step between the phases of recognition, adaptation and the absolutely clean, naked and open entrance to the work phase, it is the only way to Prepare us for a job that involves tremendous hardness and that in the long term we will find a reward that there is nothing material that can buy it, to achieve a Psychological development in full conscience absolutely abysmal on a human, emotional and spiritual level, absolutely prepared for any situation of Whatever extremes life puts in front of it, it will, to that mind-brain worked or imitate the problem, it will not be affected a crack.

Without forgetting another detail of the importance of these two initial phases and of the five videos mentioned, the opening and closing of wounds constantly without leaving any open to their fate, for me it is absolutely key, the order that I have been exposing them, any transpies or False step, it is quite dangerous, we are not at all aware of it, neither so much of the danger that comes with leaving wounds open and applauding them, nor how all this can facilitate generating a higher percentage of certainty in our detections, capacities and work evolutions with other human beings or living objects with which we are working or investing.

Although it sounds arrogant, but I must sell well, openly, without wrinkles and without fear, what I know that I have inside me and few living beings ever develop, work at the levels in which I try to describe, explain, better or worse, Without relying on any type of marketing, only on two things, helping and sharing, is what I have been taught since I was little, to give without expecting anything in return, whether it is valued or not.

Thank you very much, touch when it becomes possible to start recording videos from France-Switzerland, the following that correspond.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .