Every action – reaction has consequences, following the line of one of my last post about the peaks, it was of utmost importance, vital, to treat this concept-reflection on the Global or General analyzes , for all the “silent” traces are left by the path by not applying amplified analysis to each movement.

In order not to make it lengthy in the video, I only deal with the concept, that is, the definition, passing it over, however there are many factors and previous steps to carry out analyzes in an amplified position, which require a long and courageous work process. Among the factors to name:

  1. Separation from labor dominance.
  2. Ego in comfort.
  3. Self-conviction – Autegaño through the thought of the Self without presence in every state- situation the environment. (Part of the Ego too)
  4. The Habits (started as embedded)
  5. Idealization and what it entails behind.
  6. The current Emotional States (Fears, Complexes, open wounds, griefs and the sum of pain one after another … etc)
  7. Empathy and its three existing phases for me.
  8. Assertiveness (Without empathy in high phase forget about being assertive)
  9. …..etc…….

(In the video I left many issues untouched, in addition to having been able to add much more drastic examples, I only defined a key point, very absent, with soft examples, less labeling or self-defining ourselves, it would be an ally in this regard ..)

* I just want to help, I am not interested in YouTube or monetize with it and I will never do it, the money has to be earned by working with your hands and feet. In current days in positions of great human influence (Politics, Health, Training, Human, … etc.) in other living beings, not applying amplified analysis (in the video I explain) is to leave a trail of information along the way, without being aware of the damage that all this can entail in the living being in question in the long term (the short term is always deception). This quality marks the future of every good LEADER, A TRUE LEADER, traveler with full awareness of real-time information, anticipation and prevention, then leading to the enhancement of capabilities.. My facts, my experimentation on the three floors of the social pyramids of all colors, but essential in essential collaboration with my being, my legacy of my phobia and everything that it encompasses in mental-brain exposure, gives me a very wide field of content to share with the sole desire to help and bring light to obsolete concepts and systems, not being or understanding the halo of information that each situation drags behind it.

A good Valuarte, available and open to the more human world, without any type of network, traps or cardboard. I to the hot fire and to the freezing cold, without burning or freezing, loving both sensations through free and pure breath.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .