The title itself is already clarifying, one of the most brutal videos made to date, direct to each point covered, you will find it divided into sections accompanied by texts with the aim of amplifying the reflection much more. I insist on a really brutal video, that below you will not only know me a little more but should give you a highlight of everything I can offer, without being perfect and what I have ahead of me to continue increasing that level already reached much more powerfully. .



We need leadership, especially decisive, active, immediate human beings, with panoramic consciousness throughout the dimensional cube (already spoken) without psychological noise (already spoken), chameleonic, firm and flexible before any event, through a sensible, honest approach. and immediate but above all human without caricatures.

I insist, I insist and I insist again because it is a personal obligation without being it, there is much and good to give to others. If you are in London, Wimbledon, take advantage you will win much more than what you think you can lose, it is more from the thousandth one we will all be winning.




#Therapeutic Approach