Before entering the work phase, I felt the obligation to break down a series of previous videos on different concepts necessary to be very clear. Just as I should talk about others such as the Ego, attachments, habits, honesty … etc, which I had in mind to do during the work phase.

However, it is true that it would have been a good thing to do it, to break them down through the work phase, because each of them have some essential preliminary steps to acquire them in their entirety. seamlessly backwards, apart from the integral importance for a fine capacity for self-criticism, with a reward that is worth a lifetime.

I will continue to be beaten by the World of tennis, or by the small subjective group that trust everything to inconsistencies and generalized self-deception, I will continue to endure the champarron, whatever they say behind my back I don’t care, I don’t know it, but I sense it, like at school “you to this case” always launched by the weak who are afraid of their own fears, the sheep for not disengaging from the group, go with the flow of “false leaders”.

I am not going to stop because I know that I do and I will do a lot, a lot of good! I walk without inconsistencies and stopping where I know I cannot reach, knowing how to give witnesses!

What I tell is valid for tennis as it is for any other field of life.

Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .