Evolution of a character. Today more than necessary, an absolute priority.

Very briefly, a transformation that is not a change (not advisable due to its useless placebo effect) of almost 37 years, molding and molding both himself and the nature that surrounds him. To be absolutely lonely is not to be unsociable. There are no fears, there are no insecurities, forged piece by piece, without letting the pains pile up in a row, they only lead to varied hemorrhages, repressed with armor, denials, cowardly escapes without facing the problems to leave them closed, … … and a longooo etc ……

Whatever happens in life, he is always on his feet, without looking for any external refuge from which to relieve himself at times, and then return to a reality with a heavier burden and an impossible yoke with which to walk …

I will be lonely, I will be a rari avis, but I know who I am, what I have inside and what is built inside this human body, this human being, is nothing more than a little ant at the mercy of the power of nature, much more powerful than all of us together, no matter how much we remove our Egos or habits to feel above it, rather to continue in that flight from the guilty, thus avoiding or prolonging as much as possible a confrontation with our interior, that sooner or later, by your own Well, it will be or should be inevitable, facing the greatest gift that life gives each of us as a unique species.


Faithfully with affection,
A lover & respectful of the values ​​and spirits of whatever sport but specially The hidden on tennis .