Although, no one is giving me any chance yet on court, or even don’t taken me seriously but doesn’t avoid that have the human responsibility to the dangerous facts that even are already affecting to the daily life on plenty of the players, so here will develop a context that is going to cut off any doubt about that question. 

*Recommend you before to get deep on that article, that take a review about some of my last articles from that website as other post that shared on my social networks on the last four –  three months. (The ice skating vs tennis, practically make together all of them).

Ok, let’s go with the article!.

Le’t me start for the beginning, because there are small things that are obvious however is good to refresh and after go deeper to a hot point, make me upset because is the higher risk that we are living on. 


Guga Kuerten. There are good details and bad details…


Jennifer Capriati, in some factors remind me to Jodie Burrage.



The game conditions change easily in relation to be at one or other locations, it is not the same to play in London that if are doing it in Bournemouth or if we play in Madrid that if go to do that in Parla (town in the south that is 30min to Madrid), or even if we are moving to New York that go to do that in Miami…..etc… just to number some simple examples, so it is easier to notify it if pay the enough attention on.

Well, I am not discovering anything new that all good professional isn’t being aware about that, however the matter is going to be much more complex if I jump about a pool that every time has more mud inside in terms of adjust on the own personality, also in adaptability ( Psychologic’s job), and as the sum of all thick factors that we can find between that two points in our making decisions “ toma de dicisiones” will have an effect in the tools or resources (external or internal) that will be using on the context that we are facing as On as Off the court). 


Emma Raducanu, so previous to her surgery, there already was technique aspects…

Ane Mintegui. I don’t know if after her surgery has changed her dangerous technique…



It is truth that have an important effect in the vibration that make when get in touch with the strings (next below will talk about it), so it is important that every tour, when is Hard can play with the same balls, like that when are on clay all the balls can be the same, like that also for the grass, or at least between continents that everyone have the same balls, so must have an lineal job and a little of common sense. 

However, Are really the BALLS a high risk for the Players?.  My answer is absolutely that the balls are not the issue on!! But if that is going to develop a ACCOMPLICE FIGURE on the actions, means that are being an authentic NEEDLE (“ AGUJA “ ) to the real issue that have in front of our eyes, that it is much more DANGEROUS ON!!!. 


“ As a nurse or even oneself, that instead of letting the wound can close and reabsorb, we are all time pricking about wound, one behind other without breaking on, then the body if we are not helping it to recovery, will have to find the balance for itself, so it could have consequences….that will test us in a field that I am sure, wouldn’t be in “.


Love to watch Amelie Mauresmo on court. Small details…

Emily Apperton. Details that block and force to the body through of the unconscious area

of our brain. Hábitos = Vicios in Spanish.


Carla Suarez. Like so much that ex-player. Maybe dear reader, would expect a picture of her

backhand, where she drew a dancer “Bailarina” on the court but there was other technique

aspects that never shouldn’t hide through of the physical job…



Dear reader, before get in, refresh our minds!, Do you remind how does the static electricity work in our bodies?. It is a psychical – maths subject, where understand that you already know, that when charger our bodies of an electromagnetic energy and crashed against unlike polos attract each other but likes polos will repel each other, so the humans if touch a positive energy against other negative, is when we make that unexpected jump because have received a spark or an first electric shock…

*I would like that it was explained for a mathematic or a physicist so professional on that field.  (A Tennis coach must have that clear, when have a racket on the hand, all vibrational effect that it could create on).

So, dear reader, if we are moving that on TENNIS, leaving the differences outside,

What do you think is happening in a human body that with a hand is holding a racket (material + grip), the strings ( types + kg of tension on) and the contact ball on? 

Or said in other way,

Where will find the differences in the vibrational transmission of the impacts string – ball through of the bodies racket – body (hand) on?

Because I don’t want to do that longer, let me to leave for your the reflection from both question, but if I am going to insist in a small detail, we have a lot of strings as brands on the market, I have always tried to disturb a lot to the stringers because want to collect a lot of information about that wide world, but was not easy to  find a commitment to spend few hours with someone to teach all of that (some will say but there are some courses about it, but I go far away of it).

Anyway, would want to say you, is that our CHOICE, must never be strictly based on external factors, means about placing on the racket more POWER or CONTROL, or SPIN,….etc…, because is only a piece of our own cake, but the rest will be determined for OUR TECHNIQUE, but many times listen affirmations or questions about the style of game, bla bla bla…., but forget the most important and who will be our real judge about the type that must use on, it is our TECHNIQUE and in that conditions it is on, clean, dirty / poor and even is coming from an injury on, so that we are not being aware about it, that could have or better said has consequences very dangerous to all our set, chronic issues included, and also there will be a strict demand to our Brain, that as we are already watching nor are aware enough nor have the properly training to resist that Brain demanding without any type of prejudice on and off the court.

*The ELECTRIC VIBRATION is in our technique and it means to pay attentions to millions of micro-points where everything can change. Small details, but never abrupt and always are individual on everyone.


Roger Federer. Almost the perfection but there are details here and other of his strokes…. 

Mustn’t copy but if must identify what could add on you and how must do it. Individual job!.


Justine Henin. A dancer on the court, on both sides, it was a gift to contemplate her different ranges of action on.


That is other intense world, where there are plenty bands with other several models which can be in competitiveness each other, because although are models of different bands, the service can be similar, however I am going to put the focus in the weights of racket and even the structure from it central point on. WHY? Now, dear reader, you will understand me.

If we are talking in professional terms is very usual that the players placing an extra weight or even have already a strict model brought from the own factory, so a thing is death weight and other thing is the loading lifted on the swing movement, here again the TECHNIQUE appears on the scene in very critical way, because will determine our abilities of resolution and obviously have a big effect in our body, and of course about all that set, don’t forget dear reader to add the type of strings placed on and its kilograms. 

There is an last detail with the rackets and that must make a combination with the weights, below you will understand that, as the transition of the materials through of the time (centuries and decades):

  1. Wood
  2. Aluminium.
  3. Steel.
  4. Titanium.
  5. Graphite.
  6. Graphene or Carbon fibre.

Where is the issue?, well keep reading, the changes of materials brought attached three points:

  1. The variability of the weights, guess lighter but don’t feel a structural pattern on many occasions on.
  2. The electric vibration through of the body, much more intense and harmful if the technical is not right or even simply the player doesn’t make a great job between execution.
  3. The changes on the TECHNIQUE, reducing the “size” of the bodies (closest), that together with habits “unconscious self-correction”, a way that our BRAIN has to search those supposes that is a state of convenience (comfort). 

*The TENNIS COACHING, think that haven’t managed to adapt to that changes of transitions as the materials as about the own game, which is inducing to the bodies to develop an infinites of important issues that through of the implementation of huge fitness job have multiplied the consequences as physicals as psychologists, unbalanced the actions body – weight – vibration – execution. ( To be solid must go accompanied with the action on the court).


Juan Martin Del potro, make me cringe to watch some highlights of him.  A small story is

irelation with him, one simple detail would change his game, so if wants to come back

would do it really well. 


Holger Rune. Make me cringe as well..already has a serious warning from the doctors. I see his 

problem, but no-one will see it. Promise you!. It is hidden and must change your position

of your vision (camera) to see it on, but is so clear and simple!. 



It is obvious that in a text is not easier to go deeper about that subject, but would like to explain everything on the tennis court, would be much more convenient, but in the same way as said in the beginning of that article, insist again, that read previous articles that have shared on that website as others post shared on my social networks, or even much better let me to go on COURT and can make a clear explanation. 

However, I have to sign out an important TECHNIQUE DETAIL, that have seen in ex-number one players / top players still on active duty, or simply ex-players or even some considered super coaches, or others tennis coaches that frequently are who are listening on the courses, symposiums,etc…. that at the end as the own chain that is the tennis world, it is affecting to other tennis coaches of less range who work in other areas of that industry. 

When as on the RFET (Rosa Bielsa, Mayte García, David Sanz, from my bottom of my heart thank you very much all of you), listened a sentence that was direct to my heart:

” You are the example, you must be always of the example to your players, and must have so extra careful that you are showing on independently if there are children or adults “. 

Meant, that I ignored that said for the mouth, and was to pay much more attention to everything detail, include their mistakes to after compare everything with the job that was doing with my coach. Being clever!, detail that insisted to my colleagues of that promotions, but didn’t listen me, it is easier to complain or ignore everything, that pay attention, go back to the court and work about every small detail “hidden”, so after that are which will affect to our game but about all to our own body.

Therefore, the detail that I do reference and that have worked in parallel with my tennis coach as about multiples chats with my physiotherapist and chiropractic, and that after have gone investigating and observing for my own is:

” All inertia of the movement is going in a just unique movement, all turn by itself, the body is a whole matter “

Then, What is happening constantly on the TENNIS COACHES INDUSTRY?

That we are dividing the body in the next ways:

  1. Two Parts.
  2. Three Parts.
  3. Four Parts.
  4. Nomerous parts. 

Which are being the dangerous consequences about HIGH PERFORMANCE roles or about the predisposition to play in lower contexts on?

  1. Distortion of our space of observation. Focusing about points that don’t have relevance, pushing more and more while damage much more the hot point where have the real issue on.
  2. Prioritisation physical aspects that override to the technical ones. Means, that will be blocking or leaving outside of the equation of movement to some joints or muscles that will go to dangerous states of vulnerability, so won’t be squeezing theirs maximums peaks of performance.
  3. Acceleration of the channels of information, absorption and integration. Simple, means that times between the brain and activities or motion that have to do, there are not in connection, it is very typical to see that on physical trainers jobs, or even some Tennis Coaches, closed on their automatic speeches. That is a very sharpest sword that its incrustation will be more severe over the Brain (Psychologic aspects) that over the physical ones…
  4. Communication / information transmitted is null, confused or inefficient. Means we are pushing to the players to the unreal states of “comfort”  but are not treating the main issue on.
  5. The Brain lost all type of consciousness while will reduce functions that will go to an automatic-mode. ” El atontamiento or adormilamiento that we said in Spain “, so could have several consequences about Psychologic terms (cognitive, behavioural,..etc.).
  6. Fatigue, high probabilities to chronic the issue, overloading to the inconsistent weights….etc.. 


” I analysed everything piece to piece, but after work it as an UNIQUE piece (UNITED), because if not on TENNIS is imposible that have a exit of legs who are really addressing it to a complete rotation of body that is where apply the most of our power and acceleration to the ball without getting any prejudice to our body, because is the TENNIS is a total body extension “.


Alexander Zverev. Months before of that picture, I warned through of my articles and post, small 

technique jobs to do on, but…. an example that mustn’t separate the pieces about that a human being is.


Stefanos Tsitsipas. The technique can destroy the body, and the balls

and other factors are a bad alley on that role. 



Everything explained here and below in the conclusion is exactly the same for the PADEL, Do you know where is the difference between the PADEL and the TENNIS?

  1. VOLLEYS. On padel the shoulder is behind, on the tennis is ahead of you. what does mean?, basically on the padel, there are not exit of the muscles, pushing up a lot to the joints, there are not inner spaces in the movements, pushing a lot to the nervous system, so can take the risk to block to the body and draw serious issues if the teaching is not right.
  2. BLEND DOWN. Squads, if you come from the doubles tennis, probably can be easier to make the Padel’s game, however, as you are most of the time down, you are not creating extension of the body, it means that your circulatory system can be affected, apart of painting apprehension through of your body, so whatever abrupt and quicker movement without getting a good technique could have dangerous consequences. 

So here on Padel, the balls are not the big issue neither, although don’t know properly the system of teaching that are bringing the federations, that observe is as the populism can introduce faster people there without getting the enough balance between impact and knowledge, which the physical consequences usually are more dangerous that on TENNIS, even on repetition once behind other. 




” Why have you had to deal with the Injuries? Which are the origin of the injuries?  it was unlucky, happened me and that is all. ” 

I don’t know, how many times had to listen that thoughts after getting injury, even as have seen on the last years the uncountable cases that had to get through one or more surgeries from the same or different issues. Was the surgeries need on?, uhm it depends of each case and there was that have all the information on the hands, however if have so sharpest that there are aspects to sign out:

  1. Psychologist channels (People called it processes), where the somatisation of information blind the way to initiate whatever way to rebuilding the issue.
  2. Technique Aspects. Everything is going faster and we are not seeing the clear aspects that pushing to the body to an unnecessary limit on, but is easier to look for excuses that put us far away to take self-responsibilities that let us to create an efficient help to the player (Comprehensive).
  3. Prioritisation of a “task”.  Simple, when give orders to develop a hypothetical technique adjust but in the same time the EGO is so big, so concentrated to impress others showing that in theory we want on court, that in the same way we are forgetting other points as technicals as psychologist that after later on, when they go back on court, the mercy will be missing over them. 
  4. Charisma, lack of knowledge and order in the TENNIS COACHES.  In other words, authenticity, presence and consciousness about that is going on, own commitment. 
  5. Poor demanding from the players. Conformism?, I don’t know, doesn’t matter if they are professional, amateurs or riches ones, even if it is on private or public private places; honestly if it is right to make relationships or even let other “progress” because draw a cool environment, in some way fun, that called in psychology ” CONNECTION VITALE ” (cool or toxic depends of our psychologist states and limits on)  but where are we leaving the invitation to develop competences on? or said in other words, hungry for the money, or hungry of knowledge, which one do we prefer on?, I have been educated that the money is or must be a consequence of job well done (although in nowadays doesn’t seem happen on), because the feeling of self-fulfilled can’t buy.

” A group of ignorants around of other ignorant that is teaching them, feel that is a fantastic thing, because they don’t know any other thing “.   (Sentence that an ex-colleague said me, never forgot it, because is so brutal). 

Look, every time it is more and more common to contemplate as on person when you walk through of different tennis clubs, or through of the social networks, or as also have observed in different congress or symposiums, that the Tennis Coaches don’t have nothing clear the technical concepts where they throw a stone there where is going to fall (blind) but doesn’t know that have to do, but in fact that issue is going to be more dangerous when have to find a relation / observation in the next complex formula:

PHYSICAL IMPACT HIDDEN (GYM / COURT) = (TECHNIQUE / THE SET) + BRAIN (Memory, the senses, the stress, the attachments…) + EXECUTION

The matter that have to show my concern is that pretends substitute some parts of that formula through of Artificial Intelligence, applications, cameras,…etc…., but from my own common sense through of my huge knowledge about the psychology, if most of the people have learnt to manage their own fears, nor have been able to order the ego states and of course nor place to each one of the five senses in the properly track to move ahead that transfer them to other psychologist dimensions that place them in privilege position of emotional management and wide feel of the realities about the context that are moving from sunshine to moonlight as then are going to use that material tools (external) in a high properly way if as is happening we don’t know that we are watching on or even don’t have idea that have to look at. 

Said that, because for that we are being able to apply properly that formula written above, we are going to need a small detail that can’t learn on any university, course or book, if it is something that is living a lot on the street, understanding so well the movements that go around of us, and also need a type of individual maturity that push us to move in side far away of the human and get deeper in psychologist reasoning that are moving in harmony to the needs of the player, patient, or human being that we have in front, exactly I am talking you about the THERAPEUTIC APPROACH.

But on tennis, we have a serious issue, because think that have categorised to some people like prominent figure or experts, is not benefiting to them in absolute but about all to most of the TENNIS COACHES neither, because are so closed to their speeches, means to be attached to their comfort, conscious or even unconsciously, but at the end, lost the space about that really are looking for the player  with that technique exercise, lost the critical points of attention while goes happening facts that after will be going to repeat on court, that have always consequences and usually are not that were looking that the player made on and the consequences of our lack of professional development can have dangerous consequences on the player.

Please must be extra careful with the formula written above and if there are doubts, then seek more supports between TENNIS COACHES, but also, in fact on TENNIS as on whatever other sport, the ATHLETIC COACH, must spend a lot time chatting with the Physiotherapists and even with the physical trainers as well, although you are not in the competition road as well is necessary, but I am going far away, even on the TENNIS COURSES must have physiotherapist offering to some base subject,  because at least have a minimum of THERAPEUTIC APPROACH, and obviously if you develop the abilities like I did, as on technical, psychological as human, then will be able to grab an ability of analysis that will not in the level of everyone on, and that after let us to know that must correct and how can do it from a simple and nature way, that by the way, just it is the other big concern that have on TENNIS, we don’t know as have to CORRECT the different issues that we see in front of us as outside as inside of the court, that united to the rest explained on that article, are a fountain of frustrations and dangerous problems as over the sport as on psychological levels. 

Nevertheless, that the physiotherapist and physical trainer, know at least a little bit the sport that are their students or patients or player managing on the surface, is fundamental, because after to ask them some things, said you ” sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about…” , and also please to the physical trainers, when we are working on the gym, don’t mix up to be “SOLID” with you need to be “EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT”, the second one is much more important, because after they are going on court, the “SOLID” never is going to bring regularity, in fact it draw psychologist patterns that I am no like at all, apart of creating on the techniques small mistakes that could convert on bad habits and like that successively, and exactly the same with exercises of many of the tennis coaches or even the obsession to make psychology inverse about theirs players,… seriously please remind the FORMULA written above.

Frances Tiafoe. Forehand and service…


” A exercise seeking a thing, but forget the rest, will bring stuck very bad habits that through of the time could bring serious injuries on “


” The science is going to finish there where the EGO is beginning on, so order, humility, humble through work in consciousness and mutual professional support “.

When five months ago was crying on the tennis court on my previous job, it said, because tennis is everything for me, have worked hardly on consciousness and as said to Roger Federer when was young, that he was bad and that would never reach to be professional, the rest is story. So I talk about performance and Coaching, a sport as the TENNIS where the subject about the MIND, MENTAL STRENGTH, or simply PSYCHOLOGY, as you want to call that, is oversized, because popularly is a marketing to the flock of sheep, and also because the tennis coaches are the most weakness over their own players or students as have commented before, so saw the “golden eggs” to take advantage about an inexistent hole, who wrote that words is someone that is studying psychology (me), because on tennis, although you father can be RICH, doesn’t matter, that there are three aspects that will determine everything, and of course are above the business built in relation to the mind are:

  3. THE TECHNIQUE and self-corrections above the own limitations that could have on, without forgetting the most important, where are grabbing the point of impact.

END OF THE CONCLUSION. THE BALLS are not the big issue, but obviously in relation to individual aspects are a big needle if there are not order about it, but the work is on you, never on the external things.

ALL THE PICTURES, showed on that article, following a strict intention about repeated issues that usually can find inside of TENNIS COURT, being details good and bad in the same time, which can limit to our system of action while will weaken our game but also to our own body.

The psychology is important but for the life, but don’t have any value on TENNIS if there are all that three factors write above, so in the same way that the NUTRITION, both tings must be complements between each other, but after could be exactly that same point to the TENNIS.





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